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Epilogue Update 21JULY2023 21:00 UTC+2


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Hello everyone, we are going to update the server into Gracia Epilogue sooner than expected! (Hellbound Lv. 12)

Server will shutdown on 20JULY2023 And Launch as Epilogue on 21JULY2023 21:00 UTC+3 Changes that will apply along with Epilogue update: -Epilogue Update & Hellbound Level 12

  • -XP/SP Bonus for all players below 80 level
  • -Cursed Weapons increase drop rate
  • -Blacksmith & Merchant of Mammon into Giran - Cata/Necro farm without registering (Allowing new players to have faster progress until the end of July, then it will return to normal behaviour.)
  • -Combine talismans npc, spawns to every clan hall
  • -Every Fashion accessory from INERA Store from 500 to 250 iCoins
  • -Services Enabled: Class change into same class type, Sub & Noble
  • -Farm Only buffer: Allow buffs into Siege/Epic zones, cancel will apply only on PK.
  • -World chat Welcome message for every new player. Stay tuned
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