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  1. General – The penalty for withdrawing from a clan has been reduced to 1 hour – The announcement for the activation of Epic PvP zones will include the exact time until activation – The Adena and Blood Stone cost of buffs available on the Scheme Buffer has been reduced by 40% – Addition of a new teleport location on the Teleporter: ‘Epic PvP: Queen Ant’. This will teleport players inside the Ant’s Nest – The percentage of Blood Stones stolen via the Blood Price system has been increased Event System – Addition of the automated event system. Use /time to view the server’s time: – Berserker: every day at 18:00 & 00:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing – Team vs Team: every day at 20:00 | Winner Reward: 8,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 1,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing – Last Man Standing: every day at 22:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing Shifting & Epic PvP Zones – The minimum amount of Blood Stones carried to enter a Shifting/Epic PvP Zone has been increased from 2,000 to 10,000 – The spawn chance of an Enraged monsters has been increased – From now on, on weekdays, there will be four Shifting Zone cycles NPC – The Blood Stone drop amount for all Epic Bosses has been increased – An issue where Flame of Splendor Barakiel would not respawn unless the server was restarted has been fixed – Addition of the Sin Absolver Katarina in Giran Castle Town. She offers PK/Karma reduction as well as Talisman Combination services – From now on, Orfen will not teleport players attacking from afar – An issue where Flamestone Giant would occasionally be unable to attack has been fixed Items – From now on, Mana Potions will be able to be used while in a chaotic state – The effectiveness of Mana Potions has been increased to 1,500 MP every 15 sec. while out of combat and 1,000 MP every 15 sec. while in combat – From now on, Soul Breaking Arrows will not be removed upon challenging Frintezza – Angel’s Halo & Demon’s Circlet are now exchangeable Skills – An issue where the Farmer’s Potion bonus and the Vote Blessing would not stack has been fixed – An issue where Turn Undead would be ineffective against monsters in the Imperial Tomb due to the level difference has been fixed View the full article
  2. General – Addition of a Symbol Maker NPC in Giran – From now on, players will be able to use the Scheme Buffer while flagged and inside an Epic or a Shifting Zone – An issue where the Vote Reward would not work has been fixed – An issue where players where occassionally unable to attack Shapeshifting Spirits in the Starting Zone has been fixed – The Ability Tree help button has been removed – Addition of a Masterwork Upgrade function on Venustia – An issue where the Quick Buff Pet function on the INERA Hub Buffer would not work for players below level 76 has been fixed – An issue where players would crash when teleporting to Goddard and walking up the main stairs has been fixed – An issue where when Lower Detail Mode was enabled, the minimap would be blurry has been fixed – An issue where when the Shortcut Tooltip option was enabled, skill descriptions would not be displayed has been fixed View the full article
  3. It is an exciting day for us here at INERA and also for the community that is going to embark on a great adventure with the upcoming PVP adventures! Here at INERA we are proud to showcase our work in Bloodlust and we hope you enjoy the beautiful environment we have built with love and care for the game we all grew up on. Keep in mind any exploits found must be reported to the staff otherwise you will be HWID banned if found abusing any sort of drops or excessive farm due to an oversight from our team. Use good judgment, there will be no exceptions to this rule. The latest patch is now live. Donations are all active. We wish you the best of luck! Sincerely, Team INERA. View the full article
  4. General – Removed active skill from Amethyst lv5. – Fix for Ruby & Sapphire not giving ss bonus. – Fix Epic PvP Epic/raids respawn time issue. – Fix Hellbound exploit. – Scheme buffer -> Remove Buffs will no longer remove Inera’s effects. – Fix for Incorrect target into Tutorial zone while trying to hit a mob. – Normal Raid bosses will spawn 12h(+1 random) – Added full buffs on PvP Events. – Brooches adjustments View the full article
  5. General – Open Beta event adjustments – Addition of No Weight system for spirit ore, soul ore, mana potion, Arrows, Bolts, Einhasad’s Holy Water, Bottle souls, Vesper noble stone. – Addition of Dynamic enchant chances, (From +3 to +6: 60% / +7 to +10 50% / +10 to +15 40% / +16 30%.) – Removed Cruma’s level limit entrance requirement. – Disabled Sailren and removed quest item from Venustia. – Brooches/Jewels can now be sold/traded etc. – Combine Talisman Orb can now be sold, traded etc. -New Event Blessing, EXP/SP +50%, Blood stones & adena drop +25%. – Fix for Tutorial zone, Also now players cannot attack each another. – Barakiel Epic PvP zone will no longer require blood carry price. – Fixed Droplist UI -> Special -> Blood stones now it will display the correct value. – From now on iHub Teleportation will be available while flagged. – Fix for Peace zone teleport effect. – Increased Blood Beacon range x2. View the full article
  6. The open beta will close on 26JUN2020 in preparation for the launch on 27JUN2020. Take the time to explore the world now and familiarize yourself with some of the features that we have created. Remember there are certain features that will impact the flow of the game: 1) Epics are PvP zones when the raidboss is spanwed. 2) PvP zones require you to carry a certain number of blood stones to enter or you will get kicked out; this includes epics and the shifting zone. 3) The shifting zone only spawns during prime times. Twice during weekdays and four times during weekends. 4) All the gear you ever need comes from Venustia and La Vie en Rose in Giran, make sure to speak with them. 5) Raids drop important loot, this includes epics and 76+ global raids. Lower level raids drop good loot too. 6) Collect blood stones, upgrade your ability tree, costumes, brooches, and equipment as you progress through. And don’t forget to get yourself a legendary starter pack by participating in our exclusive advertising event here: https://forum.playinera.com/forum/152-event-legendary-pack/ See you when we go live. View the full article
  7. General -Addition of ‘Skip Tutorial’ for Noctisse, it will teleport player in Giran. -Brooches will be disarmed upon entering inside Olympiad. -Brooches & Jewels cannot equipped inside Olympiad. -Costumes Augmentation Stats will not work inside Olympiad. -Fix for Owns a Clan Hall/Castle Daily reward. -Adjusted Premium account bonuses for Bloodlust. -Fix for Barakiel PvP zone announcement. -Daily mission reset will now reset progress too. -Blood stones are no longer able to be sold on Private stores. View the full article
  8. General – Changed bonuses for Aden’s Banner & Rune’s Banner from +3 to +1. – Fix for Daily Shifting issue. – World Chat is available 5 per day for premium, otherwise World chat tokens needed. – The UI for team events has been revamped – The cost calculation formula for the Item Upgrade system has been adjusted – Barakiel will reward with Barakiel Token everyone on Max damage party. – Counter Critical & Chant of Protection will not stack. – Removed Enchant scrolls from Raids, you can found them on Venustia -> Bloody goods. – Removed 50% bounty taken by Shillen on Blood Price. – Fix for PvE Elements formula, monsters can now over-resist too. View the full article
  9. General -Changed Barakiel to 85 level. -Changed bonuses for Aden’s Banner & Rune’s Banner from +3 to +1. -Fix for Daily Shifting issue. -World Chat is available 5 per day for premium, otherwise World chat tokens needed (obtained from dailies) -Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza & Barakiel will notify players 1 hour before spawn with an announcement and zones around those bosses will also turn into a PvP perimeter as they are grand bosses. Grand Bosses Queen Ant: Mon/Wed/Fri at 17:00. Core: Mon/Wed/Fri at 18:00. Orfen: Mon/Wed/Fri at 19:00. Baium: Friday at 20:00. Antharas: Saturday at 21:00. Valakas: Sunday at 21:00. Frintezza: Tue/Thu at 20:00. Zaken is now a world boss. Zaken spawns Tue/Thur at 18:00. All epics are now lvl 85. All epics are now PvP zones. Barakiel every day at 16:00. Barakiel is now a PvP zone. View the full article
  10. Open beta has been finally announced to be on 24JUN2020. As it is tradition here on INERA, there is a special event for beta testers. How does it work? The Open beta will begin at 18:00 GMT+2 on 24JUN2020. Once the gates open there will be an NPC called “The Drifter” in the middle of Giran. Using your character, speak with this NPC before he vanishes into dust. The drifter will stay for 1 hour only; he will be departing at exactly 19:00 GMT+2 so make sure to login asap and claim your reward! What is the Reward? All your character will start with a legendary start pack upon creation. Believe it that you will not want to miss this starter pack, so get your butt to our open beta and experience the best PvP server to ever be created. You will finally see why INERA is renowned for its innovation and standards for excellence. View the full article
  11. General – Fix for Milestone reward not appearing at level 1 characters. – The Item Upgrade cost formula has been adjusted – Disabled Cursed Weapons. Starting Zone – Addition of a new starting zone along with a few short tutorials – New players will spawn into Eternity arena as starting area. – Only shape-shifting monsters will transform. – Player that will target first the monster can only kill it. – On player death monster will return back to shape-shifting. View the full article
  12. General -Fix for Venustia’s blessing remaining time. -Removed all Dawn/Dusk npcs. -Disabled INERA Boxes. -Blood stone boost, 50% for IT | 30% boost for FoG. -Enchant unique announcement only for S grade and above. – An issue where when a Ruby or Sapphire was equipped, its skill would be added to the Skill List has been fixed. – From now on, when the INERA Hub Teleporter is used while outside of a peace zone, the character will cast a 20 second ‘Teleport’ skill prior to teleporting. The skill cast can be interrupted by incoming attacks and may be cancelled by the player if they so wish. – Addition of the Milestone Rewards system. Goals and rewards are subject to changes. – From now on, when a Shifting Zone is active, opening the Map window will display an overlay over the current Shifting Zone. – An issue where Venustia’s UI would be displayed even when interacting with Venustia from a distance has been fixed. – Zaken will teleport back to spawn while reaching the bridge. – Fix for Scheme buffer not showing dance/songs tab. – Fix for ‘Slay 1,000 Monsters’, now it will only work on monsters and with a level protection difference. – Fix for Event and Olympiad Participate/Win, now they will calculated correctly on each match. View the full article
  13. We are pleased to inform you that Bloodlust is now fully releasing advertisements and shall be ramping up exposure for the epic launch on the 27JUNE2020. We have a lot fantastic content to unleash at once so an open beta will be hosted on 19JUNE2020 to 20JUNE2020. It will only last the weekend of that period, so make sure to show up for the prizes and for a brief chance to test our world and its wonderful additions. We look forward to revealing our world. We’ll keep everyone posted. And don’t forget to check out or legendary starter pack promo: Legendary Pack Thank you kindly. -PlayINERA View the full article
  14. General – Venustia’s dialogue has been replaced with a unique UI – Addition of the ‘Item Upgrade’ system. Venustia will be able to upgrade S & S80 equipment while maintaining the equipment enchant level, attributes and augmentation. – Addition of Venustia’s Blessing. Players who are part of a clan that owns a castle are eligible to receive her blessing every 24 hours. Speak to Venustia for more information. – An issue where upon failure to increase the level of an ability, Blood Stones where not consumed has been fixed. – An issue where the Blood Stone cost for increasing the level of an ability did not match the target level has been fixed. – From now on, a firework effect as well as a global message will be displayed upon successfully enchanting an item of a certain level. – Some item acquisition system messages have been modified to include an item’s ‘additional name’ (i.e.: Garnet – Lv. 5). – Fix for Venustia’s blessing remaining time. – Removed all Dawn/Dusk npcs. – Disabled INERA Boxes. – Blood stone boost, 50% for IT | 30% boost for FoG. – Enchant unique announcement only for S grade and above. View the full article
  15. General – Final fix for Blood Beacon. – Removed Shard drops from IoP. – Fix for Ability tree skills not saved properly during relog. – Fix for Costume stats, now they will properly cap. – Fix Corpse bust issues. – Adjusted Blood stone, Blood Beacon, Fame box as per description. – Opened all doors in Pagans. – Implemented Fame Box. – Multiplied Shifting Raid bosses stats x2. – Bug Report delay to 30 seconds for BETA. – All zones will drop 50% less Blood stones expect FoG & IT. – Refined Earring of Orfen: Speed bonus decreased from 30 to 15 – Refined Ring of Core: Speed bonus decreased from 30 to 15, accuracy bonus decreased from 30 to 3 – From now on, the Scheme Buffer may only be used when out of combat, not participating in the Grand Olympiad games and/or an event – Now, all Brooch Jewels are tradable/droppable. – Fix for FoG Lavasaurus AI. – Fix for Blood Beacon, now can be used only on hunting grounds. – Fix for ‘Thrill Fight’ enchant routes. – Fix for ‘Touch of Death’ maxCP penalty. – Removed ‘Rooney’ from spawn. – Addition of Aden’s Banner & Rune’s Banner that are bounded to Aden and Rune Territory flag bonus +3 to all Stats(STR,DEX,CON,INT,WIT,MEN) – Players will be correctly healed after an Olympiad game while they have Ability skills. – All Epics will be 85 Level areas. – Removed D to A grade equip from droplist (trash gear) – Removed Level limit from Queen Ant. – Removed Zone restrictions on Queen Ant, now players can attack from outside perimeter too. – New stats for all grandbosses to match Bloodlust. – Antharas & Valakas wake time will be 1 min instead of 30 for beta testing. – Zaken removed instanced one. – Implemented a Bloodlust version of Zaken, Doors will open when it’s spawned and close 5 minutes after death. – Fix for Zaken door. – Added Zaken Epic PvP zone. – The following abilities have had their bonuses reduced: Arcane Immunity Battle Aura Blade Resistance Body Guard Dagger Resistance Edge Resistance Elemental Armor Elemental Synergy Enlightened Firm Grip Health Boost Integrity Magical Affinity Magical Defiance Master of Elements Material Banner Mental Perseverance Morale Boost Natural Will Perfect Stance Physical Agility Positive Alignment Positive Disposition Rabid Resistance Aura Seeing Red Signet of Life Signet of Nature Signet of Spirit Spike Resistance Spirit Barrier Storm Breaker Supernatural Banner Transfusion Ultimate Elemental Armor Vital Boost View the full article
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