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  1. I think it would be a wise idea to push everything back a little and advertise a little more...
  2. Sure, that might be how people discover servers, but they are more likely to stay on a server when they make friends and party up. 🙂 Personally I believe that group play should be encouraged while any form of solo play should be nerfed in some way. It doesn't make much difference if the entire server is soloing while doing trains in IT and FoG or if they're soloing by killing mobs 1 by 1 in varka/ketra, people will farm until they're burned out and then quit. They need to find ways to promote the social aspects of this game. By the way, do we have any idea when the advertising will start? And also any estimations on alpha/beta? Would be nice to have enough time to thoroughly test a lot of the theories on this thread in practice.
  3. Omg I love this! Maybe the rates could be lower at the start, and increase as the level ceiling goes up? This could slow down people rushing and help casual and new players catch up to the new content later. You sound worried about there not being enough support mains but dualbox servers mainly appeal to people that want to main supports so you should try facilitate the best experience for them. I think that you shouldn't add anything above VR1 and Haste 1 to the NPC buffer and if possible replace the high level versions of these buffs from clan halls aswell, otherwise it destroys any appeal to go through hell to level a warcryer or a prophet. MP herbs should also be MAJORLY nerfed or even removed to promote the use of rechargers. I'm so excited for this project! ^^
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