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  1. Здравствуйте! Папка «system» - это папка «PlayINERA Bloodlust», созданная программой обновления. Попробуйте скопировать «l2.bin», переименовать его в «l2.exe» и запустить.
  2. Здравствуйте! Наш проект «Bloodlust» не удался. Вот почему играет не так много людей.
  3. Although we tried our best with the Final Frontier patch, Bloodlust is still in need of major adjustments. Unfortunately - as we've mentioned before - we are very busy with real-life work over the summer and do not have enough time so as to make said adjustments. However, we will be releasing a few periodic updates. @CederThe Party Matching feature works 99% as per retail and I wish people would make use of it. We would have added an incentive for using it, but it's not that easy as there'd be multiple ways to exploit said incentive. Thank you so much for you continued support guys.
  4. You may also purchase a Brooch via the Olympiad Manager in exchange for Olympiad Tokens.
  5. Hey everyone. So, we have had multiple requests for the server to be wiped and relaunched. Based on player feedback we are thinking of doing the following: 1) Wipe all character data 2) Re-adjust the Training Zone so that players get to level 85 quickly and leaving there being able to get a full Dynasty set. 3) Slightly adjust the prices for Vesper weapons 4) Refund all iCoin spent up until now to all Master Accounts Please note that we cannot afford to hold a massive advertisement campaign as our budget is quite limited, however we will try our best to get the word out. An ETA for the relaunch would be Sat. July 18th. Feel free to provide us with feedback on this.
  6. Now this is the kind of constructive feedback we're looking for! We'll rectify this ASAP! Thank you!
  7. Prologue Greetings everyone! As you may all know, Bloodlust has had its fair share of issues related to its base setup. These issues resulted in a drop in population. Since launch, we have been closely monitoring everyone's feedback and we did implement a few changes. However, these do not suffice. We want to transform Bloodlust into what it was meant to be. A fun, PvP-packed server. What's Going to Happen? As there's going to be a lot of changes coming our way, the server will have to be temporarily brought down while we work on the upcoming changes. As such, the server will be brought down on Monday, July 6th 21:00 GMT +3 and will be re-launched Saturday, July 11th 18:00 GMT +3. Note that the server WILL NOT BE WIPED. What Kind of Changes are Coming? A few of the main changes that will take place are the following: - The Vitality system will be reinstated so that leveling will be less of a hassle - All Daily Rewards will be adjusted to be more rewarding, especially those for characters level 76 and above - The Item Upgrade system will be removed to make it easier to obtain gear - Newcomer Bonuses will be introduced. These will apply to all characters created from July 11th onwards. This means that both new & existing players will be able to benefit from these bonuses. The rest of the changes will be announced along with the Patch Notes. Epilogue We are doing this because we believe that you deserve better and we want to make up for our shortcomings. We appreciate everyone's support and the fact that a lot of you share our passion for this project. Stay tuned! Suggestions Topic ->
  8. L2UI_CH3.utx contains the macro icon textures as well as a handful of INERA UI textures. As such, I do not recommend replacing said file, unless you're okay with a messy UI. You could use L2Tool to replace the macro icons with custom ones without affecting the rest of the textures, though.
  9. We are here and we hear your concerns. Post-quarantine work has taken its toll on Ray and myself. As someone mentioned in another thread, we are both active on Discord and do our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner while at work. Most of you guys have been awesome and very understanding. We know that you are here because you appreciate our work and share our passion for this project, some of you have even been with us from the very beginning (a very special shout-out to you guys!). There will be another slew of changes coming to Bloodlust in an effort to make the game more enjoyable and encourage new players to join in the fun. We will announce our plans very soon.
  10. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it's impossible to pull this off. The only thing that can be done, is replace the current icons with new ones.
  11. @iANGEL You need to upgrade to the Blood Pack. Only the Blood Pack offers the additional client benefit.
  12. I would like to preface this by saying that we monitor Discord constantly and we take into account all of the issues raised. We will be making several adjustments to the game to make it more enjoyable and a post this detailed, is of great help. Just hang in there for a little while as we are taking care of an code-related issue and we will soon announce all of the upcoming changes. On behalf of the PlayINERA Team, I would like to thank you and all those who are passionate about PlayINERA. Your love is and help are of great significance to us. ♥
  13. Welcome to PlayINERA, @Eeee! Yes! Head over to our Connect page. If you already have a Gracia Final or Gracia Epilogue client, all you need to do is download our updater, place it in the root folder of your Lineage II installation and run it. It will then check the entire installation and download all necessary files. In case you don't have one of the aforementioned clients, you may download the entire client from either Mega.nz or Google Drive and then place our updater in the root folder of the client and run it so your client is up to date!
  14. Wow, someone's in a haste! ....I'll see myself out. Check your PMs!
  15. Great promo video :fdwarfsmile:

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