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Compilation Of Ideas


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I will give each idea a number so we can track them easily and possibly also comment on some of them.

1. The server needs a longer period of advertising before opening just so the news spreads. Also the catching up mechanic /bonuses have to be proactive and not something done later on in the server life. Even after the first week  some bonuses should apply to newcomers just so that they can catch up faster.

2. A central NPC similar to Venustia from first season, her/his functions would be as follows:
   - Allows players to convert the color of Soul Crystals lvl 11+
   - Allows players to convert common items into real ones  5:1 ratio.
   - Allows players to convert 60% recipes into 100% for a price ( up to S grade)
   - Allows players to upgade life stones to a higher level but not rarity ( this works because life stones have ~ same chances of dropping from monsters regardless of their level)
   - Sells 2 potions for spoiler class : Forgetfulness potion ( can spoil mobs up to 30 levels bellow current level but user forgets his combat skills thus lowering patk /def m atk /m def by 40%) AND Oblivion potion ( can spoil mobs up to 60 levels bellow current level but user forgets his combat skills thus lowering patk /def m atk /m def by 70% ) The potion lasts  1h , and the debuffs it applies are necessary to make sure a high level spoiler cannot outcompete low level spoilers in that area , or gain any advantage by clearing a area faster that intended.
  - Sells  shots later into the server life as there will be little incentive to craft them anymore.

3. Lets face it , the game doesn't have a lot of players left , the retail way of handling buffs is not going to work , Ray did a good job with the buffer but there were some drawbacks : I don't think having a full buffer is in the spirit of a low rate server ,having a full buffer excluded the buffer classes from the game , there were also limitations on what you could do with these buffs , no siege/pk . Here is what I suggest : The the player can chose from a  single list containing  all buffs+dances/songs , but he can only chose 10 buffs , this number also increases as player levels up , to a maximum of 14 buffs ( this number is subject to change). The player can team up with SWS for example , he needs only to get dances and regular buffs from the NPC Buffer as the songs are provided by the sws. If you have prophet in your party then you will just pick songs and dances from the NPC Buffer ...etc . Each time you rebuff , the npc will cancel all your previous buffs , so you can't cheat. 

  - Some classes have a way of applying self buffs Like ( skill0121_0.png ,skill0303_0.png ,skill0072_0.png ) , this gives them a small advantage when choosing buffs from NPC .
  - If you enjoy playing a buffer class , you will always have full buffs ..More power to Ya !
  - Some smart players will also rely on herbs to complete their buffs.
  - Some other players will also  buy potions etc_lesser_potion_purple_i00.png  etc_lesser_potion_green_i00.png  etc_potion_of_acumen3_i00.png to complete their buffs.
  - Even pair these rewards etc_fruit_cocktail_i01.png  etc_fruit_cocktail_i00.png  with the buffs they chose .
  - You can also pair clan hall buffs  with the npc buffer to get a full set of buffs.
So in some circumstances players can still get full buffs without needing a buffer class , but its not as easy as a single click  like it is right now , some planning  and thought is needed.
      This system requires more thinking from the player , it allows players to take advantage of clan hall buffs , oly staffs , potions , pet buffs , self buffs etc ( all these things being part of the game but sadly having 0 relevance with the current buffer system). 

4. I always disliked that on gracia + servers you always are better of if you skip b / a gear and just focus on S , this happens mostly because of the attribute system .I suggest that if you manage to get a  B or A grade set to +6 then the set bonuses also give resistance to all elements ,the value of these resistances will be slightly lower than the maximum value possible to have in armors at that specific server time , if the maximum is 60 then this bonus will be 50. Some armor sets have a amazing bonuses but are rendered useless by the attribute system , this change is aiming to give players more viable options of gearing up and new ways to tackle oly matches . As for B and A weapons and I would also include C weapons as well , the only solution that is not invasive that I could think of is increasing the dmg of SSC SSB SSA as server progresses  so instead of doing 100% dmg they will do 120% . So if you want to rock that + 16 homunculus sword , you probably can and still be competitive with it.
    We could extend the attribute system to A B C gear but I feel that will be to confusing and way to custom , but the players can vote on this .

5. On the topic of gear There was no interaction with top grade A weapons on this server , so I was thinking to implement them as full drops from the Rb's that carry their name. Example  raid boss: Krokian Padisha Sobekk will also drop  weapon_sobekk_hurricane_i00.png Sobekk's Hurricane  1/40 ,  weapon_sobekk_hurricane_i00.png  Common Item - Sobekk's Hurricane 1/3 , etc_sword_body_i00.png Sobekk's Hurricane Edge min 5 max 20 with 1/2, all in the same group with 100% chance.

6. SWS & BD  both gain a passive maximum ability skill (the same skill kamaels can trigger with +4 rapiers) . This will make it so that active sws & bds can trigger this buff for themselves and the party allowing them to use their skills without mana cost ( huge for these classes) . In addition to this change , all songs/dances  heal and restore a little mana for the entire party when cast.
  The heal and mana restore function is very expensive considering how much mana these classes use for a single dance/song , but if paired with the maximum ability the downsides could be negated. These changes mostly help active sws and bd , keeping them as a box in the party will not take advantage of these skills.

7. Some areas seemed to be OP in regards to exp and adena /items drops , mostly zones where you can train mobs (VARKA , FOG ,etc) making them the only viable way to progress at a fast pace. I was thinking we could add some zones than shift around the map ( mostly landing on these underrated zones) and within this zone players gain 50% more experience  20% more adena and better spoil rates .

8. Some B/A grade recipes /parts can only be obtained by drop or in cases where it can be spoiled the chances are very low. At some point B grade was top and then followed by A and it was hard to obtain them ,understandable , but at the current time they are far from the best and are just as hard to get as they once were and it makes no sense. Obviously the rates which you obtain there recipes/parts needs a drastic change to make them a bit more accessible.


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These are all good ideas and thanks for taking the time. We have a lot of QoL features but as other players mentioned in Discord it's all about Chronicle and Advertisement / "Managing" Cps/clans etc.

Above features and even more could be included in a Remastered version since altering Skills  / balance affects game play way too much.

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