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  1. Hello Inera Team, I suggest that offline shops have a maximum duration of 7 days, instead of 30 days. Here is my reasons for this. Alot of players, leave their shops in offline mode, and never come back to them until a few weeks later. This leads to the market being unbalanced. There are players who sell items for a ridiculous amount, and then leave them there for weeks. A market always has ups and downs, and if there are too many long term shops online, the actual value of items will be misrepresented. Players who sell items on the market, should be ACTIVE sellers. This is equivalent to a trade market in the real world. Every day is constantly changing. A 30 day shop encourages non active sellers to put whatever they want for 30 days, regardless of how the market is moving every day / week. This makes the market not move at all! I believe some reasons why people are leaving the server, is because the market is sometimes ridiculously high, and it stays that way for many days because of the 30 day offline shop. People should be coming back to their shops, seeing what has sold / what hasnt, and adjusting their prices (to their discretion). The short term offline market encourages people to come back and check their shops sooner, and make an adjustment if they wish. I realize that they may not wish to change the price, that is fine, but at least it promotes, and makes easier the need to reevaluate the items you have for sale. If there is no incentive for this, anyone can negatively effect the market for many days as they wish.
  2. I think limiting the boxes is nice, because it encourages people to party with other players. L2 was meant to be a social game, and even though there are less players than when the game came out, it can still be enjoyed with 2 boxes, and some friends. Spread the word and get more people to play :D, then there will be more players.
  3. The 15% is perfectly fair. I completely agree with it. There was a post earlier that said that a lot of ppl who will buy the crates are busy with life / work as well... so in the end, they will not have an advantage over players who play much more.
  4. Just saw this on Youtube... I waas like !! I am glad PlayInera won't be like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRrJo6ryCXE EDIT: Oh.. am I allowed to post youtube links?
  5. From what I know players will only be able to type in English letters, so I dont see a problem with communication in game. I believe they usually use their own voice chat to communicate with each other, outside of the game.
  6. If those select players get to a crazy level faster than the rest of us, whats the problem? Lets just make more clans and recruit more people and gang up on them!!!
  7. Great, thanks for the info Sindelia! You answered all my questions :)!
  8. Hi Inera team, Since this will be my first time playing on Inera, I would like to know in what way we can report any suspected botter / illegal activity? Is there an option to submit the players name etc? Also, what if we see people trying to advertise (spam) the chat, to sell adena for real money in a third party website? Can we report them too? It really takes away from the game having people trying to advertise websites all over the chat. The same goes with people setting up a store with a ridiculous price, just to advertise a webpage on the selling title. Thanks ! Looking forward to playing!
  9. Its so true... I am Canadian.. I am not sure how I don't get tired of saying "sorry" to everyone lol...
  10. Sorry I did not mean to cause any disrespect, I have no issues with russian players, i will just use google translate to see what is written
  11. Isnt the Vanilla server supposed to be English only?
  12. ah that clarifies things, thanks Albedo and DivineLady!
  13. Hey everyone, I have been spending some time looking around different sites. I am still a little bit confused between the L2 releases, as I stopped playing after the kamael update. The websites I have visited say that in the past, you could boost your stats to +12 with Dyes, but then it got changed to +5 max? I am wondering if this change happened before or after GE?
  14. man... I played a DA in retail, I think it would have been nice to make a reflect build on him. Theres so many paths you can take in this game, its just crazy... It just grows on you..
  15. dang.. thats really helpful, thanks a lot It looks like a good build for a dwarf.
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