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  1. First part of course. Yes on every server there are clans that formed from random server players, but it's not actually clans - just big groups. In general, to achieve success in "high end" content (such as epic bosses and sieges) you need to have actual command hierarchy. Constant parties will be more effective as combat unit (because all of its members are used to each other), but most important thing is head of that fish. I played on server where my party just grind everyone in daily PvP (even in 9vs18 and sometimes in 9vs27), but there were no chances vs whole clan. Even with reinforcements from out side. And year ago we had reverse situation, where our clan leader worked on his command skill and we manage to annihilate two clans in a row without a simple drop of sweat. Summing up, I can say that FROM MY POINT OF VIEW the servers are like natural aquariums, slice of ecosystem. You need all kinds of fishes and other critters, seaweed and so on to keep it sustainable.
  2. I can't agree with that statement. The thing is, that game is in kinda late phase of its life with already formed community. That means that most of the competitive CPs will play only if they'll have opponents. Cyberbullying of casuals is considered bad manners among self-respecting fans of bucket sitting.
  3. Hello! It is l2reborn. Kinda succesfull project indeed. Back to topic. IMO stages should be logical, at least. For example - Beleth. This raid is kinda sick, but noone interested in it coz A: Tiat 1000 times easier B: maintain all conditions to actually farm it is super hard. So I suggest to make Tiat avaible from stage 5, but wuthout vesper drops. And big boy will be final boss for last stage. Also you should boost drops AND make at least way to it much simple (im not talking about boss himself, that is kinda HARD to farm w/o funny bugs). Also audience. Solo players are good for long play sure, but good drama and some big clans (with forum drama) add more excitment and desire to log in for everyone. You know, server with V and A letters in it name.
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