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  1. This is so fcking true. 20 minutes is too much, max 5 mins would be OK. In my opinion supports should be able to exp alone. Yes, alone, but less effective (for it there's inquisitor; I would like to see it on PP too). Of course if you find DD mage, it is much better to switch back. Does anybody have experience with last vanilla? What was estimated time to find party?
  2. Still I don't understand. I said that big clans (don't read big clans from random people) will play regardless if server is focused more on solo players or not. You disagree. That means if server will be focused on solo players (vitality system), clans won't come? Maybe you don't understand the phrase focused more on solo/casual players. These player won't be so behind, but only behind and it can make them more competitive oly, which would be pretty nice for big clans. I agree with you, that server need every type of people, but big clans will play only if they have enemy (and if they didn't reach end-game gear) and casuals will play only if they can be competitive. If server supports solo/casual players, everyone will be satisfied.
  3. I don't understand with which point you disagree. 1. big clans will play no matter if server is focused on solo players or not 2. Everytime and everywhere playing in CPs is more effective than solo playing As you said most of the competitive CPs will play only if they'll have opponents, i.e. doesn't matter on what is server focused, it depends only on online players = you agree with point 1. And I can't image that solo playing is more effective than CP (of course if you have CP full of noobs, it would be better be solo). Can you, please, explain more details to me, why do you disagree?
  4. But big clans will play no matter if server is focused on solo players or not. Everytime and everywhere playing in CPs is more effective than solo playing. Aim is to help solo and casual players not to be so behind. Vitality system is great feature for it (expect vit herbs). Retail events? Then I wanna see event in first month with +16 A grade as a reward ♥ PS: retail is fcking bullshit
  5. 1) But you must lock grades. If people can craft S grade weap, why should they spend material on A grade? I would like to see exchange/upgrade system for B+. For example I have Keshanberk and I can upgrade it for XX materials + XX vote coins for Sword of Damascus. Of course in the end it would be less effective than craft Sword of Damascus. 8.) Not exactly location, just 'Execution grounds 12 people' 13) How abused? Since way to Sailren is pretty hard and her drop list total sucks, it's useless raid. Of course that chance should be 10%. 16) I guess only in herb (solo) locations. 20) On the other hand kamalokas are great for cooperation with people. 21) Won't solve since supports are dependent on others. It's fcking pain to play support. Only great wolfs can little save them, but they are disabled.
  6. Casual players should be more supported because they make up server too and they will stay on server longer than nolifers which come, farm, own oly/grb/cs/tw and then leave. 1) Commons can be dropped usually in solo locations with herbs. That means it helps casual players (nolifers would have full pt and aoe cata/necro). I would support idea 10 commons + BS = full item. It makes commons more valuable, not only thing for crystals. [I will use BS as custom currency] 2) I played on official classic since first day. 0.25x rate and still people were running 1 main + 2 petboxes (3 windows was limit). I am not fan of buffboxes. Server should have NPC buffer, no matter what. I would like to see NPC buffer with only second class skills without resists. Maybe later can be added Prophecies. What Piffy suggesting isn't bad idea and I would support it – you get buffs corresponding to your level, i.e. if you are 35 lvl, you can get buffs from 35 lvl buffers. 3) Works polearm here properly? Without polearm mastery you should hit only 3 mobs. With it (max lvl) 13 mobs. Warlords can hit 18 mobs with buff. All skills +0. 4) I am for change sub class lvl limit from 80 to 85. For judicators it's really important. To have sub skills on subclass is meh in my opinion. 5) Instead of removing manor it would be better little adjustment. For example 25% of min of max amount crops among all castles can be sold by char per minute. Example: Blue coba has max 360/400/560/800/896 in Gludio/Giran/Aden/Goddard/Rune. Minimum is 360. 25% of 360 is 90. So 90 would be limit per char per minute. 6) Vitality system is the greatest thing that NCsoft did for casuals. Remove vitality herbs, because it helps only aoe nolife farmers. + Regaining vitality in peace zone should be boosted to same amount as regain amount while being off, otherwise it's more worth for people to be offline than online. It's better for server to have online people those are chatting, walking in towns or fishing. 7) Global chat should be for everyone without tokens. Chat spam is signal that server is alive. 8.) Map – maybe do how many people are in each location? Exp/PK/live purpose. 9) Olympiad. Oly is dead expect last days. Dead days are good only for clans which want to feed. Let's do two week oly. Oly days will be only two per cycle – Friday and Saturday. These days are best for everyone, especially saturday. It would be almost 1 person = 1 char on oly. On weekends will be cs+tw or oly, not both. 10) 60% RCP + BS = 100% RCP 11) Casuals play 1-2 hours per day and then log off. Events shouldn't be over day and every 1 hour. Let's say 3 events per day. First event won't be based on your lvl and gear – Bomberman, Zombie. Second would be based on your lvl and gear – TvT, Last Man Standing. Third would be based on your lvl, gear and proffesion – TvT without buffs. Of course those events need little adjustment, for example every kill = 50% BS for you, 50% BS for your party members. 12) Fake/shadow/event grand bosses. QA, Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Tezza, Zaken. Each day in 18:00 starts event where you can join server action. For example Valakas. At first you need QI. It teleports you to Klein and since 18:05 you can talk with him. 18:30 Valakas spawns and nobody can enter. Everywhere will be peace zone. For BS you can buy training dummies which have infty HP, reflect dmg, 5 mins duration and you can't vamp from them (they are compensation for peace zone for destros/tyrants/tanks). OLs with Seal of Limit are able to buy dummy which deals limit when you talk to it. Because this raid joins whole server, not only one clan, its stats will be boosted. Party which dealt the most dmg will be rewarded with regular drop. All other active people will get non-tradable ticket for 3-days shadow Raid Boss Jewel (from Valakas you get Valakas ticket) and adena. + random (20%) active participants will get special reward – non-tradable ticket for non-tradable FS scroll (not core FS). Those shadow jewels can't be weared on oly. This event is aimed on casual players, because otherwise they wouldn't have chance to join raid. It would be more enjoyable for them to play on server. Of course this event doesn't change boss's respawn. 13) Add Interlude weapons to Sailren's drop list. 25% group chance. 14) Little boost of BD/SwS/WC. As long as BD and SwS have heavy dynasty, they should get 2nd class passive on heavy armors. On one server I saw adjustment of BD/SwS/WC, I will post urls. It isn't bad idea, because they won't be better than other chars, but it would be more enjoyable if you choose to play them. Btw those changes don't have effect on oly. https://forum.exiliumworld.com/forum/news-and-informations/changelog/8498-faris-02-04-2019 https://forum.exiliumworld.com/forum/news-and-informations/changelog/149417-faris-21-05-2020 In changelogs you can see interesting changes, like Skill Summon Phantom Cubic added to Bladedancer or Skill Summon Life Cubic added to Swordsinger 15) Server cycle patches. Every week will be new cycle of changes for 2 weeks. People can suggest changes, vote for them. In pool will be attribute dmg change (increases and decrease), on PvP will work attribute system in same way as on PvE (that means when you have higher resist than oponent ele attack, you decrease his dmg, which I think it should be on gracia normal -_-), increasing limit for atk. and cast. spd, increasing limit of physical and magic crit rate, increasing limit of acurracy and evasion, ele stones can be added to A grade gear (after cycle it will be reseted), etc. More interesting stuff. 16) Buff herbs highly suck. Remove them. It can be added GoD+ herbs: Herb of Mysterious Power: P. Atk. is increased by 100% for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Herb of Mysterious Magic Power: M. Atk. is increased by 400% for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Interesting is adjustment of Herb of Doubt: Enlarged head: For 10 minutes, the size of your head is enlarged; or Vesper armor and weapon transformation: For 10 minutes, the equipped weapon and armor appear to be its Vesper-series equivalent; or Baguette transformation: For 10 minutes, the equipped weapon appears to be a pastry or bakery item. 17) Add target debuff view system, which will allow players to see other player's and monsters debuffs on the target window 18) Vote. Not sure if I recommended it, but vote rewards should increase stats, otherwise people won't vote. Buff increasing stats (+5% non-pvp P./M. atk/def), HighFive shirt whis is increasing STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN on +3 to +9 (with low enchant chances of course), exp +20% (for higher levels not interesting -_-, so maybe increased drop of ...), premium for 12 hours or something alike this. This will force people to vote. 19) This belongs more to 2). Full buff is nice, but it should be restricted for good of casual players – for example you can use full buff only twice per day. Or once + additional usage after you complete daily kamaloka. 20) To motivate people to go daily kamaloka can be 24h ticket for global (nobless) tp. 21) If you want play support char, you are screwed unless you find CP. If you play alone, it is worth to pick DD and your main. For example for me, as EE, it is worth to have SH + EE, get equip on SH, exp with it and then swap to EE. Tanks are fcked too. It would be nice to add them some skills so they could stand DDs in PvE. For example EE can learn PvE-Hydro blast – same power, but 1 PvP power, SE PvE-Hurricane, PP/Bish PvE-Prominence, OL/WC PvE-Death Spike with zero consume bones. Tanks can get self-buff +10% PvE damage. 22) Various custom items. It seems to be bullshit, BUT it is entertainment content. 98% of quests in Lineage are useless and some revive would be nice. Lineage is mostly about grind in a few locations, which is monotone and sad. Second proof forces you to look in every location, which is pretty nice. For example – do this quest and your stats will be increased by XX. Get this amount of QI and you'll get this. For XX Varka's Mane you get badge lvl 1, which increases your stats, you can upgrade it etc. Get X Silver Unicorn Coins, X Gold Wyvern Coins and X Blood Medusa Coins. Etc.
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