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  1. Ray

    Future Shop

    Addition of some extra features of Grocery & Luxury shop from H5: Npc located in Gludio, Dion, Giran - Luxury shop, contains B Armors & A-B jewels, Soulshots D-C-B with adena.
  2. The Gift of Vitality Maintains vitality at level 4 for 2 hours. This buff cannot be cancelled & remains if your character dies. It can be acquired once per 24 hours by speaking to Jack Sage in Giran town. Players of all levels may acquire this buff. The Memories of a Newbie Players levels 76-85 can receive the following buffs depending on their class type. These buffs cannot be cast onto a player that already has them, but they can be reacquired once they have expired or been removed through death or cancellation. For warrior classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Haste For wizard classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower For servitors level 76 and above: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower, Haste Players that are below level 76 can receive these buffs in the traditional fashion by speaking to the Newbie Guide or Adventurers Guide in any town. Event Schedule The event begins on January 10 after the server restart, and ends on January 17. Have fun , INERA Team.
  3. Manor is protected a long time ago. We was very strict on botting at start, we perm banned a lot of players and also removed a lot of theirs shops etc, here is a quick list of Removed items. Leather ~ 800. Crafted Leather ~ 4800. Durable Metal Plate ~ 120 Animal Skin ~ 6050. Oriharukon Ore ~ 450. Iron Ore ~ 2454. Enria ~ 2010. Mithril Ore ~ 15,543. Mold Lubricant ~ 544. Stone of Purity ~ 21,241. Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) ~ 11. Heavens Divider. Imperial Crusader Helmet. Imperial Crusader Boots. Imperial Crusader Gaiters. +3 Dark Crystal Boots. +3 Dark Crystal Gloves. +4 Dark Crystal Robe. +3 Dark Crystal Helmet. Tateossian Ring ~ 8. Tateossian Earring ~ 6. Tateossian Necklace ~ 6. Knight's Epaulette ~ 30,000. Green Seal Stone ~ 34,922,989. Red Seal Stone ~ 65,000. Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) ~ 23. Fire Stone ~ 15. Adena ~ 845,700,000. Ancient Adena ~ 555,963,889. Currently we are looking for alternatives ways to handle bot users as Vice posted, stay tuned
  4. Sounds fine to me.
  5. Wiping players hard work or luck will not help. About item Auction will be checked. Even if you run on perfect files result will be the same eventually, with our files and features we can prolong as much as possible. Running a low rate on l2j files is not an easy task, especially when we as Inera trying to be as close to retail as possible with our small team. Over the years we managed to bring those broken files into a very good state, players helped a lot to achieve this. You can always point out what's unfixable on Bug Report so we can check
  6. I believe we have solve Manor scripting a long time ago.
  7. 1) We may enable Gift of Vitality event after Christmas ends. 2) They are dropped on the ground, will remain as it is. 3) Will remain as it is, Pandora Box increases it. Indeed for new players is hard but not impossible. What we can do for new players is to add B & A Grade armors with adena (H5 list) & Soulshot D-C-B with H5 again prices.
  8. Ray

    Deck the Halls

    Santa’s trusty assistant, Noellie has been dispatched to spread some holiday cheer this Christmas. You can find Noellie at the heart of Giran amidst the Elder Christmas Tree. Make a wish to Santa and just maybe, if you’ve been good, your wish will come true! Christmas Trees Noellie can craft bright and festive Christmas Trees with the right materials. The monsters roaming Aden and Elmore are rumored to have just what she needs, including fir tree branches and ornaments. Gather these pieces from the monsters, and give them to Noellie to create your very own Christmas Tree! To make an ordinary Christmas Tree, you will need the following materials: 4 Bead Ornaments 4 Star Ornaments 10 Fir Tree Branches 1 Flower Pot If you give Noellie 10 ordinary Christmas Trees, she can work her magic to turn them into a spectacular Special Christmas Tree! Those who rest under the branches of a Christmas Tree will gain a special blessing! Christmas Tree Blessing – For 1 hour, changes your appearance to that of a Santa costume, increases amount of Adena acquired by 10%, Elemental stones by 5%, XP & SP acquired by 10% & decreases XP lost upon death by 25%. Special Christmas Tree Blessing – For 1 hour, changes your appearance to that of a Santa costume, increases amount of Adena acquired by 20%, Elemental stones by 10%, XP & SP acquired by 20% & decreases XP lost upon death by 50%. Christmas Trees can be summoned anywhere, but you will not receive the tree’s magical benefits if it is summoned within a peace zone. Christmas Wishes Noellie is accepting wishes from adventurers all over Aden! Players may submit any sort of wish they like. Be it personal, something they would like to see on PlayINERA, or just a general wish! Holiday Buff Noellie will also provide adventurers with a special holiday blessing once every 12 hours: Holiday Festival – For 1 hour, Max HP, MP and CP are increased; P. Def., Movement Speed, P. Atk., and M. Atk. are increased; MP consumption for skills is decreased. Santa’s Gifts Santa will be doing his rounds every day until the end of the year. He will surprise a random adventurer across Aden with a gift once every hour. In order to be eligible for Santa’s gifting round, players have to be in combat, outside of a peace zone and not have been visited by Santa in the last 12 hours. Make sure you accept Santa’s gift before he disappears! Event Schedule The event begins on December 24, 2019 after the server restart, and ends on January 1 00:00, 2020. Noellie will remain in Giran until January 8, 2020. An Event cleanup will run on the next maintenance after January 8, 2020. The INERA team wishes all of our players a very safe and happy holiday season!
  9. Probably to avoid static damage all the time, it's not based on range just randomize according to some stats etc.
  10. Leaves and then tries to sell his adena/items for real world currency. Clobberstomp permabanned. Clan StuffNThings moved to another clan member and they are happy about it
  11. Manor will be adjusted during following week, do not expect to reward high amounts of mats but will be better than now.
  12. Added the maximum nerf for now until we debug and apply the best solution
  13. Manor rewards a lot of mats they needed to be nerfed even before server launch. Now about "scripters" you need to stop making things from your mind when we have not announce anything of such. One and almost different player every time manages to get them in 1second and Chose only one, Real scripts can choose way more in 1 second. Do a macro of /time and synchronize your clicks. @Eldax Show me a way of 02-03 seconds so according to ping it can be done faster too.
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