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  4. Not entirely but we'll work out the details at some point in time. Topic locked.
  5. Topic locked. Sorry but these complaints are just needless.
  6. Every season I need to address the community as a whole and every season players provide suggestions on how to revive the world or how many mistakes our team has made. Any mistakes at INERA can be directed at me and not Ray or Sindelia. Lineage 2 is a seasonal game and, believe it or not, our team and you guys have the same vision and expectations when it comes to fun. For us, fun is developing strategies and having a full and vibrant world full of players. For you, it is having a competitive world full of players. Either way we align in our vision: we like a large community that is active and not dead. What Ray is trying to say in a political way is that all servers (all over the world) have an expiration date. And although we try to prolong the experience and introduce new ideas to the world in an effort to extend your game, there is no solution currently to maintaining a full and vibrant world. At some point the exit rate of players simply exceeds the influx, so inevitably you have a server that is shrinking and not growing. So how do we solve this? Many solutions are proposed every season. The reality is simply that 'we don't know'. That's the honest truth. Part of my job here at INERA is to think things through and learn from mistakes or develop new strategies with Ray and Sindelia for a path forward. It is a combined effort. INERA has some of the most innovative ideas worldwide, many of you have never seen our ability tree or other systems. Enjoy the game for what it is. I met this very interesting guy on our Resurgence Revamped Server a few days back he's been playing on a dead server that is empty for 2 years now, we launched back in 2018. They were the only player in the world, there was no one left to party with. He or she explained how the game and farming calms them down and that they enjoy the time spent. The individual explained that they like the world and its ideas, creativity at its best. I was impressed by the commitment he or she had to our world and the appreciation given. It was a very serene experience. We do not know the path forward and, believe me when I say this, no one does. But this won't stop us from trying to improve. The reality is simply this: there is no quick fix. Best Regards, Vice
  7. Greetings your words will be taken into consideration. But ultimately Lineage 2 was never really a fair game and implementing fairness is nigh impossible. We've compiled several lessons learned from various players around the world through posts like these. We appreciate the feedback. Refere to this:
  8. Dont get offended, but if u're such handless to fail to trade anything within 3 weeks there is no help for you. Ur solution is even worse XD If you cant get anything now when other ppl are focused also at other crops, and in those 3 weeks many times you should have free hand for DMP, then after ur suggestion changes you'll never get anything within next year. srly. Inera is even using not retail manor system to help worthless ppl trade crops... Also 9 castles? yes, there are 9, but how many of them set manor? two? three? One more thing. You have no right to accuse any1 for manor botting. Seriously, if you cant get anything in 3 weeks, problem is only at your side. Edit: About your p2w stuff. Those "no-lifers" will be also able to buy those boost and increase advantage even more than w/o any boosts. "Competetive" HAHAHa. I suggest to change game. Lineage2 knows only wicked meaning of this word. By word's you spoke here, I suppose ppl like this cant be even "competetive" at x5000 rate servers with all gear in gm-shop.
  9. Hello Together, i may be not the only one to recognice that the server is allmost dead, But instead of whining i suggest to improve on the state. Im gona tell you a spoiler, implemnting Jack for vita and the B-Grade shop is not gona work. In my expierince P-Servers dont survie on the basis of implemting ingame functinos. They survie becouse of the community. In priror explaination why i am suggesting this: I am here for the feel of nostagia and if this server dies, that is it for my return to the glorydays of L2, and i really like this game and dont want to be (again) one of the guys who truns the lightswitch off on a server. Hence i propose the following improvements: Increase Playpotential for players: - Weve been ravaged by the extremes, they reached thier gols faster than anybody and than complained about no competition ==>Soltion: Create competitive enviroments for the extremes to compete with the cassuals by introducing playopitons that can be reached cassual. For example: Staggert pvp events by level. I suggested this a while ago but acctually making it a thing was declined then cause ther was no need fo it seen. I hereby suggest to introduce automaticly sheduled TVT events on the lvl-brakeds 20-39, 40-60, 61-75 and 76+. They can be implementet easyly on an automatic basis. As an reward since you allready gone so far to remove vita as an "lure" i suggest your own ingame Currency. For example: Reward the best player of a Team with 50 Icoins, the Winning team with 30 Icoins and the loosing team with 10 Icoins. This gives an intent to play those events, that for example happen in a staggerd 20 min intervall from 19:00 to 21:00 every eavening, on a daily basis. - You had nice events that you organized, but they have been whay to irragular, those things is what keep an comunity on a P-server active, a communtiy! ==>Solution: Recruit a hand full of Event GMs or EMs with limited rights and accessabilty but the cabatilltiy to engage with the community. I hearby offer my self as such an EM. As Reward i allso suggest reasonable ammounts of Icoins... -Reduces impact for singeltarget focus for "dedicated" (bots) of ingame systems, specificly talking about manaor. Ive been trying to get some DMP over the manor for the last 3 weeks... i Succsefully sold engough seeds to get 5, bloody fucking !5! DMP form manor before anything has been sold out within seconds. ==>easy solution: Stagger Manor resets for every single castle individaly, there are 9 Castles ingame, why do they all have to sell thier seeds at the same time? Starte with one at 15pm and work your way calste by castle till 24:00. That enchances problems for manor campers (due to the fakt that they have to camp manor 9 times for 9 hours) and increases accessabitly for simple joe. -Improve yoru Free to play model: ==>I know you need to earn some money to run the server etc. But, if you watch all successfull F2P models, they allways have an option to aquire the "RealMoney" currency throug ingame means. I just want to press this point since P2Win is never a sustainable option and Subscription falls flat on the nose as a financing aspect for Private severs (cause, if i got to pay for it, why not play on the officail media?). Offer some means to attain your Payed currency by ingame means (i.e. the prev. suggested events) and make the whole marketing point more about "oh you liked what you just gained for free? you can have whay more of this for a reasonable amounth of bugs ). Your current F2P moddel runs completly past the real target audiance for F2P, in short, the guys with jobs that have money. The current progressionboosters you dish out (vitabuff) seems extremly like a desprate manuver to keep ppl playing, F2P in its most successful forms is ment as an efficency improvement. Thats the point where you can grab the guys with jobs and money. "You want to be competitive active? But the competition is run by 'nolifers'? Come! buy some exp/moneygain/crafting/spoiling boosters that let you compete with the nolifers while spending a quater of your time!". This has several major benifits: 1st: you gain money and money is awsome!, 2nd: PPl with no cash are seen as the standard and can play for free hence making up the numbers for an active server. 3rd: PPl with no time but money stay competetive and generate you revenue:-) 4th: Nolifers with money give you money and can indulge of thier desprate need of supperiourity they only play this game for while carrieng the waight of expenses not payed for by casual F2P players! Probably this is way to late to put this up but as i said, ive been ignored before. I just want to dive home the point, that im not doing this to nag or criticise, just to keep playing with the guys i allowed myself to like, that are currently trickeling away an leaving or stop playing like a leathal fleshwound does with blood. Cheers and Regards Iron, aka Drelga, vice Leader of StuffnThings
  10. Ray

    Future Shop

    Addition of some extra features of Grocery & Luxury shop from H5: Npc located in Gludio, Dion, Giran - Luxury shop, contains B Armors & A-B jewels, Soulshots D-C-B with adena.
  11. The Gift of Vitality Maintains vitality at level 4 for 2 hours. This buff cannot be cancelled & remains if your character dies. It can be acquired once per 24 hours by speaking to Jack Sage in Giran town. Players of all levels may acquire this buff. The Memories of a Newbie Players levels 76-85 can receive the following buffs depending on their class type. These buffs cannot be cast onto a player that already has them, but they can be reacquired once they have expired or been removed through death or cancellation. For warrior classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Haste For wizard classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower For servitors level 76 and above: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower, Haste Players that are below level 76 can receive these buffs in the traditional fashion by speaking to the Newbie Guide or Adventurers Guide in any town. Event Schedule The event begins on January 10 after the server restart, and ends on January 17. Have fun , INERA Team.
  12. Tiat drops can be adjusted,About sod i agree,they have to disable global shout or inera hub info and also disable seed of destuction port from those gracia stones
  13. Manor is protected a long time ago. We was very strict on botting at start, we perm banned a lot of players and also removed a lot of theirs shops etc, here is a quick list of Removed items. Leather ~ 800. Crafted Leather ~ 4800. Durable Metal Plate ~ 120 Animal Skin ~ 6050. Oriharukon Ore ~ 450. Iron Ore ~ 2454. Enria ~ 2010. Mithril Ore ~ 15,543. Mold Lubricant ~ 544. Stone of Purity ~ 21,241. Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) ~ 11. Heavens Divider. Imperial Crusader Helmet. Imperial Crusader Boots. Imperial Crusader Gaiters. +3 Dark Crystal Boots. +3 Dark Crystal Gloves. +4 Dark Crystal Robe. +3 Dark Crystal Helmet. Tateossian Ring ~ 8. Tateossian Earring ~ 6. Tateossian Necklace ~ 6. Knight's Epaulette ~ 30,000. Green Seal Stone ~ 34,922,989. Red Seal Stone ~ 65,000. Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) ~ 23. Fire Stone ~ 15. Adena ~ 845,700,000. Ancient Adena ~ 555,963,889. Currently we are looking for alternatives ways to handle bot users as Vice posted, stay tuned
  14. we dont want these toxic ass clans that left since november,they would quit no matter what
  15. Bro there is no chance to revive server where administration have closed mind's They didnt ban bots, do not make any class balance, undoubtedly nukers still hit for over 15k to players in same gear, rb's do not have any m.def and baium can be killed by 2-3 mages in low a shi1t from sub-class quest, there are bots on manor and for administration that was fine xD If you wanna make server playable first thing to change is administration This server has been dead since November when main clans leave it and you just realize that now. Maybe next time you should listen to the players and what they are telling you before server start so maybe the next season will not end after first month. Because now you just keep that carrion instead fix your own mistakes from that season of server and do something new for players. Also fix a discord invite button on forum without it new ones cant get any info..
  16. I started on this server about a week ago, was thinking of something casual like 2 ,by 3 hrs max a day having fun, everything was fine until I needed d gr shots, after a frantic serarch for shops with ssd or D cry I eventualy gave up and also started leveling a dwarf so I could make my own. Once again everything was smooth until I needed C grade then had to lvl the dwarf again just to get him to the point where he chould crystalize and make C grade shots. After that as you can guess came the need for B grade gear and shots, and this is the point where the real "fun" starts. Everything after C grade is immensly overpriced from mats to gear or completely inexistent no common B or A weaponds or shots, no crystals no key materials no nothing. So now I am also forced to make a few spoilers for each spoil lvl range to get the needed materials and so on. All this will eventualy leed to me getting either bored or frustrated with not beeing able to play my main class and will inevitably mean quitting. Now B and A grade shots and equipment in shops (Hi5) will definately make life easyer for new people
  17. Afaik Inera's tiat drops 2 vespers and 2 icarus weapons with 100% rate. It's due to 1 tiat per week instead of 2 "feature". Changing this to vesper 50% will be a lot different to page features. Futhermore when sod opens it'll be over... 1st it's anounced global at alt+b which is very bad. 2nd Ships are not working and every1 has free tp there so you cant even defend it. whoever open it will be flooded by randoms who can even abuse subclass bug and just try sneak farm with 40th lvl. 3. stones are x1 with nerfed chance for succ input which will just burn out motivation in whoever spend his time and struggling to get them.
  18. Sounds fine to me.
  19. Hello,im throwing this out here and i would like to hear opinions. Here it goes: maybe make tiat doable at stage 10 instead of stage 12? Also maybe you could lower the chances instead of 82% for vesper weapon and 100% ica weapon make them 50% for vesper weapon and 60% for ica weapons? That will encourage and motivate late game people to keep doing it instead of getting all vesp weapons they need within a month and get bored. Thoughts?
  20. These very same people got bored w/o even reaching late game,they quit before even dynasties came out
  21. I agree but people get bored , especially on a server based on development like Inera . It'a a shame that GM's invested so much time in developing the server , best development team I've seen in my 13 years of L2 experience but the reality is that in game their presence is close to 0 especially on this new server . People need to be entertained in order to keep them on the server , I understand that they work on development and they got real life , but why not appoint a new GM that would be present every day on the server to entertain people , giving small rewards on silly events , being a voice on a server , someone that would really have 1-2 h per day and do this free of charge without asking for compensation like other did. I bet you can find people like this that are really passionate and can help . If you do not have a voice on the server people get bored , hardcore players will reach endgame as usual , people will start complaining ... 'oh he has this , he has that' and people will start to quit because the server turns into a race and not a way to have fun .
  22. As i have said numerous times,people would quit no matter what.What you say its somewhat true that people see OE weapons and they cry.Well these very same people would find any other excuse to quit no matter what,due to no game knowledge,due to not knowning how to progress,due to drama bla bla bla i can keep going on.This game is like that for past 10 years.So in reality its not about OE weapon,its about this trash community that prefers to jump every month to other server than just staying in one.
  23. Season 2 i just gave in compare. How expectations goes to fail. S1 aswell, so how do you think how many ppl will say no to 3rd season when they saw how previous 2 servers ends? Ur 2nd part is just another example why game is trash, and another of hundreds cancer reasons why ppl may leave. But it's still just excuse. l2 has 15+ years, so they already shoud know what to expect. If they dont like it after, they can blame only themself for starting. About truth ig/irl, well it's too deep subject to discuss. I just told my truth, if ppl dont like it, it's theirs problem.
  24. Wiping players hard work or luck will not help. About item Auction will be checked. Even if you run on perfect files result will be the same eventually, with our files and features we can prolong as much as possible. Running a low rate on l2j files is not an easy task, especially when we as Inera trying to be as close to retail as possible with our small team. Over the years we managed to bring those broken files into a very good state, players helped a lot to achieve this. You can always point out what's unfixable on Bug Report so we can check
  25. But people don't care about truth, even in real life truth isn't what people want. Season 2 was destroyed by vesper weapons. When people logged into game 3rd day, a few weapons were in Giran. Of course it was really hard and it needed coordination of people, but you think people cared about it? No, they just saw vesper weapons 3rd day of server. That's all, nothing behind it. You can say how much AM is useless, but you (or your bro or someone from your group) totally owned deathmatch event. What do you think it seems in eyes of people? People don't like someone with luck, even here was Ziggo's Gemstone nerfed, because it's about luck. Probability to get this reward is 1.1567×10^-6, that means you need 864 501 tries to get jackpot = 43 225 050 items. So every item is worth 99.48 adena. And they nerfed it to 19.896 adena while Dino bone is worth 1 374 adena, Dino tissue 5 000 adena. *CLAP* *CLAP*
  26. Well i never much cared about useless ppl opinion. (Also am got +16 just recently, before it was blue for long. The whole enchanting progress came from thing, it was useless weapon from start. No1 needed it, so it went to OE. If this weapons had any use, enchanting above 10 would be stupid already and not worth.) They can speak crap as much as they want, but thuth is one, and if they prefer to live in theirs delussions idgaf. If they wont complain about this, they will find another hundred reasons to complain and leave in this unbalanced game. Also 1 guy destroying olympiad, you hear yourself how mad it sounds, and yes i was laughing myself from that a lot also at discord. It just shows how dead server is, and how much worthless ppl left playing here to make such complains. He was just a peasant when other worth players were playing, when they left he was one-eyed man in land of blind. We both know Vanilla cant be helped anymore. It was oblivious fail even before start due to files, features, and ppl experience about previous 2 seasons. As for me i joined discussion just to make this one thing clear. It had smth to do with me( since i made this weapon and gave to clan use after), and just wanted to show how truth looks like. I wouldnt be for elemental wipes, it wouldnt be gracia anymore w/o attributes. About suggestions. I wasnt much active at vanilla, just a mere driver sometimes, so I'm not right person to suggest anything ( or my suggestions would be to extremal, changing game too much ). Furthermore vice already said it'll be l2j to very end. So to very end, forum/dsc complains will look like that, due to using unfixable files (even in next 5 years, it will be same "all werk" as it's now), strengthened by some missed features or "improvement experiences".
  27. That's pretty nice, but you think people hear on 'look at my AM +16, but don't worry, it has no impact on game and don't ruin server!' ? Xd You really think, that if someone new come to discord, see 'this fcking polish named idiot with ++ AM destroyed olympiad with his boxes', he would remain? What are your suggestions about server? What do you think about my other suggestions? Or you are just type of person, who is just toxic, only hate and won't do anything beneficial for future of server? To be honest, it's not only about OE. From your reply I see, that you would be for element wipes. At least something you did :d
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