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  1. Leaves and then tries to sell his adena/items for real world currency. Clobberstomp permabanned. Clan StuffNThings moved to another clan member and they are happy about it
  2. Manor will be adjusted during following week, do not expect to reward high amounts of mats but will be better than now.
  3. Added the maximum nerf for now until we debug and apply the best solution
  4. Manor rewards a lot of mats they needed to be nerfed even before server launch. Now about "scripters" you need to stop making things from your mind when we have not announce anything of such. One and almost different player every time manages to get them in 1second and Chose only one, Real scripts can choose way more in 1 second. Do a macro of /time and synchronize your clicks. @Eldax Show me a way of 02-03 seconds so according to ping it can be done faster too.
  5. Ray


    Adjustments will be made, just not one week HB level 12 that few players expected
  6. Ray

    Pandora Update

    No timer continues
  7. Hello, will adjust them
  8. Ray

    Crash report

    Hello, Google "Disable DEP and your windows version" Also you can just add exceptions to Lineage 2
  9. Any screenshots? Just tell him to run the game from PlayINERA Vanilla 4X.exe
  10. You need to have your summon active, read skill description.
  11. Ray


    Hello, you can run 3 clients per PC. Also you can increase the maximum clients per PC to 5 with Loner Pack service
  12. Hello, Try a password without symbols
  13. Did you use War cry skill?
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