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  3. How could i give items for sale to another character if i have only 1 box?
  4. Offline shops are not limited since they are offline.
  5. How will be implemented trade system if only one box per PC will be allowed?
  6. It depends on players progression percentage.
  7. We didn't try to part before Hellbound so I am not sure about that.
  8. This is so fcking true. 20 minutes is too much, max 5 mins would be OK. In my opinion supports should be able to exp alone. Yes, alone, but less effective (for it there's inquisitor; I would like to see it on PP too). Of course if you find DD mage, it is much better to switch back. Does anybody have experience with last vanilla? What was estimated time to find party?
  9. Hello @Jim and welcome back, the good thing with stages is that we can moderate and introduce extra things based on the server current state, stage 1 will have a lot of features disabled and be as close to Interlude. So any issue we discover on stage 1 will be patched on stage 2.
  10. First of all Hello again everyone, glad to see another Inera project being build as I ve missed last couple of them 😟 As for the stages with max. lvl cap, thats a great idea, I ve seen it work on another servers pretty well and I think the community enjoys it. For the "no dualbox" restriction, Im not so sure. I think it can work, but to work properly it needs pretty high and active population. You need to be able to find the ppl you need for exp in 20min max. otherwise ppl will just get frustrated and leave. Nobody wants to spent their free time they have to play between work and family to sit in Giran and spam "LF Rech 50+" (or something like that). I ve been playin 3x server with no dualbox and what really, REALLY helped everyone on that server, meaning solo players who play dps classes aswell as buffers, was that buffers could sit in peace zones (the main center was in MDT cause of free port from every GK) and sell their buffs for adenas. Its benefical for everyone. 🙂
  11. Shoot me or @Ray with your Master Account details and we'll delete it for you. 🙂
  12. Как удалить свой аккаунт?
  13. No dualbox helps a lot with party matching, everyone will need supports. Now regarding estimates , for Launch = September and for Beta August.
  14. Yeah, I like your idea but problem is that 99% of time you just press F1 to mannequin-mob until its de-spawn and boxes will be more valuable then a living player, coz them don't go afk when you want play. Even for farming group locations, people have come up with a strategy ("the orc with a pole") to farm solo with boxes. People just use the easiest way to achieve their goal and that's okay. You don't need to ."..find ways to promote the social aspects of this game." because this path is already in the game - this is pvp for the spot, lol. You just can't go to good spot if you are weak - another people will just kill you, its a battle for resources! Players create const-party with good setup setup not for fight with mobs, but for fight with people first and mobs second. And for this mechanism to work, not solo-players are needed, but groups of people who do not want to share mobs - pvp oriented parties. So, if you don't have these people on the server, then I don't know what new mechanic you need to come up with as a replacement. A location with monsters imitating players (like in a bio laboratory in RO, but there people still cheese monsters with ice wall, heh)? Implementation is too complex. Prevent people without a group from logging into the server? It would be funny, but I think few people will support it haha.
  15. Sure, that might be how people discover servers, but they are more likely to stay on a server when they make friends and party up. 🙂 Personally I believe that group play should be encouraged while any form of solo play should be nerfed in some way. It doesn't make much difference if the entire server is soloing while doing trains in IT and FoG or if they're soloing by killing mobs 1 by 1 in varka/ketra, people will farm until they're burned out and then quit. They need to find ways to promote the social aspects of this game. By the way, do we have any idea when the advertising will start? And also any estimations on alpha/beta? Would be nice to have enough time to thoroughly test a lot of the theories on this thread in practice.
  16. Still I don't understand. I said that big clans (don't read big clans from random people) will play regardless if server is focused more on solo players or not. You disagree. That means if server will be focused on solo players (vitality system), clans won't come? Maybe you don't understand the phrase focused more on solo/casual players. These player won't be so behind, but only behind and it can make them more competitive oly, which would be pretty nice for big clans. I agree with you, that server need every type of people, but big clans will play only if they have enemy (and if they didn't reach end-game gear) and casuals will play only if they can be competitive. If server supports solo/casual players, everyone will be satisfied.
  17. Nah, you think too much - people just want to grind mobs. Every couple of month they forget that feeling and want to get another dose again.
  18. First part of course. Yes on every server there are clans that formed from random server players, but it's not actually clans - just big groups. In general, to achieve success in "high end" content (such as epic bosses and sieges) you need to have actual command hierarchy. Constant parties will be more effective as combat unit (because all of its members are used to each other), but most important thing is head of that fish. I played on server where my party just grind everyone in daily PvP (even in 9vs18 and sometimes in 9vs27), but there were no chances vs whole clan. Even with reinforcements from out side. And year ago we had reverse situation, where our clan leader worked on his command skill and we manage to annihilate two clans in a row without a simple drop of sweat. Summing up, I can say that FROM MY POINT OF VIEW the servers are like natural aquariums, slice of ecosystem. You need all kinds of fishes and other critters, seaweed and so on to keep it sustainable.
  19. I don't understand with which point you disagree. 1. big clans will play no matter if server is focused on solo players or not 2. Everytime and everywhere playing in CPs is more effective than solo playing As you said most of the competitive CPs will play only if they'll have opponents, i.e. doesn't matter on what is server focused, it depends only on online players = you agree with point 1. And I can't image that solo playing is more effective than CP (of course if you have CP full of noobs, it would be better be solo). Can you, please, explain more details to me, why do you disagree?
  20. I can't agree with that statement. The thing is, that game is in kinda late phase of its life with already formed community. That means that most of the competitive CPs will play only if they'll have opponents. Cyberbullying of casuals is considered bad manners among self-respecting fans of bucket sitting.
  21. But big clans will play no matter if server is focused on solo players or not. Everytime and everywhere playing in CPs is more effective than solo playing. Aim is to help solo and casual players not to be so behind. Vitality system is great feature for it (expect vit herbs). Retail events? Then I wanna see event in first month with +16 A grade as a reward ♥ PS: retail is fcking bullshit
  22. Hello! It is l2reborn. Kinda succesfull project indeed. Back to topic. IMO stages should be logical, at least. For example - Beleth. This raid is kinda sick, but noone interested in it coz A: Tiat 1000 times easier B: maintain all conditions to actually farm it is super hard. So I suggest to make Tiat avaible from stage 5, but wuthout vesper drops. And big boy will be final boss for last stage. Also you should boost drops AND make at least way to it much simple (im not talking about boss himself, that is kinda HARD to farm w/o funny bugs). Also audience. Solo players are good for long play sure, but good drama and some big clans (with forum drama) add more excitment and desire to log in for everyone. You know, server with V and A letters in it name.
  23. My suggestions are: - Consider nerfing all the AoE styles (frenzy pole / Mage AoE) - many popular server had used this approach to make for more interesting pve interactions. Depends on the community feedback of course. -Low exp rate is really popular apparently, even 1x C3 servers with single box are popular so I wouldn't be afraid to go 3x exp or even lower (1x would be cool for me too) More after tarkov
  24. We can keep B grade as it is on Luxury shop, i doubt anyone will spend time for B grade crafting. It's better for players to focus on A grade so we can have a good period of time on stage 2.
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