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  1. @iANGEL You need to upgrade to the Blood Pack. Only the Blood Pack offers the additional client benefit.
  2. I would like to preface this by saying that we monitor Discord constantly and we take into account all of the issues raised. We will be making several adjustments to the game to make it more enjoyable and a post this detailed, is of great help. Just hang in there for a little while as we are taking care of an code-related issue and we will soon announce all of the upcoming changes. On behalf of the PlayINERA Team, I would like to thank you and all those who are passionate about PlayINERA. Your love is and help are of great significance to us. ♥
  3. Welcome to PlayINERA, @Eeee! Yes! Head over to our Connect page. If you already have a Gracia Final or Gracia Epilogue client, all you need to do is download our updater, place it in the root folder of your Lineage II installation and run it. It will then check the entire installation and download all necessary files. In case you don't have one of the aforementioned clients, you may download the entire client from either Mega.nz or Google Drive and then place our updater in the root folder of the client and run it so your client is up to date!
  4. Wow, someone's in a haste! ....I'll see myself out. Check your PMs!
  5. Great promo video :fdwarfsmile:

    1. Sindelia


      Thank you! :fdarkelfkiss:

  6. Accepted. Topic locked,
  7. Hello @Primezero and welcome to PlayINERA! Check your PMS.
  8. No worries! Have fun and...happy quarantine!
  9. Re-login and try entering the game with Ladybug. You will be prompted to change the name of that character.
  10. We can force a rename of your character. Is it Ladybug?
  11. No worries That would require manual deletion of the character and a server restart. Have you run out of free slots or do you just want to use the same name?
  12. Although the message displayed after requesting the the change of leadership mentions that the change will take effect after the next server maintenance, the change should be instant. As I do not see any error messages relating to the clan leadership delegation, could you please PM me the clan name and the leader you would like to assign?
  13. Or we could use a newer client... Oh well, that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  14. It would be nice, but this would require us to rework the movement system client-side which is technically impossible.
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