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  1. Everyone cries, but no arguments. I'll begin. Here is one comment which Ray liked, so I expect that the formula is correct: On discord we got Unnika's screen: Let's do some math: M.Atk. ... 14166 SpellPower ... 118 ( (sqrt(M.atk) * SpellPower * StaticMageskillCoef) / M.def ) * SpiritshotBonus * AttributeBonus = 119*118*91/(M.def.)*2*1.7 = 4 344 594.8 / M.def. What does it mean? With 1k M.def she should deal 4 345 dmg (without spread, no crit). PS: I would post it on discord, but it would be flooded by river of tears and nobody would find it
  2. Isn't it a massive multiplayer online role playing game? – Real problem is F2P + it's more comfortable for many players to play more than one window. Are we here to play alone? – You can find friends and play with them. The next problem are shifts at work. For example when we were younger on high schools, we could play everyday afternoon. Today it's impossible to meet together at same time. So that's my group fallen apart. Do we enjoy switching clients? – Not everyone but yes. Isn't it better if, the supports we are playing with, are active instead of leeching? – Depends on party. Active BD and SwS in mage party are leeching. Isn't it better if we can find these same players later in the game to do the content we will never be able to do even with 4 boxes? – Some players have no problem to switch from farmer class to their support box if it's necessary. Some players will do it, because with support class it's almost impossible to exp. By using boxes constantly, should we be surprise to lack active supports at higher levels? – I doubt. If you wanna main PP, you won't exp just with PP, you'll pick f.e. destro, which has more effective exp power. If you wanna farm KE, you'll go with destro not PP, etc.
  3. You can make macro – one click = full buff and follow.
  4. You should know that only Sindelia works on costumes.
  5. Why you didn't report it? Oh w8, you abused it? Ban on you.
  6. That's a plan of server – have many months GF and then switch to GE. Not just after first heroes switch it. If you red topics on forum, you should now that AToDs will stay tradable. Set hb lvl requirements is really hard for the server future, because when the goal is low, it will be leveled in one month what is bad. For big amount it would be leveled in 2 years, what is bad too. Estimate of players is really hard and with non-public requirements you can change it whenever you want, with public announcement and changes you will get hate from players. That's why it shouldn't be public. Maybe just the next level can be published.
  7. I support this idea, that red and purple color shouldn't be in premium.
  8. You can meet Anakazel in first room, so it's 1 - 8/9 × (7/8)^4 = 0.48. If you skip any room by gatekeeper, you can visit up to 6 rooms (if I am correct), that's 0.54 for Anakazel.
  9. If I am right when you are teleported, you can't get same room as it was before. So finally in 5 rooms you'll get Anakazel with 48%. I don't think it's rumor, because you can see a few rooms and if someone is there. + when someone is killing him, you can /target Anakazel.
  10. Hmm... I thought that you can enter each room just once (if it's possible). Where did you get this number?
  11. When you port into rift and there you are for 60 mins, you won't get Anakazel?
  12. You know, top/zerg clans will always go for top tier castles, while smaller clans will try it on low tier castles. There will be pvp regardless of number of sieges. Now it's 2+3 or 3+2 sieges, otherwise it would be 4+5 or 5+4. I would understand if the sieges would be in old school terms – 16:00; 18:00; 20:00, that's 3+3+3.
  13. Why start CS only with top tier castles? Make all castles available for first sieges. That means 12th and 19th will be TW?
  14. You can buy premium for increase weight limit or ask EE's for buff. This will remain retail, not h5. Or abuse pets.
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