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Patch 116 – July 20, 2020 [1706 – 1709]

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– From now on, players will be able to use the INERA Hub Buffer while flagged
– Addition of the following items to Noctisse’s Dynasty Ticket exchange shop: Dynasty Sigil, Dynasty Cudgel (Rsk. Focus)
– An issue where Dynasty Jewels would not be properly automatically equipped upon completing the tutorial has been fixed
– An issue where occasionally when players restarted while in the Training Zone would be teleported to the nearest town has been fixed
– From now on, upon completion of the tutorial, an additional 30% XP will be rewarded to all characters so as to avoid deleveling/grade penalty
– From now on, players located in the Tutorial Zone will no longer be able to register for an event
– The ‘pick-up protection’ timer for items dropped by Raid Bosses has been decreased
– From now on, upon use of a ‘Premium Coupon’, a Premium Crate will also be rewarded
– From now on, the Last Man Standing event will have a 5 minute duration. If the timer runs out, the players with the most kills will be the winner
– The Item Upgrade system has been restored for the following equipment: Vesper Armors, Vesper Weapons, Icarus Weapons. NOTE: Enchants higher than 3 will NOT be retained. The enchant level of the upgrade result item is limited to 3
– The Adena drop amount for Celtus monsters within the Hellbound Party Shifting Zone has been increased
– The automatic schedule for Shifting Zones and Epic Boss spawns has been activated

Daily Milestones
– An issue where the ‘Unlock 50% of the Ability Tree’ milestone would not work has been fixed
– From now on, the ‘Reach Main Class Lv. 80’ milestone will reward 3 million Adena
– From now on, the ‘My Clan Owns a Clan Hall’ and ‘My Clan Owns a Castle’ milestones will reward 1 Reputation Box
– The ‘Get XX PvP Kills in a Shifting Zone’ milestone has been changed to ‘Get XX PvP Kills in a PvP Zone’

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