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  1. You know in this world there are many options. Just like any server, players can go anywhere to play this game, whether it’s Interlude, Gracia Final, or High Five, at the end of the day what matters most is that the admins of a server are moving forward and not stagnate. Too many options, but very few of quality, and those of quality, very few with good admins that try to improve the world with time. Here’s our agenda for the upcoming weeks. We will continue to move forward with the following developments: 1. We are working tirelessly on fixing all issues reports and quality of life fixes. We hear you loud and clear, we know certain things can be frustrating but try to understand that we are a small team fixing a very big world. Rest assured every report will be assessed and fixed by our talented admins. 2. We are working on releasing 2 new events, Chancho and Catch The Bomb. These require some work, especially CTB which will have a fully custom UI developed by Sindelia. We will be assessing all of our events and working with Demev to implement 5 new maps to accommodate the influx of events and fine tune some older ones. We hear you loud and clear, too many buffs and some events need some increased death timers (CTF). We’re working on those fixes. 3. We will be releasing a new event called SavetheKing prior to Chancho and CatchtheBomb. This will be a team vs team type of event focused on protecting your chosen King. 4. We will be releasing two new crates. One is a “TECH CRATE” which will feature the final tier 4 costume. There will only be 1 costume in this crate with a chance to obtain it like any other loot crate but since there is only 1 of its kind, the chance will be reduced. The other item is “PANDORA’S BOX” and it will be a crate that, once opened, rewards the entire world at once with a bonus. Consider it a blessing by association type of crate. The reward of one will be the reward of many. 5. Hellbound has been opened by MJs CP. Congratulations on killing Baylor. It has also reached Stage 2, congratulations on that too! Now, we know some of you are concerned that Hellbound is leveling too fast. We want to address those concerns and inform you that, HELLBOUND’s formula for stages is not a linear equation. It’s kind of like when you’re leveling and it’s super easy in the beginning and then you realize the hardship at 79. That’s a similar equation to Hellbound; it will be VERY hard and take months to open Hellbound to 7. Rest assured we will not speed through content and the path in front of you is long and arduous. 6. We will be unleashing an October Event relatively soon that will give you some farming rewards for those that miss the retail events. This is our version of what we think is a fun Halloween event and you will have a chance to unlock a permanent WITCH Halloween costume. But it will not be easy. TRICK OR TREAT my little adventurers! 7. Our team will be reassessing sieges in the future. What we know is that the current state is okay but not great. We’ve heard your voices and we are working on finding a good solution that will provide a competitive equilibrium. But we also do not want to make castles a right or priv to those that feel they deserve one but have NOT earned one. We’re brainstorming with several clan leaders as to what will be fair and competitive among the major clans. The state of sieges is not where we want them. But it is not an easy task and hopefully at some point we will all come to a consensus. Until then, sieges will remain as they are. We want to thank you for your support. And we wish you the best of luck! View the full article
  2. A lot of players are always on the fence about joining a low rate server. This is normal; it is a big investment and so many servers close down without reason only to reopen again. At INERA, we’ve finally found the winning formula. We love our Vanilla server and its community. We love our events and the clan leaders that drive the server. We love assisting those in need and developing new content to make our world that much better. The population on INERA is great, the community is fantastic, and most of all the administration is simply the best. You cannot find admins like Ray or Sindelia in 2019, GMs that actually care about your well being. You will not GMs that run events every weekend consistently with a unique engine that is exclusive to PlayINERA. You will not find the quality of work anywhere else, whether you’re running OFF or otherwise, our admins are always on top of bugs and reports. These are the small things that set us all apart. If you think otherwise, speak up in the forums. But ultimately, the care and dedication of a server is what should form your opinion. So if you’re new and wondering whether to join, check out our Bomberman video below. Check out our full Youtube collection! We have some great footage. Bomberman: This is an exclusive fun event to PlayINERA. You will not find this anywhere else. View the full article
  3. General -Fix for some monsters that teleported back while starting running towards players. -Added radius check for Private stores. Skills -Fix for ‘Chant of Protection’ SP cost. -Fix for Blank skill appearing on mages Skill tree. -Fix for ‘Soultaker’ summons casting time to retail. -Fix for Heal cooldown on Queen ant nurses. Pets -Fix for Snow Pets, now they are not tradeable & Clan hall based. Quests -Fix for ‘Alliance With Ketra Orcs’ & ‘Alliance With Varka Silenos’ now Quest item will stop at maximum QI. -Fix for some Quest items not removed when quest aborted or completed. View the full article
  4. General – Added Primo Crate, like loot crate but with tier 2 and tier 3 costumes. – Added Antibot module to combat automated scripting. – Added Tier 3 Costumes. Quests – Fix for rare ‘Pursuit Clan Ambition’ quest stuck. – Adjusted Whisper Of Dreams Part I. View the full article
  5. The final set of costumes will be released tonight. These are tier 3 rare costumes that have the most desirable effect for those that are coveted collectors. They will be released in the form of a Primo Crate which will include Tier 2 and Tier 3 costumes at a 20% chance, similar to the loot crate. In fact, the only difference between the Primo crate and the Loot crate is the type of costumes that you can acquire. The costume box Tier 2 – limited edition – will no longer be available for purchase. Today we will also update our antibot to beat adrenaline. We’ve acquired a new generator to combat the botting that has been occurring on the server. Yes we heard your complaints and yes we will solve the issue as promised. We had a lot of testing going on in the background with EMCA from L2Shrine and Ray. Their collaborative efforts have led to a healthy fix for the botting situation and we hope to maintain this ban of bots indefinitely. This weekend we will be hosting new events. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our funtastic planned events and look forward to the rewards. Remember that sieges are starting so plan accordingly, we do not want to see any sad pandas this weekend. Fight hard, fight fair, and may the best clan be supreme. That is it from our side. If you have any questions ask in the forum or discord. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you for choosing INERA. View the full article
  6. MAJOR UPDATES – Enabled Rune, Goddard, Aden, Giran & Schuttgart castle sieges. – Disabled all other castles for siege. General – Fix for Baby pets not recharging/buffing while hitting an Npc or Player. – Added Event buff EXP/SP 50% to all events. – Addition of Bloody weekend renamed to Wondrous Weekend new bonus – 15% more AA & Seal stones. – Changed name of Event reward to Event Blessing. – Improved Follow inside water. – An issue where the Bug Report system would not display existing reports matching the report content has been fixed – An issue where when normal fishing lures were used, fishing tips would be displayed has been fixed – An issue where the XP Freeze option would prevent SP from being earned has been fixed – An issue where when a servitor or pet was killed, it would add to the PvP score has been fixed – It is now possible to send remote clan invitations using the Clan Invite button of the Waiting List sub-window on the Clan List tab – An issue where a duplicate Adventure Guildsman was spawned in Schuttgart has been fixed – Fixed an issue where the Merchant Golem would prevent private stores from being created near it – Fix for Water Dragon Detractor respawn. – Adjusted Spirit of The Lake & Blue Shards drop rate. Skills – Added magic level calculation on Lethal skills such as Turn Undead. – An issue where upon successful use of the Discord skill a confirmation message was missing has been fixed – An issue where the Sword Symphony skill would require a target has been fixed – An issue where the Sickness skill would decrease basic stats and its abnormal visual effect was missing has been fixed – Fixed an issue where the Merchant Golem would not be summoned if another servitor was already summoned – Fix for Turn Undead Lethal chance. – Fix for ‘Protection Instinct’ should not stack with Apetite etc. – Fix for ‘Final Form’ based on retail. – Fix for Area Undead skills that was possible to be casted on Players such as ‘Holy Aura’. – Cleanse should remove Medusa. – Fix for ‘Spoil’ chance based on skill level/magic level & target level. Pets – Added a ‘Teleport To Owner’ function on pet follow in case the range is big or they stuck behind a wall etc. Quests – Fixed ‘Alliance With Ketra Orcs’ & ‘Alliance With Varka Silenos’ now they will properly continue while a Mark found on quest items. – Adjusted ‘Whisper Of Dreams part 2’. – Fix for ‘A Grand Plan For Taming Wild Beasts’ – Fix for ‘Seductive Whispers’ reward will be shared along party members. – Increased ‘Crystal of Purity’ chance, quest item used for Beast clan hall. Items – An issue where ‘The Work of the ancient sculptor Berona’ would be displayed in the quest inventory tab and was unsellable has been fixed – An issue where ‘Thief Guild’s Mark’ would be displayed in the inventory tab has been fixed – An issue where pets could not use the following consumables has been fixed: Antidote, Greater Antidote, Bandage, Emergency Dressing View the full article
  7. We want to thank everyone for choosing to play on our server. We know there are many options out there but ultimately you have selected our world as the place to call home. We had a lot of fun this past weekend with events. This weekend are sieges! Do not get too comfortable with all the fun, make sure to take the time to make the necessary alliances and forge the contracts between clans to come to an agreement. Reminder that all castles will be closed except for: Rune, Goddard, Aden, Giran, and Schuttgart. Now then, events will resume on the weekend. We will be releasing the final set of costumes on Friday October 4th, 2019, called Tier 3 costumes in the form of a Primo Crate. It will be exactly like a loot crate except it will contain Tier 2 and Tier 3 costumes at a 20% rate. The tier 3 costumes are pretty amazing! We will also be releasing a brand new type of crate called a 'WORLD CRATE,' more info to come. We will leave you with a great berserker match from Sunday. Thank you for choosing INERA. – Team INERA View the full article
  8. Sieges will begin Sunday October 6th. There will be no territory wars for that weekend; it will follow up on the next weekend. The following castles will be available for the sieges on Sunday October 6th: Rune, Goddard, Aden, Giran, and Schuttgart. All others castles will be closed until further notice and will not be available for registration during the 1st week’s sieges. We suggest you make the necessary alliances and prepare your forces to take the castle of your choice. Good luck in your wars. -Team INERA View the full article
  9. We really had fun today both on the administration and community side. It was nice to see so many players turn up for the 3 events that were held today: ZOMBIE, BOMBERMAN, and TvT. We know in 2019 there are not as many players kicking around that are willing to invest their time into a private server. But I think our community can rest assured that Vanilla is here to stay and we plan to keep this server growing as other players quickly realize that we hold this game to a whole new standard. Our Vanilla world is the same old game you remember but with a real kick, and we hope our event engine showed you that today. We have a lot more coming, new loot crates, new costumes, new events, and more players. For those players that are still on the fence, we hope this video will give you some insight into the fun that we have on Vanilla 4X! Enjoy :) View the full article
  10. PlayINERA Interactive Events (PIE): We have been waiting to unleash our event engine on you guys! A long time ago PlayINERA coded a brand new event engine called PIE exclusive to our team which enables full control of events from a GM perspective, including global rewards, winner, loser, and the inclusion of any item or consolation prize. For Vanilla, all participants in our events will receive a 50% XP & SP buff that lasts for 30 minutes. The winner or winners of an event will receive much better rewards. All rewards will be announced prior to an event. And GMS will host events at minimum once a day up to 2x a day but they will not become a regular occurrence and will NEVER be automated. We would like to promote activity between our GM staff and the community. EVENTS INCLUDE: Bomberman, Deathmatch, Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Simon Says, The Mime, Last Man Standing, and more! Bloody Weekend The bloody weekend is a staple for INERA. Every weekend the monsters in the world will drop 15% more ADENA and SEAL STONES. Combine this with the daily reward to gain additional benefits! Be a smart player and gain an edge on others. Play the weekends. Tier 2 Costume Box Players seem to love costumes. And you know what so do we! Costumes are a fun cosmetic that does not impact the flow of the game in any way. Support our server if you like these new set of costumes. We will be releasing tier 2 costumes as the following: Butler Costume, Bunny Butler Costume, Hanfu Costume, Jester Costume, and Flower Nymph Costume. View the full article
  11. Do not miss this weekend as we will be unveiling the INERA event engine to those that are unfamiliar with all of our events, bomberman, berserker, and over 15+ unique events. All participants in the form of events will receive a consolation buff that increases XP and SP by 50% for 30 minutes. Winners will receive better rewards, so certainly sign up and participate to gain that little edge on others that may miss the weekend festivities. We will also be hosting a bloody weekend as a temporary boost to ADENA AND SEAL STONES, so do not miss this one! Ah yes, an do not forget that we will be adding a brand new loot crate that will have exclusive unreleased costumes! Tell your friends and family! We look forward to seeing you. -Team INERA View the full article
  12. General – Fix for Pets HP/MP Regen. – Buff Control will stop only Buffs and not Recharge. – Pets will be able to move while in Change Movement mode for buffs or recharge. – Addition of Retail AI, now Pets will return to previous target after casting a skill such as Recharge etc. – Fix iHub Clan list pages – Increased 4Sep party range reward for the last Goblets. – Show Droplist will only appear real HP if player is near the Raid boss. – Added message informing players that are unable to Create a Private store or Learn skills while in Transform. Quests – Increased ‘Fates Whisper’ Blood Stained Cloth drop chance. – Increased drop chance on ‘Test Of Champion’ View the full article
  13. Quests – Fix for Test Of The Searcher – Fix for Test Of Healer – Fixed ‘Temple Missionary’ now it will spawn quest monsters correctly. – Fixed ‘Testimony Of Life’ now Quest window will follow correctly. Instances – Fixed Pailaka Song of Ice and Fire, Pailaka Devils Legacy & Pailaka Injured Dragon, Quest will be removed in case instance expired to avoid issues. – Above instances will expire after 10 minutes without a player inside. General – Fixed an issue causing players to gain/lose Vitality on server restarts. – Anti-Bot will issue Ban instead of Kick. Items -iCoins item cannot be dropped. Raids – Changed Normal Raid bosses respawn from 24h +2 to 12 +2. View the full article
  14. Due to the international platform, having players from all over the world, the raid respawn schedule will be changed to accommodate the various time zones in our community. They will also be on a shorter respawn timer which will make raiding more appealing as a strategy. Currently NORMAL RAIDS are on a 24 + 2 hour random respawn timer. After next update they will be on a 12 + 2 hour random respawn timer. Good luck! View the full article
  15. Seven Signs are now active. We want remind everyone that SEVEN SIGNS matters a lot. Do not just pick Dusk or Dawn because you do not understand the system. If you do not know how it works ask someone that does because if you choose the wrong side the penalty will be that you will not be able to access the Catacombs or Necropolis during the seal period. This is a pretty big deal for those that want to use Mammon’s merchant or blacksmith. And it is also a big deal to those that want to farm seal stones for ancient adena. You will also receive a debuff in every town from the orators so overall the Seven Sign system is not something to just brush off. Access the INERA HUB for more information on Seven Signs. You’ll see ‘Your Cabal’. This is the faction you sign up either dusk or dawn. If your faction wins, you get the rewards next week. If your faction loses, you will suffer the consequences. Mammon will tell you whether it is competition week or not. While Mammon it active, the period is is over and catacombs are available only to the winning faction. While mammon is inactive, you are in competition to see which faction will gather the most points. Those are the nuts and bolts of Seven Signs. We wish you the best of luck. -INERA View the full article
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