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Clan Invictus

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Hello everyone, this is Thesis: proud Clan Leader of Invictus for over 10 years.

Invictus is two things :

1 - A high performing team of seasoned Lineage 2 players, who has left an impact on multiple servers across a number of different chronicles.

Here some examples from the thousands of saved screenshots:

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: indoor


No photo description available.

2 - Invictus is a group of old friends who care about each other and having fun together. We have each other's backs and welcome new members with open arms.

Fun is our number 1 priority and we achieve it while having busy personal lives outside Lineage 2. 


No photo description available.

We are happy to be joining PlayINERA at launch with a group of 25+ players.

See you in game!





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3 hours ago, ravy said:

Xkz: name LFC! its real invictus , lool old dex 4x .

Lol man , real invictus are L2 clan that plays that game at least 15 years ago since L2 Pilgrims.

They have the official site at FB "Invictus clan"

And we are talking about THAT size 



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