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  2. Hello. Words below can be a heresy for many ppl so i'm just warning you're reading this on your own responsibility. Suggestion: How about delete magic/physical damage error range and make it fixed? I mean, if you have clear formula what calculates yours stats and target resists and gives one number, why does game added this stupid feature for damage range? Same p atk for 100 hits, and once you hit 800 and another time 1200 to very same target... Wouldnt it be easier to make always same damage all due to formula calculation?
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  4. Hello Inera Team, I suggest that offline shops have a maximum duration of 7 days, instead of 30 days. Here is my reasons for this. Alot of players, leave their shops in offline mode, and never come back to them until a few weeks later. This leads to the market being unbalanced. There are players who sell items for a ridiculous amount, and then leave them there for weeks. A market always has ups and downs, and if there are too many long term shops online, the actual value of items will be misrepresented. Players who sell items on the market, should be ACTIVE sellers. This is equivalent to a trade market in the real world. Every day is constantly changing. A 30 day shop encourages non active sellers to put whatever they want for 30 days, regardless of how the market is moving every day / week. This makes the market not move at all! I believe some reasons why people are leaving the server, is because the market is sometimes ridiculously high, and it stays that way for many days because of the 30 day offline shop. People should be coming back to their shops, seeing what has sold / what hasnt, and adjusting their prices (to their discretion). The short term offline market encourages people to come back and check their shops sooner, and make an adjustment if they wish. I realize that they may not wish to change the price, that is fine, but at least it promotes, and makes easier the need to reevaluate the items you have for sale. If there is no incentive for this, anyone can negatively effect the market for many days as they wish.
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  6. Some points I agree with and others I cannot. Influx of Adena and inflation is something that can be stopped without intervention / forcing players to blow adena in non-player related trade. We've had a hard time coming up with any good solutions to this. And as for the long grind, every server regardless of how low rate it may be will reach end game and, once it does, this does not encourage new players to join. Without incentives / accelerators for them to catch up, they simply will not join due to the level or skill gap that exists merely due to time. I understand your frustrations but the GMs can only do so much. It is up to clan leaders and such to integrate new players and guide them for we have no solution to inflation without some serious game intervention which would just cause more harm than good.
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  8. Congratulations on hitting Hellbound Stage 7. The Epilogue update will occur on Monday, December 16, 2019. Heroes and Olympiad will wrap up so plan accordingly for the Epilogue update as plenty of new features will be added along with alternative ways to acquire dynasty gear. There will be an NPC to transfer any quests that do not overlap between the chronicles and for any other issues that may arise during the transition. We will see you on the other side! View the full article
  9. Guys, Forgive if what i`m about to write may sound to direct. I can assure you my intent is constructive. I will try to separate the + from the -, but my feel about the server is this: Pluses: It has no gm shops, no endless buff npc and other customization or item/quest shop other than that which is 2nd class that is traditionally also starting in Gracia (i think) at giran bs. It has a decent market considering offline shops are not a premium or paid for thing It has a proxy to allow the Americas to play here It is a decent low rate (4x xp) It's free and has active team of GM. It is now one of the very few low rate Gracia chronicle servers which has a vanilla like profile and it can compete with allot of other poping servers or even classic (ncsoft) which i've played and its not worth it (imo). Minuses: It is 4x xp but the 4x combo Adena+Drop+Spoil contradict with the long term project ideea The fact that we get all sorts of bonuses for adena drop doesn't help the server to be a long term project, especially on a chronicle like Gracia and the following ones. The bonuses from Pandora applying to all server again is not a bright ideea as it sustains the increased amount of adena drop further. Being able to trade real money for ingame money as it is facillitated by trading icoins for adena should not be allowed. I know it sounds bad but this is the real fact. Trading some suits is another thing that is a respectable and apropriate way to support you guys and the server. There are still allot of glitches and bugs with geodata or some quests but that can be improoved and that's not critical to the play if they get solved. I dont want to make a big fuss about this since its a private server anyway, people can come and go as they please. But guys, if you really are on the long term here and you want to have the game going on this server and wish to bring in more people, you have to change something into this, because its either the sooner or never. Server really looks like it has potential, and i`m here a month almost now, and met some people I used to play l2 back 10 years ago on a big private server. But truthfully if it goes on with the flooding of adena and xp, runes and stuff like that for low levels it will only go so far. The ideea is to balance pvp and farming levels and clans/groups not to ease their way up to 85 since we all know there are always a small group who can play countless hours and lead the pvp competition. Enough said, have a nice weekend, i hope you understand my point.
  10. General – Follow will continue while using a non offensive skill. – During server shutdown all players will disconnect at the same time. – Players that were following a character will continue follow after casting an non offensive skill. – Enabled TW Jewels. – Disabled skill animation on doors. – Fix for ‘Test Of The Maestro’ issue. – Queen ant zone will be Epic PvP zone. – Better movement/pathfinding. – Fixes ‘cannot see targets’ in anomaly grounds etc. (requires testing) – All doors/walls now have correct geodata. – Possibly fix of long range target stuck that required cancel target to unstuck player. View the full article
  11. INNOVA COPYRIGHT STRIKE The new year is fast approaching and we need to set some resolutions. Some of may know that PlayINERA has been served with a copyright strike by INNOVA on the grounds that our website is responsible for distributing the client and copyrighted content to users for entrepreneurial activities. INNOVA is concerned that we have stripped them from profits that would otherwise be theirs, and this is certainly the case for many servers. But PlayINERA is different; this is not an enterprise for us, this is a hobby. Despite INNOVA’s speculation, the owner of PlayINERA – Vice – has in no way made a profit from your donations, they have been set aside for infrastructure and maintenance. It would be our pleasure to cooperate with INNOVA as we have nothing to fear. It has been a rocky road and we have been accused of many things by content creators and MMO shills, but one thing that remains true is that we stand our ground as we always have done, regardless of the adversary. From all the servers that have incorporated for profit, we somehow became the target for INNOVA. The world is a tumultuous place, but know one thing, there are many ways to skin a cat, whether we are faced with a DMCA take down or otherwise, we will survive one way or another. Our resolution this year is to keep the smiles on your face and we will do just that. When giants come knocking, we greet them. And should anyone accuse us of being money-driven mongrels, I believe it becomes quite obvious that our love for our community extends past that. Only those with dedication and fervor dance with giants. When others would run and close their gates, we see no reason to do so. And if they are shut forcibly, we shall persevere forward and reignite the flame. We wish everyone a blessed holiday and we hope you stand by us. EPILOGUE IS DAWNING Gracia Epilogue is right around the corner. The transition will not be instant. There will be a delay period to enable the transition and ensure a smooth migration. Rest assured the update will be processed in a timely fashion and we will follow up the transition with several campaigns to encourage growth. Happy hunting! – Vice will address the community on the copyright strike in the form of a video relatively soon. Until then, stay tuned. View the full article
  12. Hello, I just started the server and I would like to find CP or clan to play there, I was thinking to make a SLH or SPS ,but if there is any clan or cp that need a specific class I could make it without problem.
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  14. I Joined 2 weeks ago and I'm having a blast! Your idea will help me a lot
  15. Notice that not so many players join the server and if they join they are far behind.The new vitality buffs and xp rune is really nice for them but i believe is time to give them 3 class quest also doing with Adena/Icoins!what u say guys?wont be nice if we have more pvp soon?!
  16. pm Kikum/Gass/Kustosz they will help.
  17. Leaves and then tries to sell his adena/items for real world currency. Clobberstomp permabanned. Clan StuffNThings moved to another clan member and they are happy about it
  18. Welcome to PlayINERA, OrangePeach! In order to aid your search for a clam, do have a look at our Clan Recruitment system which can be found under the Clan List section of the INERA Hub. Have fun!
  19. Hi , i have just started playing and would like to look for a fun clan with cool people to play with and just chill while we exp . i am planing to going as a TH
  20. Well, o found this server because of you, but I only started playing here 1 week ago. Is sad that you are leaving. i suffered from the same problem that you do, time, but im enjoying play here, its different from all servers i play it. Idk how adm take Care of bots here, but in retail I know, its Full of bots, 80% os servers use it, and auto targets etc, and lots of rmt , so thats a reason i dont understand. But i Will keep watching your Channel, and i Hope Someday see you here again. GL
  21. I know you only as a guy sitting in giran and selling custom dresses PS: pls let your offline shop open maybe I buy this musketeer dress
  22. Why did I leave PlayINERA? First and Foremost is Time - Commitments in my real life has be spread thin. I have too many things going on personally and with my family to keep up the clan leadership responsibilities and content I'd like to produce to keep the series running. It wouldn't be fair to my fans to keep stringing you along when I do not have the time. Commitment - This has suffered for Inera. My heart isn't completely there. One of the catalysts for this was dismissal of all of the members and having to rebuild. Those dovetailing on all of my personal life stuff has made it difficult to kee focus. I am fully aware and capable of rising above and for the most part I believe we did bounce back in a good way. Why did I choose Retail Chronos over PlayINERA? Few reasons here. One was time invested in character. I have years invested in Retail and I feel this character is more establshed and honestly just more fun to play at this time. Two is I am rather enjoying this character much more than Inera. This would be the 3rd iteration of the same character I have been playing only to have it reset after 2-3 months. I am simply no ok with having to rebuild each time. Long goals are better. Do I have issues with the GMs and staff? Sindellia and Ray are awesome. I have no issues with them at all. My issues are with the management of the team. Vice though talks a good talk and I believe has a good idea on what he wants for a server but fails to deliver. I do believe the team as a whole really collectively all wanted the same things but I doubt they will ever be able to obtain it. A long term safe and fun place to play for a good "honest" player base. Simply cannot be done in my opinion. I also have issues with how they operate the server. They do not keep logs of everything that goes on. Sorry but as a System's Engineer and Network Engineer by trade server owner operators are taught to hold and log all of it. even if you don't need it. You have it for later. This does not sit well with me. My other issues are stated from many other players. Bots. Farming parties. How they handle banning people. Complacency is met quite quickly and it is clearly apparent that after the 2 months mark or so the team is too far in the hole with all of the issues, they simple do not have the depth in the team to handle everything as quickly as they would want. Ray, Origins and Sin are all amazing but its only them and after a while the demands of the player base is too much to keep up with. I also believe Vice specifically does not value my time or effort in promoting the server. There is nothing more frustrating than this. I am certain I brought in many of you and many others who are not here into the server and none of it really seems valued. I made this server a LOT of money and it clearly was not reciprocated to me as the content creator of the server. They got 3 years out of me and I simply will no longer promote a server that at the end of the day feels like development is more important than promotion. I value my time greatly and do not take assignments carefully. I am always mindful of what I am promoting and who is managing it. I also believe when I came into the team the landscape and outlook has changed than what I was previously told. So with that all being said you can gather why I have left. I feel this is the most adequate and professional response I can lend to all of you. To the PlayInera team, Developers - I hope you find what you are looking for as you are talented and valued people in my eyes but if I am being honest I would lend your skills to other teams that value your talents. Management - Vice - I really do not have much to say that I haven't already to you personally in private. You know where I stand and what I value. I do wish each member of the team the best success they seek. Peace and Be Well all of you. Best wishes and luck to all future endeavors. Clobberstomp
  23. I will look for another plugin
  24. Make the discord link more visible, or fix an announce making sure to people access it. Discord have way more access then forum,.
  25. Hi It is 2 month old, but it is a long term server so.... you have time to catch up I myself rerolled a week ago, and I am already 3rd class able to participate in high level raids, so don't worry
  26. Yes it is. You will catch up in no time. Also many players are creating new chars everyday and clans need aca as well.
  27. Hello dear Players, So, I did remember Lineage2 after like 5-6 years or more. Was thinking about to get in to pve and farm something. Is it worth to start and play here? Are there any clans without prime time, as my online vary day to day basis. My question basicly is is it worth to start playing here when server is 2months old?
  28. That sure looks like a Oly setup
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