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  1. Yeh if we dont really gonna have Vit then x3 - x4 sounds cool, i personally would love a flat x1 on everything, but thats just me. Also like toaster said, both nerfing MP herbs and boosting support classes in any way could be cool for those trying to play those, PD: spoiler is totally a support class, boost me. 🤡
  2. There's people who wanna play those classes, if those 1 client server have showed me, is exactly that. Of course you gonna have 20 guys trying to play a SPH or a Destro for every dude trying to play a SWS, but if you give the people the chance to play with more than 1 box, of course they gonna play a "useful" class on that setup, remove that and you make playing support classes viable. When i was playing on one of those 1 box servers, our BD got abducted by a random party (multiple times) to level up on better places than us, just because people were looking for support classes and he ended up leveling way faster than us. The only thing that worries me about that, is that you need a decent amount of people for that to work. Also DELETE Kamaels forever ❤️
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