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  1. Why did I leave PlayINERA? First and Foremost is Time - Commitments in my real life has be spread thin. I have too many things going on personally and with my family to keep up the clan leadership responsibilities and content I'd like to produce to keep the series running. It wouldn't be fair to my fans to keep stringing you along when I do not have the time. Commitment - This has suffered for Inera. My heart isn't completely there. One of the catalysts for this was dismissal of all of the members and having to rebuild. Those dovetailing on all of my personal life stuff has made it difficult to kee focus. I am fully aware and capable of rising above and for the most part I believe we did bounce back in a good way. Why did I choose Retail Chronos over PlayINERA? Few reasons here. One was time invested in character. I have years invested in Retail and I feel this character is more establshed and honestly just more fun to play at this time. Two is I am rather enjoying this character much more than Inera. This would be the 3rd iteration of the same character I have been playing only to have it reset after 2-3 months. I am simply no ok with having to rebuild each time. Long goals are better. Do I have issues with the GMs and staff? Sindellia and Ray are awesome. I have no issues with them at all. My issues are with the management of the team. Vice though talks a good talk and I believe has a good idea on what he wants for a server but fails to deliver. I do believe the team as a whole really collectively all wanted the same things but I doubt they will ever be able to obtain it. A long term safe and fun place to play for a good "honest" player base. Simply cannot be done in my opinion. I also have issues with how they operate the server. They do not keep logs of everything that goes on. Sorry but as a System's Engineer and Network Engineer by trade server owner operators are taught to hold and log all of it. even if you don't need it. You have it for later. This does not sit well with me. My other issues are stated from many other players. Bots. Farming parties. How they handle banning people. Complacency is met quite quickly and it is clearly apparent that after the 2 months mark or so the team is too far in the hole with all of the issues, they simple do not have the depth in the team to handle everything as quickly as they would want. Ray, Origins and Sin are all amazing but its only them and after a while the demands of the player base is too much to keep up with. I also believe Vice specifically does not value my time or effort in promoting the server. There is nothing more frustrating than this. I am certain I brought in many of you and many others who are not here into the server and none of it really seems valued. I made this server a LOT of money and it clearly was not reciprocated to me as the content creator of the server. They got 3 years out of me and I simply will no longer promote a server that at the end of the day feels like development is more important than promotion. I value my time greatly and do not take assignments carefully. I am always mindful of what I am promoting and who is managing it. I also believe when I came into the team the landscape and outlook has changed than what I was previously told. So with that all being said you can gather why I have left. I feel this is the most adequate and professional response I can lend to all of you. To the PlayInera team, Developers - I hope you find what you are looking for as you are talented and valued people in my eyes but if I am being honest I would lend your skills to other teams that value your talents. Management - Vice - I really do not have much to say that I haven't already to you personally in private. You know where I stand and what I value. I do wish each member of the team the best success they seek. Peace and Be Well all of you. Best wishes and luck to all future endeavors. Clobberstomp
  2. Hit up Mr. Biscuits for a clan. We will be having a good amount of people hanging out.
  3. Mr Biscuits will welcome you as any L2 player you are. We open our doors to the casuals and to the hardcore. Many people will come and go from our clan but what I can say is when we are online we are having fun. If you want to roll with some people who enjoy L2 but necessarily do not really care about your progress and want to hang with some like minded people, We are for you. Hope to see you there. If not well then you suck really?!?
  4. whoa whoa whoa. Would-Be-Most-Fashionable hmmmmm SUSPECT here!
  5. @Vice @Ray @Sindelia Any rough estimate for launch? Even if its pushed far out.
  6. BAH HAHAHAHAHA> You want to have people pay $75 a month for a 15 year old game. yeah ummmm nope! Brilliant idea.
  7. This is the issue at hand and always has been for Lineage 2. There are ways around the limits. Why would someone want to play 6 characters just to play one? It still baffles me to this day. However whatever tickles your fancy I guess. The core idea was for a player to play one character and have people work together as a team and not for one person to make the team which is major flaw with the design of the game. The game would be much more interesting if people didn't just straight create their own team to do everything they needed in the game and relied on other players for some of those things. Just my two cents and I think this comment and yours still did not address the original question of Newbie buffs so say la vie.
  8. Are newbie buffs allowed until 76 in retail? I thought they stopped at 20 ish.
  9. So there is an advertising phase? Sweet when is that?
  10. @Vice @Ray @Sindelia Can we get the Clan Recruitment Sub Forum added? This would good for starting to build hype I think. Even if we are pushed out to June or later.
  11. @Sindelia @Vice @Ray You guys keep on keeping on. We are happy to wait for a finished product rather than a rushed one. Even if that means another month of waiting. Good job team!
  12. I respectfully disagree with everything you say @Analyser
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