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  1. Offline shops are not limited since they are offline.
  2. It depends on players progression percentage.
  3. Hello @Jim and welcome back, the good thing with stages is that we can moderate and introduce extra things based on the server current state, stage 1 will have a lot of features disabled and be as close to Interlude. So any issue we discover on stage 1 will be patched on stage 2.
  4. No dualbox helps a lot with party matching, everyone will need supports. Now regarding estimates , for Launch = September and for Beta August.
  5. We can keep B grade as it is on Luxury shop, i doubt anyone will spend time for B grade crafting. It's better for players to focus on A grade so we can have a good period of time on stage 2.
  6. x4 exp/ x3 drops, adena without vitality at first stages sounds ok? 1 client per pc (no dualbox)
  7. 20) We are trying to avoid instances, especially at early stages 21) We could allow only support classes to have great wolfs / improved pets
  8. Organized parties / clans will have their bd/sws etc. We need to have a backup plan for solo/partymatching players in case they are unable to find supports.
  9. We agree too about casual / real players and clans that actually want to keep playing in long term. 1) I believe disabling Commons until some stage will be more helpful, so A grade have a value and the market / crafters have more work to do. At later stages we can enable commons to help new players. 2) Having NPC Buffer it's a good idea in general but discourages parties, we are thinking to not allow dualbox and give Party Matching buffs, for example be in party via matching and you will receive an extra buff/ reg mp something like that. 3) It works like GF retail like. 4) It can be done on later stage. 5) If we do not allow dualbox, we can limit it the way you say, seems good. 6) Vitality restoring area in peacezone or in giran seems like a good idea. 7) With protection if someone spams non stop, sounds good. 8.) I don't like the idea of giving a player location, you can teleport or try to find them, usually players prefer specific areas. 9) Will check the duration of oly, no dualbox solves the problem a bit. About clan feeding it's true we can limit it only by shorten olympiad periods duration. 10) I don't know about blood stones yet, i believe we should not add another currency. 11) Maybe blood stones will help for events as reward, otherwise on low rate without vitality it's hard to find something good to reward. 12) We do not need to change the behavior so much, again no dualbox will help here. 13) It can be abused, we don't want to change droplists too. 14) Need to check about this. 15) Server cycle patches will be the stages, that we need to slowly open new areas/features. 16) Are those herbs global or working on specific areas only? 17) @Sindelia Is that possible on our Client? 18) Personally i do not like vote systems, we are blacklisted on Topzone because we didn't have their banner on our main website, we will try to re-listed as Remastered. 19) Now it sounds more interesting, but again i stand on what i said above, let me know if you think otherwise. 20) Basically at start / first stages we do not want instances enabled. They only hide players from the "real" world. 21) No dualbox solves this too. 22) Sounds interesting, unique buffs with the current quests, when we complete the stages we will check it. Most was answered above. Regarding Raid boss boost we could add a protection barrier, so it requires xx players attacking otherwise Celestial will protect the boss, along with a bit boosted HP. About buff boxes, as i said above on @DivineLady no dualbox seems to solve a lot of things. About nerfing VR, will be good since Party matching will ask for Healers nonstop.
  10. We are happy to announce that we are working on a Remastered version by INERA, our goal is to adjust the game progress, optimize the overall experience, slow down the progress with stages and limits such as Level caps, limited zones that will open in time and a lot more that will be announced on our forum. Thanks to all the players that keep motivating / supporting us during all those years, we will try our best to offer again a quality server! Below is the initial idea: Stage 1: (Interlude-Like) Retail Gracia Final skills fully implemented. Kamaels removed. Vitality removed. Elements Removed. Territory Wars removed. Isle Of Prayer removed. Kamalokas removed. Gracia areas removed. Hellbound area removed. Pailaka Quests removed. Castle & Fortress dungeons removed. Sub-skills removed. Transformations removed. Improved Pets removed. Song of Windstrom & Dance of Bladestorm removed. Inquisitor & Vanguard removed. Soul Crystal leveling up to stage 13. Max Level xx. Stage 2: Max Level xx. Pailaka Quests enabled. Stage 3: Max Level xx. Kamalokas enabled. Stage 4: Max Level xx. Isle Of Prayer enabled. Stage 5: Max Level xx. Hellbound area enabled. Elements enabled. Territory Wars enabled. Vitality enabled. Inquisitor & Vanguard enabled. Castle & Fortress dungeons enabled. Soul Crystal leveling up to stage 16. Stage 6: Max Level xx. Gracia areas enabled. Sub-skills enabled. Transformations enabled. Improved Pets enabled Stage 7: Kamaels enabled. Song of Windstrom & Dance of Bladestorm enabled. As i wrote above that's the initial idea, we need to adjust few things that we have in mind and of course after player's suggestions to finalize everything. We want first stages to be as fun and fair as possible for everyone.
  11. Hello, we will prepare a Low rate for September-October with a stage/chronicle/level cap system, more info will be announced during summer.
  12. As far i remember from retail testing yes, will verify again just in case.
  13. We updated our forum to a newer version following the datacenter incident! That will require you to re-register on the forum & associate your game accounts via https://account.playinera.com in order to be able to login to the game. Thank you for your understanding and have fun in game!
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