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  1. There will be no wipes, Bloodlust x1000 was the "Final Frontier" and it will remain online for a long time.
  2. Hello, On our statistics, population problem seem to be due to summer period and not because of the advertising. 1) What i was thinking for Shifting zones is to last only for 10-20 minutes(more bonuses), 2-hours seems a lot and discourages players visit the zone. 2) The budget was big enough for Bloodlust x100 (Animation campaign etc) and we also extended for Bloodlust x1000.
  3. Services -> Clan -> Clan level upgrade
  4. The players that will post the Best video on YouTube playing on our server (Sieges/PvP/Events etc.) will get the below rewards: 1st Prize Winner: -iCoins (2000). -Epic Jewel of choice. (1) -Loot crate (1). -Blood Beacon (2). 2nd Prize Winner: -iCoins (1000). -Loot Crate (1). -Blood Beacon. (1) 3rd Prize Winner: -iCoins (500). -Loot Crate (1). Results will be announced in one week (29/7/2020). Reply here with your Youtube video.
  5. Ray


    And by all boxes, Loot crate, Vote crate, Premium Crate(daily)
  6. Hello, Epics + Oly + Full auto events/shifting will begin from Tonight/Monday
  7. While you kill monsters, all party members will get X bonus of blood stones. Party zone can change to Shifting zone, still working on it.
  8. Server will x1000, We cannot have players running around with C grade due to farm. They still have to farm for Elements etc. Party zone meaning, strong mobs that require at least 4+ party members including active Healer. While in party a Bonus blood stones will be rewarded for all party members. (Numbers still not final)
  9. We will post changelogs soon. Server will be x1000, in Tutorial zone players will go up to 80 level and they will receive Dynasty tokens for Dynasty set, so they can fight with "basic pvp" gear for Icarus/Vesper. Regarding Party Zone will be on Hellbound Chimera spot. You can send me your Account via PM and get access for testing
  10. We have a lot of Team PvP Events, -Capture the flag -Domination -Save the king -Team Vs Team
  11. Yes ,probably x2/x3 stats.
  12. 1. We can make a Premium & Vote box that can be opened every 12h. 2. Indeed events should run a lot. 3. What about Chimera spot? We can block both exits so players can move there only via iHub.
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