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Mage damage

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Everyone cries, but no arguments. I'll begin. Here is one comment which Ray liked, so I expect that the formula is correct:

On discord we got Unnika's screen:
Let's do some math:
M.Atk. ... 14166
SpellPower ... 118
( (sqrt(M.atk) * SpellPower * StaticMageskillCoef) / M.def ) * SpiritshotBonus * AttributeBonus = 119*118*91/(M.def.)*2*1.7 = 4 344 594.8  / M.def.

What does it mean? With 1k M.def she should deal 4 345 dmg (without spread, no crit).


PS: I would post it on discord, but it would be flooded by river of tears and nobody would find it 😕

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