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  1. There are no special mechanics in play , to advance to the next stage all you have to do is kill monsters.The points each moster gives is retail, however the points required for each stage is not. You cannot level hellbound by performing the retail tasks , it only levels up by killing monsters , however bosses that used to spawn during level transitions still spawn and you can challenge them.
  2. We replace the 50 Fleet Steed Troup's Charm with 50-100 Extracted star stones (red).
  3. The quest has not been changed ,still not decided which route we will go.You will see the quest changes in the patch notes.
  4. We don't want the rift to become a safe haven for players. The current drop DF drop rate allows players to challenge the rift , but not exploit it. For now it will remain as it is.
  5. Unlike the gems/ spirit beads quests, the enchant reward is not random ,however you are required to farm in one single spot . The ice merchant quest was never a viable way to get enchants for the simple reason that converting ice crystals to black crystals is tedious and time consuming.
  6. We can easily increase the chance of dropping Silver ice crystals to 90% .This helps a lot with the material rewards as they only require Silver crystals , but to get enchants its still painfully difficult as you have to convert your silver crystals into black crystals ( one at a time). Or we can nerf the Silver ice crystals drop by 50% and decrease the conversion price for mats by 6x . Meaning that cpb will cost 1 crystal instead of 6. This price decrease will affect enchants as well, ewa will cost 300 black crystals instead of 1800. We can lower the drop even more and do 2cpb for 1 crystal and 150 black crystals for ewa. Lowering the crystal requirements for mats/enchants is the way to go imo ; you have to be a madman to convert so many silver crystals into black crystals to obtain a ewa (1800) , but if a ewa is 150 black crystals only , then its not so crazy to do it. This second change I am proposing requires the deletion of all silver crystals from server,players will have a period of time to convert their current crystals before the change is applied!!! To summarize it , you have 2 options : Increase drop chance , but keep the prices on items. Decrease the drop chance , but drastically decrease the cost price of items.
  7. Players got some good rewards so far from these quests , they do not need further buffing. Also this is one of those quests you take and quest items pile up as you farm throughout the world , and at the end o the day/week you cash in on your rewards.
  8. This is not in the spirit of the retail experience .
  9. how to create a fucking game account on your server?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    1. Origins


      Try now,  go to forum  and click on the account manager (upper left) , then log in with your forum account . Then simply create a game account .

    2. Origins


      You can create multiple accounts and have them linked 

  10. Some of the quests , not all changes are live. Buffed : Sea of Spores Fever (Q items drop bumped to 70%) Buffed : Sweetest venom ( Adena reward 3x ) Buffed : Legacy of the poet ,Curse of the fortress , Dwarven Kinship, Offspring of nightmares, Blood fiend ( 50% adena boost ) Buffed : Ominous news (Adena 2x) Nerfed : Walk of fate ( exp 1/2) For a 1 minute quest, it was way too rewarding. Unchanged : Dangerous Seduction Unchanged : Supply Check The quest is very rewarding as it is for how quick and easy it is. Buffed : In the forgotten Village ( Quest item 'Rib bone of black magus' will now drop 100% , 'Zombie liver' will now drop with 80% chance. Adena & exp reward will also receive a major buff) Pending : Giants exploration 1 & 2
  11. I am not against how the skill works ( vanilla wise ) , just saying that if the skill breaks the game , the nerf should be subtle and not too harsh. Preemptively nerfing the skill is not a good idea, if you ask me.
  12. I propose another possible change that combines some of your ideas. We make it like so : Steal 4 buffs 25% Steal 5 buffs 35% Steal 6 buffs 25% Steal 7 buffs 15% This means you get minimum 4 buffs each time , there is a chance to get 7 buffs , reuse delay remains the same . The chances can be changed based on popular opinion. This solution applies to the max level of the skill , for other levels I suggest random 1 to x chances so it makes more sense to increase skill to max level.
  13. All the quests you guys suggested have been examined, some will receive a boost. Change list will be posted soon.
  14. We will balance these quests as well, there are many in queue, and I don t like to rush them. There are a lot of things to consider.
  15. Just newbie buffs .
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