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  1. Welcome to PlayINERA, OrangePeach! In order to aid your search for a clam, do have a look at our Clan Recruitment system which can be found under the Clan List section of the INERA Hub. Have fun!
  2. If you need to add more GAME accounts to your current INERA Account (a.k.a forum account), you may do so on the INERA Account Panel: In case you have reached the maximum number of game accounts that can be associated to your INERA Account, then follow Eldax's instructions.
  3. We're very happy to hear that @NaughtyDog! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Hello telumindel, We no longer have a reward for voting as we faced multiple issues with Topzone which they were not willing to help us with. As such, we decided to discontinue the Vote Reward and instead turn it into a Daily Reward. We have yet to amend the in-game messages when the Daily Reward button is pressed and will do so very soon so as to avoid further confusion. To answer your other question, in order to make a Vote Reward system work, the server sends a request to the voting site with your IP and the site's API checks whether there has been a valid vote from the player's IP. Topzone only accepts votes from 'verified' users (i.e: a valid topzone or social media account is required), thus avoiding duplicate votes. Hope this helps.
  5. Head over to the Options tab on the INERA Hub and click on the 'System Message Editor' button. You will find a 'Help' button on there should you need any guidance on how to use it.
  6. INERA Hub (Alt + ) > Services > Premium Account > Loner Pack
  7. Hello AwG, If you've already downloaded Epilogue or Gracia Final, do the following: 1) Rename the folder containing the client to PlayINERA's Vanilla 4X 2) Place the updater in the same folder as the PlayINERA's Vanilla 4X folder 3) Run the updater and it will perform a full file check and only download the necessary files
  8. This has been resolved. Duplicate topic.
  9. @oshi Not really, to be honest. I could look into it but it'd be low priority.
  10. Okay, I'll increase the speed again then.
  11. Sindelia

    Vita Herb

    I did in the past and for some reason the client would freeze for a few seconds each time the herb was dropped. Hence the recolouring.
  12. Sindelia

    Vita Herb

    I think this recolour is acceptable enough for the time being. Thoughts?
  13. Hello Alaby and welcome to PlayINERA! A suspected botter can be reported using the Bot Report button which can be found in the Action Menu (Alt+C). Once a suspect had been reported, all online GMs are notified so that they can assess the suspect immediately. In the event that a GM is not online, bot reports are stored and available for GMs to view and assess. We had cases where players would report suspects using the Bug Report System. This is highly inadvisable as Bug Reports are automatically published on the forums and it is possible for the suspect to see said report and as a result become more vigilant. Since we have not had many incidents involving the advertising of RMT (real-money trade) services, we do not have an automated system setup for reports of that nature. For now, players may contact a member of staff directly via the forums or using the petition system in-game for reports of that kind. Should you have any more questions regarding our policy, you may refer to our User Agreement. Hope this helps.
  14. Sindelia


    Hello ac0, We do not encourage modifications to the client and as such have designed our updater to detect and automatically overwrite any critical files that do not match the latest client patch. However, you are welcome to make use of the skill percentage modification as L2UI_CH3 is not a critical file. Any other modifications that provide an unfair advantage are not allowed and the server will prevent access to a modified client should it manage to bypass the updater. Hope this helps.
  15. Sindelia

    Vita Herb

    I'll probably recolour it to make it stand out.
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