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  3. We're very happy to hear that @NaughtyDog! Enjoy your stay!
  4. I must tell that this server have best admin support ever. That's the reason I will play here for a long time :). Thanks
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  6. You know in this world there are many options. Just like any server, players can go anywhere to play this game, whether it’s Interlude, Gracia Final, or High Five, at the end of the day what matters most is that the admins of a server are moving forward and not stagnate. Too many options, but very few of quality, and those of quality, very few with good admins that try to improve the world with time. Here’s our agenda for the upcoming weeks. We will continue to move forward with the following developments: 1. We are working tirelessly on fixing all issues reports and quality of life fixes. We hear you loud and clear, we know certain things can be frustrating but try to understand that we are a small team fixing a very big world. Rest assured every report will be assessed and fixed by our talented admins. 2. We are working on releasing 2 new events, Chancho and Catch The Bomb. These require some work, especially CTB which will have a fully custom UI developed by Sindelia. We will be assessing all of our events and working with Demev to implement 5 new maps to accommodate the influx of events and fine tune some older ones. We hear you loud and clear, too many buffs and some events need some increased death timers (CTF). We’re working on those fixes. 3. We will be releasing a new event called SavetheKing prior to Chancho and CatchtheBomb. This will be a team vs team type of event focused on protecting your chosen King. 4. We will be releasing two new crates. One is a “TECH CRATE” which will feature the final tier 4 costume. There will only be 1 costume in this crate with a chance to obtain it like any other loot crate but since there is only 1 of its kind, the chance will be reduced. The other item is “PANDORA’S BOX” and it will be a crate that, once opened, rewards the entire world at once with a bonus. Consider it a blessing by association type of crate. The reward of one will be the reward of many. 5. Hellbound has been opened by MJs CP. Congratulations on killing Baylor. It has also reached Stage 2, congratulations on that too! Now, we know some of you are concerned that Hellbound is leveling too fast. We want to address those concerns and inform you that, HELLBOUND’s formula for stages is not a linear equation. It’s kind of like when you’re leveling and it’s super easy in the beginning and then you realize the hardship at 79. That’s a similar equation to Hellbound; it will be VERY hard and take months to open Hellbound to 7. Rest assured we will not speed through content and the path in front of you is long and arduous. 6. We will be unleashing an October Event relatively soon that will give you some farming rewards for those that miss the retail events. This is our version of what we think is a fun Halloween event and you will have a chance to unlock a permanent WITCH Halloween costume. But it will not be easy. TRICK OR TREAT my little adventurers! 7. Our team will be reassessing sieges in the future. What we know is that the current state is okay but not great. We’ve heard your voices and we are working on finding a good solution that will provide a competitive equilibrium. But we also do not want to make castles a right or priv to those that feel they deserve one but have NOT earned one. We’re brainstorming with several clan leaders as to what will be fair and competitive among the major clans. The state of sieges is not where we want them. But it is not an easy task and hopefully at some point we will all come to a consensus. Until then, sieges will remain as they are. We want to thank you for your support. And we wish you the best of luck! View the full article
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  8. Last week
  9. lol Are you serious? I cant belive..guys are 81 in less than 1 month of server life in a "low GF4X that WAS supposed to be long life server", they cant at least open HB or gives level to HB to can get epilogue and they will get facilities to get forgotten scrolls? for me its a joke. Why wont you tell them to open HB and get epilogue? lololol
  10. We replace the 50 Fleet Steed Troup's Charm with 50-100 Extracted star stones (red).
  11. The increase in SOI is the better option. What do you recommend?
  12. Еxactly. Quest Rate for that items is x2 now, so it was not too hard to farm.
  13. To make it clear, you want to farm SoI for these items and double the number needed instead of farming SoD items?
  14. @Exsie already wrote to @Ray about this, but I will create a topic for discussion. In order to get books like Forgotten Scroll - Deflect Magic, Forgotten Scroll - Dual Dagger Mastery, Forgotten Scroll - Mutual Response and Forgotten Scroll - Turn Stone you need items like 200 Nucleus of a Freed Soul (Seed of Infinity special product) and 50 Fleet Steed Troup's Charm (Seed of Destruction special product). Since the Seed of Destruction will not be available until the 12th level of Hellbound, it turns out that these books can be obtained only at the very latest stage of server development. Therefore, I suggest removing items from the Seed of Destruction for exchange and / or increasing the number of items from the Seed of Infinity, like 400 Nucleus of a Freed Soul and 12kk Adena for Forgotten Scroll.
  15. A lot of players are always on the fence about joining a low rate server. This is normal; it is a big investment and so many servers close down without reason only to reopen again. At INERA, we’ve finally found the winning formula. We love our Vanilla server and its community. We love our events and the clan leaders that drive the server. We love assisting those in need and developing new content to make our world that much better. The population on INERA is great, the community is fantastic, and most of all the administration is simply the best. You cannot find admins like Ray or Sindelia in 2019, GMs that actually care about your well being. You will not GMs that run events every weekend consistently with a unique engine that is exclusive to PlayINERA. You will not find the quality of work anywhere else, whether you’re running OFF or otherwise, our admins are always on top of bugs and reports. These are the small things that set us all apart. If you think otherwise, speak up in the forums. But ultimately, the care and dedication of a server is what should form your opinion. So if you’re new and wondering whether to join, check out our Bomberman video below. Check out our full Youtube collection! We have some great footage. Bomberman: This is an exclusive fun event to PlayINERA. You will not find this anywhere else. View the full article
  16. General -Fix for some monsters that teleported back while starting running towards players. -Added radius check for Private stores. Skills -Fix for ‘Chant of Protection’ SP cost. -Fix for Blank skill appearing on mages Skill tree. -Fix for ‘Soultaker’ summons casting time to retail. -Fix for Heal cooldown on Queen ant nurses. Pets -Fix for Snow Pets, now they are not tradeable & Clan hall based. Quests -Fix for ‘Alliance With Ketra Orcs’ & ‘Alliance With Varka Silenos’ now Quest item will stop at maximum QI. -Fix for some Quest items not removed when quest aborted or completed. View the full article
  17. Its still not clear to me aswell. 15% if all members got it ?
  18. many people have every skill / attack shortcut with macro to force the action, so this argument wouldn't be valid.
  19. Yep, I did, it just became my habit, when I open my browser to type forum..., because I was waiting for it for such a long time
  20. If any are removed we'll only do it after ADDING more colors to choose from so there are no complaints. This is not on our radar as of now.
  21. When someone is on PK or flagged you dont need to use ctrl to attack him. And those colours are diffrent than you get at specified state. Just let them be. Confusion is a good thing - you start to use your brain a bit more while playing
  22. What about blue and light blue? It doesn't affect pvp, but it takes the whole purpose of recommendations. I think colors that already exists in the game shouldn't be available.
  23. Didnt u say like few days ago, that playing Inera was waste of time and u need to look for another server? Well, welcome back then. // Opinion of quiter always nice to hear Also there was probabaly less than 5 ppl who bought nickname color change, it's just "free" bonus for premium users.
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