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New Account Panel Guide

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As previously mentioned, we had been working on revamping the account system.

It is finally time for us to unveil all of the changes that have taken place!

In order to use the new Account Panel, you will need a forum account (a.k.a Master Account) with a verified email address.

Upon logging in, you will be presented with the Account Panel dashboard where you are provided with an overview of your game accounts that are associated with your Master Account.

There, you will be able to either create or associate an existing game account to your Master Account.

Note: Master Accounts can only hold up to ten game accounts


Creating a Game Account
Creating a game account is as easy as entering a username and a password:


Associating a Game Account
Associating an existing game account is equally straight-forward.

Note: During the association process, the game account cannot be logged in to the game.


Editing a Game Account
You may modify a game account by clicking on the wrench icon on the dashboard:

The game account modification page offers the following functions:
Changing your Password
Changing your game account password is as easy as entering the current password and choosing a new one.

Resetting your Password
Upon requesting to reset your game account password, you will receive an email with a password reset link. Follow the instructions provided on the email to reset your password.

Viewing the Access Logs
Noticed suspicious activity on your game account? Check the ten latest entries of your game account's access log.


We hope that you will enjoy using the revamped Account Panel and the new functions it offers.

Please note that game accounts that are not associated with a Master Account by March 30th 2019 will no longer have access to the game.


Quick FAQ

Q: What will happen to my iCoin?
A: Once you have associated a game account to your INERA Account, any iCoin contained within that game account will be added to your INERA Account's balance. In other words, iCoin as now INERA Account wide.

Q: What if I get banned from the forums?
A: A banned forum account cannot access the game or the Account Panel. In addition, all game accounts associated with a banned forum account will be inaccessible.


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