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  1. Why u ppl always ask for more.what we have is enough.
  2. to be honest i see 900 views on topic and 5 ppl crying about the sd skill.dont know wwhy we need to do a nerf. all this time in beta i only se 5-6 compaining nothing else. and dunno about the server u are talking about. never seen the OH SD 7 SKILLS I LEAVE thing
  3. I dont agree nerfing it anyway.slh are squishy as f.and they certainly need hands to be played.pll cry about that skill but what about db stun for example? Should we nerf that too?
  4. Do we have any new proposes about the subject or we will let it as it is?
  5. ac0

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    @Vice @AlbedoThing is i just stated a concern thats worth to mention and thats all.after that the discussion went that way.there was no intension of being toxic or whatever.
  6. ac0

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    Actually yeah it is to have adena 4 from 5.whatever dude i stated my opinion if u disagree its ofc ok! But i will say what i think and u can keep spamming or whatever
  7. ac0

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    As mention above its still worth mentioning the possibility.u on the other hand started like i take a cut from your salary dude
  8. ac0

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    Its not all about making s80 they can easily farm adena through this.
  9. ac0

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    Are u kidding me? Solo players sell aa and gems all day.if u have full cps with vote reward eatch and train all day what will happen? U better stop this bullshit bcz u probably have no clue
  10. ac0

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    My concern is mostly the ss.It might affect the supply and lead to cheaper prices in the game. On the other hand its not that big of a deal but cps and ppl who can farm all day probably will exploit it. Solo players usually get money through ss for their upgrades.So a cheaper price is definately a bummer.Thats all speculation tho but i think its worth mentioning it.
  11. thats the point of steal divinity. U dont want it to steal buffs.U are all posting solutions which almost make it unuseable off olympiad. and sorry dude but im my cp we didnt have any sh and our db did the job fine.this cliendd is on for years now. cant believe u still cant get used to it.
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