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Hello, me and me boys searching for international clan, we are elite CP of 14 people and we can play from start for few days 24/7. Now i need to go make a deep research of game files.



About us:

- we are playing together few years

- we was on servers like RPGclub, all official servers, DEX,

- as i said in introdouce we play 24/7

- prefer mage cp


What we excepted:

- fun

- pvp

- wb

- some drops

- most pvp/pk in rankings


Thanks for offers 🙂



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54 minutes ago, GenovaPWN said:

After almost 24 hours no response in this post. Just question "why you dont make a clan".

We decided for another project which start earlier.


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You need to calm down. I PMd the leaders about your CP, they told me that they will wait until recruiting cps to see how they behave.

So basically I understand your plight but you must understand a few things:

1) The NA population / EU do not participate as much in forums. So a lot of the recruitment will happen by actions not by posts.

2) A lot of the clan leaders already have CPs and party leaders they play with and so, as outlined, they will wait until they get to know you better.

Aside from that it's out of my hands. I wish you the best wherever you go but our server is not empty just because no one responded to your post.

Kind Regards,


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Every experienced clan lider know that "24/7 cp groups" might cause more troubles than profits, moreover its better for unknown CP to start looking for a clan after server start. 

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20 minutes ago, zkb said:

and this is why i do not  recruit of the forums

exactly. people don't give shjt about recruiting in forums. because of randoms stupidity on forums. And people asks why clans are not recruiting in forums anymore :D

@GenovaPWN good luck for you guys :)

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