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  1. Its imposible to meet Anakazel in the first room.
  2. If you roll a dice 4 times you dont add the 1/6 chance of getting a certain number 4 times. U do 1-(1-1/6)^4. Its 1-the chance of not getting the desired number. Likewise in this case you cant meet with Anakazel on the first room so you have 4 tries to meet him. And you cant go to the same room so there are 8 posible rooms. So the chance to meet Anakazel is 1-(1-1/8)^4 = 0.41 or 41%
  3. Matras curiosity quest gives you one of each element
  4. No, what he ment is that you need premium if u want to trade iCoins with other players
  5. 5 days is nothing in the long run.
  6. As a necro you can farm with curse death link too
  7. TheBeast


    Change the name of the folder with the client to PlayInera's Vanilla 4X
  8. If u make it 1-7 buffs make it 1-7 random buffs like in h5 not just the last buffs
  9. This is vanilla server. Nerfing skills in olys is a big no. There is no justification for a non retail like experience on olympiads
  10. As long as ICoins are exclusive for cosmetics I dont see a problem
  11. This would be a great fearure on revamped. I dont think it goes with the philosophy of vanilla.
  12. I play at home with my wife. IP restriction would leve me unable to play.
  13. I dont know about closed beta. I know they are woking on revamped server.
  14. Thats thing you just described is actually working right now very nicely on Inera.
  15. One week cycle is way too stressfull, thats a no for me. The other options are fine.
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