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Vanilla+ plans discussion!


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We are planning for Vanilla re-launch (Vanilla+), just me and a new GM to help out with community ( @Nightwing ), most features will be the same such as old Vanilla but now we will focus more on "Loner" players and help them out Join a Clan or CP when they are ready without having to run 3-4 clients until then.

Vanilla+ XP/SP rate will be x7.

For that we would like to introduce our Farm Only buff option via Adventurers' Guides. Players will be able to farm with X-hour(s) buffs but in case they engage in PK / PvP Zone / Epic PvP Zone they will get canceled.

Let us know what you think!

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I have a few suggestions -

1 - For example you can have that buff until character attacks, so it will not makes unfair at least to run from PK characters. I think that could make more chances against high-level player killers when you just have to run through PvP/PK zones. My thoughts.
2 - Add 10% buff for Atk Speed/MAtk Speed/Atk/MAtk/Defense activation when character join hunter zone or with Adventurer's guide. That can be triggered until character gains 20 or 40 level.
3 - Adena drop rate could be also increased with XP farm, so buying gear will not be that hard after reaching needed grade.

That's about my thoughts.

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