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  1. I think it makes a huge difference if the cap is on 60 or 61 (75 or 76). It slows down and weaken the "no lifers" and gives time and hope to the casuals. If the cap is 60, the "no lifers" cannot equip their top A grade items and have to stay in C grades or craft B grades. Not allowing the top players to equip A grades makes the server more balanced and gives time to casuals to catch up (same with S grades and cap on 75). Keep stage 1 with lvl cap at 60 for about lets say two weeks, "no lifers" ll have A grade sets ready in WH in week one and casuals have one more week to craft their A grades, and then boom stage 2 comes, everyone is on the same starting line, can now equip A grades and the rush to 75 may start with fair start again (on 75 it repeats with S grades). See my point why the lvl cap one lvl below next grade is important? 🙂 Cheers.
  2. What about the level caps? I strongly recommend to put first lvl cap at 60 and second at 75. I dont see why to cap at 52 and then only 9 lvls later at 61 (those 9 lvls are a matter of several hours of exp only). With first lvl cap at 60, theres much more to do on that lvl, prepare for A grade craft for example... And on second stage you can progress to lvl 75 which takes more time to exp and then start preparimg for S grade and make subclass. Also the time for which the max lvl is restricted to 60 in stage one can be longer, cant imagine what would ppl do on lvl 52 for longer then few days top... Please think about it. I ve seen it work before, the caps were always a lvl below next grade and it was great.
  3. If I may I d suggest first lvl cap at 60, second 75 and then 80 etc. You can prepare mats and craft A grades but you cant wear them yet on stage 1 (same with S grades on stage 2). First cap at lvl 52 is too soon for 3x rates, ppl ll reach 52 in few days, even casuals and theres not much to do on 52. What do you guys think? Also what about the option for buffers to set up buff shops in peace zones (towns, monster derby...)? It was a huge benefit for everyone on the server I used to play. 🙂
  4. First of all Hello again everyone, glad to see another Inera project being build as I ve missed last couple of them 😟 As for the stages with max. lvl cap, thats a great idea, I ve seen it work on another servers pretty well and I think the community enjoys it. For the "no dualbox" restriction, Im not so sure. I think it can work, but to work properly it needs pretty high and active population. You need to be able to find the ppl you need for exp in 20min max. otherwise ppl will just get frustrated and leave. Nobody wants to spent their free time they have to play between work and family to sit in Giran and spam "LF Rech 50+" (or something like that). I ve been playin 3x server with no dualbox and what really, REALLY helped everyone on that server, meaning solo players who play dps classes aswell as buffers, was that buffers could sit in peace zones (the main center was in MDT cause of free port from every GK) and sell their buffs for adenas. Its benefical for everyone. 🙂
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