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  1. General -Fixed XP Freeze, will no longer consume Vitality while enabled. -Fix Trickster enchanted traps not working. -Fix SoI Tumors & Hall Alarm Device should be immune to Lethal attacks. -Added pomanders reward for Gracia Final 3rd classes. -Added option into npc Kahman, players can now exchange Gracia final’s fangs with materials. -Added missing location name on Clan hall teleporters. -Fix for “No FString found” on npc Kahman. -Fix for players falling into catacombs while passing a cliff. -Stigma of shilien can now be used without CTRL on sieges. -Adjusted Valakas skills based on retail data. -Players will be able to use Non-Offensive skills into Olympiad Host as per retail. -Fixed Rim Pailaka Fortress/Castle as previously was on Gracia final (stats-wise). -Pandora’s pop ups will not appear for Olympiad participants or Olympiad Observers. -Fix for various issues/exploits regarding Olympiad registered players, they will no longer being counted as ‘Event’ players. -Improvements on player pathfinding should fix strange behaviour while trying to attack a monster that happened from time to time. -Fix for ‘You have been playing for an extended period of time. Please consider taking a break.’ should be every hour from now. -Fixed ‘Fake Death’ now players will be able to attack, buff, debuff as per retail. -Synchronized server time. Quests -Adjusted A Powerful Primeval Creature recipe list for GF. Grand Raids -Grand bosses will no longer return back to spawn. -Grand bosses will no longer remove hate from dead players. -Antharas & Valakas will go into enraged mode while below 50% HP. -Fix for Valakas Fear spam. View the full article
  2. The Gracia Epilogue patch is now live. We will be starting some new campaigns to attract prospective players to our Epilogue update. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and events should resume now that all the major milestones are out of the way. See you in game. Patch notes can we found here: View the full article
  3. Congratulations on hitting Hellbound Stage 7. The Epilogue update will occur on Monday, December 16, 2019. Heroes and Olympiad will wrap up so plan accordingly for the Epilogue update as plenty of new features will be added along with alternative ways to acquire dynasty gear. There will be an NPC to transfer any quests that do not overlap between the chronicles and for any other issues that may arise during the transition. We will see you on the other side! View the full article
  4. General – Follow will continue while using a non offensive skill. – During server shutdown all players will disconnect at the same time. – Players that were following a character will continue follow after casting an non offensive skill. – Enabled TW Jewels. – Disabled skill animation on doors. – Fix for ‘Test Of The Maestro’ issue. – Queen ant zone will be Epic PvP zone. – Better movement/pathfinding. – Fixes ‘cannot see targets’ in anomaly grounds etc. (requires testing) – All doors/walls now have correct geodata. – Possibly fix of long range target stuck that required cancel target to unstuck player. View the full article
  5. INNOVA COPYRIGHT STRIKE The new year is fast approaching and we need to set some resolutions. Some of may know that PlayINERA has been served with a copyright strike by INNOVA on the grounds that our website is responsible for distributing the client and copyrighted content to users for entrepreneurial activities. INNOVA is concerned that we have stripped them from profits that would otherwise be theirs, and this is certainly the case for many servers. But PlayINERA is different; this is not an enterprise for us, this is a hobby. Despite INNOVA’s speculation, the owner of PlayINERA – Vice – has in no way made a profit from your donations, they have been set aside for infrastructure and maintenance. It would be our pleasure to cooperate with INNOVA as we have nothing to fear. It has been a rocky road and we have been accused of many things by content creators and MMO shills, but one thing that remains true is that we stand our ground as we always have done, regardless of the adversary. From all the servers that have incorporated for profit, we somehow became the target for INNOVA. The world is a tumultuous place, but know one thing, there are many ways to skin a cat, whether we are faced with a DMCA take down or otherwise, we will survive one way or another. Our resolution this year is to keep the smiles on your face and we will do just that. When giants come knocking, we greet them. And should anyone accuse us of being money-driven mongrels, I believe it becomes quite obvious that our love for our community extends past that. Only those with dedication and fervor dance with giants. When others would run and close their gates, we see no reason to do so. And if they are shut forcibly, we shall persevere forward and reignite the flame. We wish everyone a blessed holiday and we hope you stand by us. EPILOGUE IS DAWNING Gracia Epilogue is right around the corner. The transition will not be instant. There will be a delay period to enable the transition and ensure a smooth migration. Rest assured the update will be processed in a timely fashion and we will follow up the transition with several campaigns to encourage growth. Happy hunting! – Vice will address the community on the copyright strike in the form of a video relatively soon. Until then, stay tuned. View the full article
  6. Inera Bot

    Long Term

    As many are aware, INERA is in it for the long haul, for you to play the chronicles that you love without having a concern for frequent wipes or issues. This means we will focus our attention to areas that need work and do our best to implement features that will work with the dynamics of hosting a Lineage II server. For starters we have now implemented a Newbie Bonus pack for players that may decide to join PlayINERA and make it their home to play. The Newbie Bonus pack includes: -Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days. -Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days. -Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop. -Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance. -Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration. This will help jump start the new players and allow them to catch up to the more veteran players. The Newbie Pack will be given to any new players that creates an account. View the full article
  7. General -From now on players will be able to request trade while in combat. -Fix for Looting rights not always calculating party damage etc. Baylor -Now upon death will spawn two chests on of the includes Baylor’s earring into droplist. -Fix for Minions at start not running into circle. -General fixes on AI. -Chest that spawn after Baylor’s death should not move. Raid Curse -High level Players attacking with a skill a player attacking a Raid boss will cause Raid Silence. -Any attack on Raidboss will cause petrify. Grand Raids -AQ & Orfen will decay after 5 minutes. Newbie Bonus -Added Newbie Level-Up pack for new character creations. -Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days. -Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days. -Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop. -Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance. -Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration. Pandora’s Box -Pandora’s box changed from 12 hours to 6. -Cost of Pandora’s Box will be reduced in cost on next patch. View the full article
  8. Inera Store – Added Nature’s Box. – Added Builder’s Box. Skills – Fix for ‘Gate Chant’ & ‘Summon Friend’ range of summoned players. Events – Fix for Save the King UI closing after death. Territory Wars - Fix for quest deletion at the end of tw. - Added a potential fix for TW start issue. Four Sepulchers – Fix possibly exploit with key. – Party members leaving/expelled from party will be kicked out. – Fix for monsters Petrification now it will be unable to Purify etc. Cubics -Fix for Cubics not working properly on PvP, Chances adjusted too. General – Fixed Looting rights (Failed to pick up) for Raid bosses, 5 minute penalty will apply for non-owners. – An issue where some item HTML dialogues were in Russian has been fixed Monsters – Fix for Water Dragon Detractor respawn issue. NPCs – From now on, it is no longer possible to view the droplist of Treasure Chests. This is done to avoid players finding out whether a chest is an actual chest or a mimic. – The AI of Treasure Chests and Mimic Treasure Chests has been adjusted to match retail. – The ‘Skill Transfer’ dialogue option has been removed from skill trainer NPCs Quests – An issue where the King Bugbear monsters would not spawn as part of the Test of the Maestro quest has been fixed. – An issue where Nikola would not remove Parman’s Letter from the players quest inventory as part of the Testimony of Prosperity quest has been fixed. Manor -Added Manor protection. UI Droplist -Added Chance & Group Chance into Droplist. CLIENT CHANGELOGS: – Fixed Adventurer Wind Walk’s incorrect skill description. – Fixed NPC Hold’s incorrect skill name & description on higher levels. – Masterwork Imperial Crusader Shield passive skill description. – The Droplist window has been adjusted to include the chances of each drop group. In addition, the real chance (i.e.: group chance * item drop chance) is displayed next to each individual item’s drop chance. – The Soul Crystal information tooltip on the Droplist window has been adjusted to reflect correct information. The server date & time have been removed from the INERA Hub in order to avoid further confusion. View the full article
  9. We have released two brand new crates to the INERA store. These crates will be available for purchase as of November 09, 2019. Use them wisely and, as always, they will follow in the footsteps of other release items to maintain a good balance between the rewards: Builder Box: Open this crate and for 60 seconds the entire world’s craft rate will increase by 10%. Once opened, every player in the world that crafts within the 60 second window will receive a 10% higher chance to successfully complete the item. But be careful, the duration is only 60 seconds, craft too late or if you are not ready, you will miss the opportunity. Nature Box: Open this crate to increase your chance of dropping element stones by 30% for 6 hours. Players worldwide will receive a complementary bonus of 15% if the player that opens the box remains online. This item will go on sale for the 1st week of its release. We have redesigned the box icons on the right hand side of the client to help distinguish between the new items available on the INERA store. You’ll not be able to see an icon for each type of box: pandora, builder, and nature. Keep an eye out for that builder box! Hopefully you’ll catch the craft window. View the full article
  10. MAJOR CHANGES – Manor all rewards will be multiplied by 0.3. General - Removed Seven Sign tutorial, epilogue feature. - Fix for Beast Farm clan hall buylist & Teleports. - Fix for World Crate bonus while switching sub-classes. - Added Weight check for Sending a Mail & Crafting. Events – Fix for new UI Timer, Show & Hide according to event state. – Added the new King transformations. – Fix for ‘Capture the Flag’ leaving party after death. Seven Signs – During period calculation entrance on Lilith/Anakim will not allowed. Inera Store – Added delay on Send gift option. Skills – Fix for Gate Chant while requesting trade etc. View the full article
  11. Some say that Halloween is a time to spend with friends and go trick or treating. But we say you should stay locked up in your room and experience the ULTIMATE Halloween event in Lineage 2 history with amazing prizes and even more amazing goodies! Read carefully on the items that have been released this Halloween! There are 6 new accessories for a limited time only. These masks will no longer be for sale after November 7th, they are collectors editions and will only be available for the Halloween period. The accessories are permanent so once you purchase one for your collection, it will not expire even after November 7th. But the sale will end and the masks will no longer be available for purchase. There will be an exclusive costume this Halloween which players can earn by opening Squash. This costume will not be for sale or offered through any others means except for the Squash event. It is rare to acquire and will be an exclusive collectors item for those that enjoy the aesthetics of the costumes. The chance to obtain this costume increases with the quality of the squash. We wish you the best of luck and may the fortunate ones be blessed this Halloween. SPOOOOKY! Check the INERA store to acquire a free pumpkin transformation stick, no iCoins required! This stick will transform you into a spooky ghost that will give you AMAZING attacks. You’ll be able to 1-shot Baium in no time if you rock this transformation. Be stylish this Halloween and do not forget to claim your transformation stick! And lastly we have released our very first retail event, the classic Squash event. Remember opening those squash and getting lots of goodies and treats? Well those are back and cooler than ever. Win lots of great prizes and goodies, collect nectar, buy chrono weapons, buy seeds, and grow those squash! Then hope for an EMPEROR squash and bust that vegetable open! Inside you will find a wide variety of items but ULTIMATELY you will want to claim the coveted Halloween costume. We want to remind you that this costume is unique and can only be obtained from the squash event. So we wish you luck, happy hunting, and most of all. HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM TEAM INERA. View the full article
  12. Pandora’s Box – Added delay on Enter/logout message to avoid spam & general fixes. – Reduced from 1000 iCoins to 250 iCoins. Siege Clan Halls – Moved Day to Friday as per retail. Cursed Swords – Enabled Cursed weapons. – Removed Revamped Thirst from them. Skills – Fix Monster ‘Decrease Speed’ (Slow) chance based on retail (FoG area – Chance decreased) General – An issue where it was impossible to withdraw from the clan recruitment waiting list has been fixed. – It is no longer possible to submit multiple clan entry applications via the Clan List. – From now on, if a player has an active clan entry application, they will be able to view it by clicking on the ‘My Application’ button. Events – Fix for flag not showing correctly. – Significantly boosted stats of the Kings. View the full article
  13. We cannot always find the perfect price point for new items and with several players providing feedback on the cost of Pandora’s Box, our team has decided to reduce the item from 1000 iCoins to 250 iCoins as a starting point. This will apply next update. Let us know if this is more in tune with your expectations as a community. We will be releasing the Squash Event this Halloween. The final touches are being applied to the rewards this week. If all goes well, the event should be live this weekend. Thank you. View the full article
  14. We have deployed a quick patch that may cause your updater to have issues. Usually we would shut down the server in such circumstances but to prevent any downtime you will need to close your Lineage 2 windows and run the updater. This will be required if your updater has an assertion error. Thank you for your understanding. - The patch will make the Pandora Box give 30% XP/SP/Adena/Seal instead of 20% to the player that opens it. All players by association worldwide will still receive the 15% View the full article
  15. Major Changes – Ancient Tome of the Demon (ATOD) are no more tradeable as per retail, also Hellbound monsters will drop it on the ground. General – Added save for Intent/Recruitment. – Fix for max clients per hwid check when having a premium bonus for max clients – Development for Pandora’s Box complete. Quests -Fix for Fate’s of whisper not a party quest due to last update missing value. Skills -Fix for World crate skill bonus. Events – New zones for Capture the Flag, Save the King, Team Vs Team & Zombie. – Disabled Costumes inside Events. – Added ‘Song of Wind’ & ‘Noblesse blessing’ for events. – Disabled falling damage inside Events. – Fix for flag not appearing when return to base. Crystal Caverns -Changed ‘Secret Key’ amount of reward to 4. Raid Bosses – Adjusted Lilith & Anakim spawn time as per features. – Fix for Plague Golem spawn location. View the full article
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