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  1. General -Enabled Weddings, find Andromeda near Giran GK for more info. -Vote reward window will auto close after 10 seconds. -Fix for effects not fully removed while using ALT + Click after Farm Only d/s ALT + Click addition. -Addition of alternative (quicker) commands for /invite or /inv, /dismiss or /kick, /olympiadstat or /olystat, /changepartyleader or /changeptldr -Disabled Hero skills on transforms as per retail testing. Hellbound Tower of Infinitum -Adjusted a bit chances for Floor change. -Fix for teleporting into the same floor while while in zero level. Olympiad -INERA Bot will announce on discord when a game begins, delay applies to avoid spam. -Inera Bot will announce Last day of olympiad games. NPCs -Fix for Raid boss ‘Abyss Brukunt’ minions will spread as they should on spawn. -Fix for Raid boss ‘Nellis’ Vengeful Spirit’ minions will spread as they should on spawn. -A lot of fixes for Treasure Chests. Items -Added Retail 8 sec cooldown for ‘Deluxe Chest Key’. -Added a custom message (Retail missing one) for Talismans. (There is not enough Talisman’s Remaining Mana for use.) -Addition of ‘Salvation bow’ (Love bow) into Milestone Reward shop. Events -Weekend Wonders: Increased the chance for Full Vitality but added a 12-hour cooldown. Client -Fix for Territory Jewels showing noskillname on passive skills.
  2. General -General adjustments for Weddings that will be enabled in near future. -Fix for character unable to move to another location while double(spam) clicking to talk to an npc. Items -Removed World Chat tokens from Premium Crate since limit is disabled. -Addition of Escape Coin(Unlimited) Into Milestone exchange list. Client -Fix for ‘Rush Impact’ not showing Duel enchant option. -Fix for ‘Vote Reward Chest’ showing ‘earned .’
  3. General -Decreased Rim Pailaka Castle instance time for next wave in half. -Adjusted Server time minutes to match world clock. Sieges -Fix for Gludio Territory Catapult not opening Gludio Castle doors on death. -Fix for Fortress Guards etc not dropping KE also no blue penalty applies as per features. Geodata -Various improvements in movement, attacking etc. Farm Only buffer -Addition of Adventurer’s Guide into Town of Schuttgart. Events -Activated Weekend Wonders event! Elemental stones & Raid drops are increased by 10%, additionally a chance to get Full Vitality by farming monsters! Skills -Fix for ‘Surrender To Fire’ Imperial Tomb NPC Skill retail like.
  4. Hello, npc is not missing. After 20 level you can open the gear box.
  5. Hello and welcome, Ask on discord too 🙂 https://discord.gg/7xdgYkqR
  6. General -Clan member online status will be updated when a players sets Offline shop / Offline Vitality Regen mode. -Fix for rare critical error / client stuck upon login (usually by using restart function). Olympiad -Changed ‘Battle 1 vs 1 general’ minimum requirement for a match to start from 9 to 5 players. Events -Newbie / Returning Hero event enabled! Not logged in since April 1st or Created your Character after 10th of April? Upon login you will receive Rune XP/SP 50% for 5 days, 1 Revita-Pop, 2 Vitality maintain potion and 10-Days Armors, Jewels, Weapons (D~B Grade). Items -Fix for Daily Coin. -Fixed Spoil Rate for Enchant Scrolls (from x0.5 to x1).
  7. Every Newbie / Returning hero will receive Rune XP/SP 50% for 5 days, 1 Revita-Pop, 2 Vitality maintain potion and 10-Days Armors, Jewels, Weapons (D~B Grade) Have fun! Download-> https://vanilla.playinera.com/connect/ Discord: -> https://discord.com/invite/WD8fWf5
  8. Key Targets: Overlord - Dominator - Warsmith - Maestro. Pierce through a shield (Knights) Dark Avenger - Hell Knight - Paladin - Phoenix Knight - Temple Knight - Eva Templar - Shillien Knight - Shillien Templar. Deny Blessings (Priests) Shillien Elder - Shillien Saint - Elder - Eva Saint - Bishop - Cardinal - Human Prophet - Hierophant - Warcryer - Doomcryer. Make spears dull (Warriors and Rogues) Plains Walker - Wind Rider - Abyss Walker - Ghost Hunter - Treasure Hunter - Adventurer - Gladiator - Duelist - Warlord - DreadNought - Tyrant - Grand Khavatari - Destroyer - Titan - Bounty Hunter - Fortune Seeker - Hawkeye - Sagittarius - Silver Ranger - Moonlight Sentinel - Phantom Ranger - Ghost Sentinel - Bladedancer - Spectral Dancer - Swordsinger - Sword Muse - Berserker - Doombringer - Male Soulbreaker - Male Soulhound - Female Soulbreaker - Female Soulhound - Arbalester - Trickster - Inspector - Judicator. Weaken magic (Wizards and Summoners) Spell Howler - Storm Screamer - Spellsinger - Mystic Muse - Necromancer - Soultaker - Sorcerer - Archmage - Phantom Summoner - Spectral Master - Elemental Summoner - Warlock - Arcana Lord.
  9. General -Disabled Falling damage & Improved falling from cliffs. NPCs -Added missing ‘Researcher Keplon’ & ‘Dimensional Vortex 1’ into Tower of Insolence 1st floor. -Fixed a protection causing players not able to speak into ‘Researcher Keplon’ npc. Items -Adjusted a bit ‘Vote Reward Chest’ reward chances. -Nature’s Box is now available in INERA Store. -Event Reward Pouch will expire in 4 Hours instead of 1-Hour also added +3% Raid Drop rate! -Enabled Cursed weapons. Events -All buffs inside the Events will last for 10 minutes. -Mario Kart event will announce the Winner / 1st position racer to everyone. -Save the King event will rewarding participating players even if it ends a tie. Rankings -Fix for ‘Raids Killed’ counting x2 while a pet is active.
  10. But if you are fast enough it will not spam you since you already voted 🙂
  11. General -Enabled 3rd class transfer service as per features (Available only for classes that have already entered Hall Of Fame) -Inviting in party a player that is in ‘Offline Vitality regen mode’ will return a message ‘This person is in offline Vitality Regen bonus mode.’ NPCs -[QoL] Added ‘Rune Town Square’ teleport for Arisha and Stanislava (Rune Castle Town Gateekepers) Farm Only buffer -Players will be able to remove Farm Only Dance and Songs with ALT + Click. -Added ‘Cancel Farm Only buffs’ option into Adventurer’s Guide. -Hitting a player into an Epic PvP zone will only remove Farm Only buffs (in rare cases it removed random buffs). Geodata -Fix for strict ‘Cannot see target’ in areas with a lot of obstacles, it might help in corners too. -Falling from cliffs should be a lot better now, close to Retail instant fix. (Falling from cliffs is Client side MAP error that was fixed on later Chronicles) -Fix for Swimming issues.
  12. We will look into it since we are expecting a newer version. Also when you enter the game, you get a message: You have yet to vote! You can click the link and be transfered to our website from the game.
  13. General -Implemented new Vitality Regen x2 bonus area in Giran Castle Town between Gatekeeper & Priest of Dawn, players may also exit the game to enter ‘offline Vitality Regen’ mode. Quests -Adjusted Giant’s Exploration part I & II drop rate. Farm Only buffer -Berserkers/Doombringers & Arbelesters/Tricksters are now considering as Fighters and not Hybrids (they will only receive Fighter buffs).
  14. General -Moved Bug Report system into Discord. -Adjusted Priest of Dawn & Priest of Dusk dialogues to match our features. -Decreased respawn time of Pagan’s Temple entrance monsters to match the rest. -Fix for Bomberman event Queen Ant visual spawn instead of a custom powerup. -A Special pop up message will appear informing players regarding Last Day for Olympiad games (14 & Last day of current month) -Added on-screen message for Spoil activation. Farm Only buffer -Added Adventurers’ Guide into Newbie villages. -Integrated Farm Only buffs option into Adventurers’ Guide npcs that located into every town. -Added ‘Farm Only buffer’ title into Adventurers’ Guide. -Fix for Kamaels before 1st class transfer not counting as Hybrids, now they will receive both Mage and Fighter buffs. Hunting Zones -Changed Garden of Eva’s doors opening time from 5 to 2 + 30(random) minutes.
  15. For those of you who missed the OBT Event, this is your chance to get the ❗Legendary Starter pack!❗ Share with your friends our facebook post -> https://www.facebook.com/PlayINERA/posts/pfbid02mYGThYk66q1ybpRNwwFPujpcokpHr3HcFHatijKnGffGP6tn5SZ14D7ydu1KhvC8l Not a Facebook user? No worries! Share your OBT / Server Experience so far with one of the below forums. MxC - https://maxcheaters.com/topic/248254-gracia-final-l2j-playinera-vanilla/ Pmfun - https://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=77650 lineage2.com.pl - https://forum.lineage2.com.pl/index.php?topic=65407.0 Send your forum name and a Screenshot of your reply/share so we can confirm via PM to @Ray on Discord or Forum.
  16. With Vanilla's Launch being very close... Are you up for the challenge?
  17. Reward from Boxes Loot Crate: General items: Steam beetle 3% Purple horse 3% Purple horse 3% Shout Tokens 100% Supply box low 10% Supply box mid 5% Supply box high 2% Premium coupon 2% Beauty coupon 5% Reputation box 20% Fruit Cocktail Sweet 30% Fruit Cocktail Fresh 30% Costumes (1) Random 50%: Maid Costume (Female Only) Military Costume Pirate Captain Zaken's Costume (Red) Pirate Captain Zaken's Costume (Blue) Dark Knight Costume White Knight Costume Pirate Costume Healer Costume Royal Wear (Red) Dark Assassin's Costume White Assassin's Costume Chevalier I Costume Valkyrie Costume Chevalier II Costume Wizard Costume Troublemaker's School Uniform Preppy School Uniform Navy Costume Anakim Costume Japanese Warrior's Costume Royal Wear (White) Archer Costume Musketeer Costume (Blue) Musketeer Costume (Red) Primo Crate: General items: Steam beetle 5% Purple horse 5% Golden Lion 5% Shout Tokens 100% Supply box low 20% Supply box mid 10% Supply box high 5% Premium coupon 5% Beauty coupon 10% Reputation box 25% Fruit Cocktail Sweet 40% Fruit Cocktail Fresh 40% Costumes Tier II & III (1) Random 80%: Butler Costume Bunny Butler Costume Hanfu Costume Jester Costume Flower Nymph Costume Steampunk Costume Basilisk Costume Thief Costume Devil Costume Lilith Costume
  18. -Fixed kamaels will get hybrid buffs from start. -Very nice test/thinking with Dialogues, it was already on my list just forgot to add checks, thanks for letting us know, fixed. -Garden of Eva doors will open every 120 seconds +30 random from now on. -Added on-screen message for Spoil activation.
  19. Proxies added for Argentina / Brazil & North America, Have fun with minimum Latency!
  20. Ray


    Nice, we will post INERA's store live version soon too 🙂
  21. -Kamaels are getting acumen/ hybrid buffs, maybe before 1st class are not counting as Hybrids. Will check it, plan to make a Kamael list too. -We are not plan to edit any droplist on this version -Will check about over-hit shown damage, it should be correct but on final EXP you get other bonuses from Premium etc -We will make it on-screen. -Agree with Herb of Vitality but we had issues when we added from newer client, will re-check. -Will adjust doors. Thanks 🙂
  22. We planned a lot and we had a post created for a Remastered(stage server) version of INERA, we will note yours and Divine's for a future project 🙂 Currently we are in Vanilla's(+) version that will have a lot of QoL features!
  23. Grand Opening - 24 March 2023, 21:00 UTC+2
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