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  5. General – Addition of the following Couple Actions: Couple Bow, Couple High-Five, Couple Dance. View the full article
  6. General – The Halloween Bonanza event has ended. All event-related items and buffs have been deleted. – An issue where players were unable to return to town from within the Dimensional Rift has been fixed. – An issue where some monsters located in Antharas’ Lair would return a ‘Cannot see target’ message when attempting an attack has been fixed. – Fixed Nornil’s Cave invalid water zone. – An issue where aggro was no removed from Raid Minions even after a player restarting, resulting in Raid Curse has been fixed. – An issue where the ‘water task’ (breath gauge) was not activated following a resurrection or restart has been fixed. – From now on the Grand Olympiad start/end messages will no longer appear while registration is disabled. – The magical critical rate of monsters been reduced. – Addition of the missing monster transformations and NPC dialogues while transforming: Ol Mahum Transcender, Cave Ant & Cave Ant Larva. Interface – An issue where the text on the Latest News on the INERA Hub would overflow has been fixed. – From now on, when the vote reward has been received, the Vote Reward button will be dismissed on all clients active on the same PC. – An issue where the Group Chance displayed on the Droplist would occasionally exceed 100% has been fixed View the full article
  7. Did the potatoes pick you up yet? They should
  8. Welcome back, Yuna! Don't forget to use our in-game Clan Recruitment system which is integrated into the Clan List section of the INERA Hub! Have fun!
  9. Hi everyone, this is me coming back to Inera server! Im glad a new season started up as this community has been one of the best I've found while playing L2. Last time I used to play Cardinal under the IG Yuna. I will start back with L2 after a couple of years hiatus so be kind to me :) Playing Cardinal is fun to me, but I wouldn't mind playing some other support mains, such as EE or PP (i know this last one is most of a box but if some of you need an active pp main i'll gladly do it). This is also to say that since I play supports I would love to find a clan or a group of people to play and grow up with. Im italian so my playing hours will be pretty intense during daytime since I'm quarantined (RIP my life). Just drop me a line here on the forum!
  10. General – An issue where Appearance Stones with a predefined appearance (i.e. Halloween) would not work properly for two-handed magical weapons and shields has been fixed. – An issue where occasionally, when players swam down to a Catacomb or Necropolis they would be teleported to the top of the entrance has been fixed. View the full article
  11. Thank you. Time to download the client then!
  12. Hello, server is growing every-day, remember this is a long term project that will also upgraded into Gracia Epilogue. Also strict botting rules applies.
  13. around 400 HWID i guess on peak time
  14. Hi, can you guys tell me whats the current amount of players here? Server seems cool but if its empty it will be a waste of time.
  15. General – An issue where the Bomberman event leaderboards would not calculate points correctly has been fixed. From now on, a point is earned when a player’s bomb kills another player. – The World Chat usage allowance for non-Premium Account holders has been increased to 10. Premium Account holders’ allowance has been increased to 20. – An issue where occasionally, the Skill Learn UI would display duplicate skills has been fixed. – The ‘Adena ranking’ will no longer be displayed as it displayed misleading information. The ranking took into account Adena exchanges between players (trade/sale). – Addition of ‘Weapon Appearance Restoration Stones’ to all grocer NPCs. Items – An issue where the Hot Springs Lure would not work even when the Fishing Expertise skill was above level 20 has been fixed. – The academy-only equipment restriction from Clan Oath armor has been removed. Skill – The chance for a lethal hit for the skill Banish Undead has been increased to match retail. View the full article
  16. Hello adventurers! The server will be coming down for maintenance in approximately two hours in order to activate the INERA Halloween Bonanza! More information regarding the INERA Halloween Bonanza will follow soon in a separate announcement. The maintenance is expected to last for 30 minutes. Lots of cool stuff coming! View the full article
  17. Its not a fix if its retail that way
  18. General – An issue where upon purchases of a ‘Loner Pack’ Premium Account subscription, players would receive a Blood Beacon has been fixed. – Removed ‘Red Damask’ from the list of available name colors of the Name Color Change donation service. – Addition of new colors to Name Color Change donation service. Interface – Addition of a vote reward selection window. Now, players will be able to select which vote reward buff they want to receive. – An issue where the iCoin cost for some donation services was displayed incorrectly has been fixed. View the full article
  19. If you restart after learning Cure Poison, you must learn it again. Check out the Cure Poison Skill Points.
  20. We are pleased to announce that Vanilla is now LIVE! Over 270 unique players have joined Vanilla within the first 30 minutes of operation! Join in on the fun now! View the full article
  21. Its a fix. A fix does not makes it custom
  22. If you change the "bugg" its more custom then "retail".
  23. Check here -> https://account.playinera.com/buy Also Inera Store ->
  24. where i can find donate list and how much cost 1 dc thanks
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