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  5. добрый день можно ли снять ограничения на окна?
  6. There will be no wipes, Bloodlust x1000 was the "Final Frontier" and it will remain online for a long time.
  7. there's any chance to wipe it and start it as a 20 or 30x? with all spots normal and BS only to vesper and with a higher price?
  8. Agree with several posts. Good point about summer especially as places in Europe are opening up so people want to go out. I feel the way to go would be to either have a midrate server where farming is required for progression (as Reddish mentioned), or a very high rate server where there are constant pvp events with blessed enchants and brooches in bloody goods stall with no farming at all apart from raids. Right now the server is sitting awkwardly somewhere in between where farming is still required and very lethargic for solo players especially, but not low rate enough and max level is reached quickly. Thanks for all the efforts!
  9. I came from a server x50 and after a long time looking for a decent server, i decided to stay here because isn't a pre-configured pack as many others. It's original and the bloody stones concept it's great. But i think that bs would work better as a end game feature. This server it's funny for me because i dont mind the farm. If you get some things out of the store and make them obtainable by drop, re add pve content and keep the bs for end game as a way to bring your gear at the max, ppl looking for a nice mid rates server will love it. This server works great! as a mid rates-pve server, and It should be known like that, mass pvp will come eventually. This project it's unique and i love that fucking ihub, it's the perfect cb.
  10. hello all, my opinion is 1000x is too much as i already told to ray and sindelia and i understand that summer can be a factor for the low population but also this rates are too much, and ppl get full too easy and got nothing else to do after it, and for the new players and solo players like me, isn't so good to farm because ppl from big clans are already full everything bcz u dont spend much time for it if u farm in PT, and epics are dropping too much and u get brooch talismans ++ that effects a fking alot in ur dmg so my point is even if ppl complain about be hard, if u make it easy like u guys did putting it 1000x instead 100, they will complain about other things so do what u guys think better for the server life and not about ppl think of it for me a 20x server with this configs is good enought just let chimeras normal and solo players can farm there too not only in party and ppl get a little bit more time to farm full itens, season 1 was a perfect server if russians dont use that fking bug, anyway i know u guys made a hell of a project and i rly hope server all sucess for it u guys deserved it.
  11. Hello, On our statistics, population problem seem to be due to summer period and not because of the advertising. 1) What i was thinking for Shifting zones is to last only for 10-20 minutes(more bonuses), 2-hours seems a lot and discourages players visit the zone. 2) The budget was big enough for Bloodlust x100 (Animation campaign etc) and we also extended for Bloodlust x1000.
  12. Although we tried our best with the Final Frontier patch, Bloodlust is still in need of major adjustments. Unfortunately - as we've mentioned before - we are very busy with real-life work over the summer and do not have enough time so as to make said adjustments. However, we will be releasing a few periodic updates. @CederThe Party Matching feature works 99% as per retail and I wish people would make use of it. We would have added an incentive for using it, but it's not that easy as there'd be multiple ways to exploit said incentive. Thank you so much for you continued support guys.
  13. HB is good as it is. And frenzy and sos have cooldowns. Think about that. We were 1 healer and 2 tanks, 2 debuffers and 4 DD's and had 350k BS/hour on shifting zone + beacon. If you got the right strat you can farm very good there.
  14. Agree.. However. If you "only" put down 1-2 hours of play and come for the events. Your not gonna progress fast in any server. Just an FYI. I would set some kind of protection for new players, so they dont get owned when they enter shifting zone or whatnot. Maybe even a party finder tool so ppl can see eachother better. Good post! Keep it up!
  15. Hi all, Since the population of the server has dropped again after a fantastic opening weekend, just thought it would be good to gather some feedback from everyone for the admins. I don't want this to be a doom and gloom thread just want to help the GMs for their project as I genuinely believe that they put in a lot of effort into this and care. I want to say that the final frontier is definitely much better than initial launch. Some feedback from me: 1) The blood stone and shifting zone system sounds like a great idea on paper but realistically it is a system that helps the rich get richer - ie top players will dominate these zones and get even better gear. 2) Since you do not have the budget for a huge ad campaign you need to keep hold of all the casual/solo players that just put 1-2 hours a day - those that just come to events. This could be done by toning down the drops of epic raids so that big clan players while still getting an advantage won't have full vesper set in day 3 of the server. I fully support the play to win model you believe in, but once all the casual players quit the big clans will dominate the server and put off all newcomers. Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone i'll post here my video, and i'm sorry about the short time but i just played few fights i haven't time enought to play in this time zone but anyway here's it hope u guys enjoy.
  17. Maybe we will get something out of the sieg.
  18. Nice very useful analysis. One thing to note is that you get 2 GCs to begin with so that is 500 BS lower when enchanting your first skill.
  19. At first let's talk about 2nd profession skills. Enchant from +0 to +16 will cost you 6 627 BS (26.5 GC). Enchant from +0 to +17 will cost you 10 196 BS (40.8 GC). Enchant from +0 to +18 will cost you 16 184 BS (64.7 GC). Enchant from +16 to +17 by GCM will cost you 4 615 BS (1.5 GCM). That means ench to +16 with GC, then to +17 with GCM will cost you 11 242 BS. (to +30 it will cost you 103 435 BS) Enchant from +17 to +18 by GCM will cost you 4 762 BS (1.6 GCM). That means ench to +17 with GC, then to +18 with GCM will cost you 14 958 BS. That's cheaper than going +18 with GC only. Now 3rd profession skills. Enchant from +0 to +14 will cost you 5 981 BS (23.9 GC). Enchant from +0 to +15 will cost you 11 075 BS (23.9 GC). Enchant from +14 to +15 by GCM will cost you 5 556 BS (1.9 GCM). That means ench to +14 with GC, then with GCM will cost you 11 537 BS. btw: 2nd: ench to +14 with GC (12.3), then with GCM (35.6) will cost you 109 744 BS. 3rd: ench to +12 with GC (7.8), then with GCM (5.4) will cost you 18 028 BS.
  20. Services -> Clan -> Clan level upgrade
  21. I couldnt find where to get the items requiered to level up a clan from lvl 2 to 5. Anyone can give me a hand? thnxs
  22. The players that will post the Best video on YouTube playing on our server (Sieges/PvP/Events etc.) will get the below rewards: 1st Prize Winner: -iCoins (2000). -Epic Jewel of choice. (1) -Loot crate (1). -Blood Beacon (2). 2nd Prize Winner: -iCoins (1000). -Loot Crate (1). -Blood Beacon. (1) 3rd Prize Winner: -iCoins (500). -Loot Crate (1). Results will be announced in one week (29/7/2020). Reply here with your Youtube video.
  23. On a slightly similar vote is there a way to claim vote box without having to wait for the dialog box to pop up?
  24. Thanks everyone for the quick answer.
  25. Ray


    And by all boxes, Loot crate, Vote crate, Premium Crate(daily)
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