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  4. онлайна мало заметил что все играю в разное время
  5. Че вообще по онлайну бро?
  6. Набор в клан Immortals есть Discord в игре пм MerrySpoil
  7. ищю русско язычных людей для совместной игры на данном сервере пм MerrySpoil
  8. We updated our forum to a newer version following the datacenter incident! That will require you to re-register on the forum & associate your game accounts via https://account.playinera.com in order to be able to login to the game. Thank your for your understanding and have fun in game!
  9. This report has been marked as invalid by Ray and the topic is now locked.
  10. testing 3 for test --- Category --- Client --- Reporter --- Name: [GM]Ray Location: 82856, 148040, -3472
  11. This is just a test --- Category --- Character --- Reporter --- Name: [GM]Ray Location: 82856, 148040, -3472
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