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Adding vote links to the launcher application


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May I suggest adding the vote links from main site somewhere inside the launcher application?

In opinion it would stimulate (and cut the necessary actions to vote in half) people to vote. I say cut in half because currently in order to vote you have to open the main page and find the links - yes they are big and very visible, but having another extra step, myself honestly as I log my chars I forget that I had the intention to vote in the first place.

Having them as shortcuts in the launcher itself will be much easier. 

Desired flow:

1. Start the Launcher
2. click vote button
3. the vote page opens in the background
4. click start the game

(or in case of numbering buttons: 1.Create an Account 2.Vote(with small icons for each site) 3.Full check 4.Start the game)


Example below (or something in those lines):


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We will look into it since we are expecting a newer version.

Also when you enter the game, you get a message: You have yet to vote! You can click the link and be transfered to our website from the game.

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