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  1. After leveling up a few chars I have something to report. -If you want to play kamael as mage early on , you cannot because the buffs you get are oriented more for fighter style. I had to play only in herb dropping zones and hope for some acumen/mystic potions to drop. I really wish you could chose individual buffs and not relay on the scheme the npc offers. Also another small inconvenience is that only the buffer in Giran offers the farm buffs , so if you die , you have to travel all the way to main town to get these buffs. ALSO ,I have noticed that if you keep the dialogue window opened , you can buff outside towns under some circumstances ( this happens only with normal dialogue options from the npc because they don't have action timer) -I really wished more zones such as Tanor canyon , ancient battlegrounds , etc had herbs dropping. -After performing an overhit , you get the correct exp but the system message shows an incorrect value , perhaps it shows the value bases on 1x rates and does not take into account the 7x multiplier. -I would love a better way to indicate that a spoil was successful on a target. -Shouldn't there be more mobs in Frozen labyrinth ? there are some big area with like 3 mobs in total , wasn't this changed after interlude to have groups of mobs ? -Can we get the skin from later chronicles for the vitality potion(the one with wings)? Its should stand out more. -I wanted to farm in garden of Eva but it takes a lot of time to get to the center because of the doors that open every 5 minutes . Can we increase the rate of these doors to like 1 minute, I don't think waiting for doors to open is the best use of the time in 2023.
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