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  1. Ray

    Crash report

    Hello, Google "Disable DEP and your windows version" Also you can just add exceptions to Lineage 2
  2. Any screenshots? Just tell him to run the game from PlayINERA Vanilla 4X.exe
  3. You need to have your summon active, read skill description.
  4. Ray


    Hello, you can run 3 clients per PC. Also you can increase the maximum clients per PC to 5 with Loner Pack service
  5. Hello, Try a password without symbols
  6. Did you use War cry skill?
  7. We will check that In general regarding Geodata even retail has issues, we have eliminated almost everything & also when you Follow a character you don't get stuck like on retail. If you be more specific about the random geo bugs we will try to fix them, thanks.
  8. Resolved via PM, it works if you choose credit card option etc.
  9. Search google for "Change the size of text WINDOWS VERSION"
  10. Thats how it should be, Do not move updater from there, just use shortcut.
  11. Ray


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/15fAjKwX1pu41v09Cr27JX8ap5viiHEBE/view They need to be on the same folder, if you need to move updater make shortcut.
  12. Standard Pack: Friendship Pack: Loner Pack:
  13. Also in game Database is very helpful:
  14. Only Chaotic players drops items.
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