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  1. But people don't care about truth, even in real life truth isn't what people want. Season 2 was destroyed by vesper weapons. When people logged into game 3rd day, a few weapons were in Giran. Of course it was really hard and it needed coordination of people, but you think people cared about it? No, they just saw vesper weapons 3rd day of server. That's all, nothing behind it. You can say how much AM is useless, but you (or your bro or someone from your group) totally owned deathmatch event. What do you think it seems in eyes of people? People don't like someone with luck, even here was Ziggo's Gemstone nerfed, because it's about luck. Probability to get this reward is 1.1567×10^-6, that means you need 864 501 tries to get jackpot = 43 225 050 items. So every item is worth 99.48 adena. And they nerfed it to 19.896 adena while Dino bone is worth 1 374 adena, Dino tissue 5 000 adena. *CLAP* *CLAP*
  2. That's pretty nice, but you think people hear on 'look at my AM +16, but don't worry, it has no impact on game and don't ruin server!' ? Xd You really think, that if someone new come to discord, see 'this fcking polish named idiot with ++ AM destroyed olympiad with his boxes', he would remain? What are your suggestions about server? What do you think about my other suggestions? Or you are just type of person, who is just toxic, only hate and won't do anything beneficial for future of server? To be honest, it's not only about OE. From your reply I see, that you would be for element wipes. At least something you did :d
  3. Server is literally dying (or died) and it needs little adjustment. At first the concept of low rate where active buffer are needed hardly failed. I warmed you before. Even on official classic server, which is lower than 1x rate, almost everybody ran with 3 windows (it was max). DD + buffpets. So why would people here play as active buffer and use /findparty? As EE main who was raised on mid rate servers, I can tell you, that active supports are needed in mass PvP. During exp phase it's better to have petbuffer (petDD) and don't share items/adena with other people. In season 2 mana burners had 0 impact on game, because mana potions gave mana regen, not mana. So as EE I burned somebody's mana and after 1 sec he was able to cast spells. With instant mana recharge he wouldn't cast spell for 10-14 secs (15 sec was re-use of mana potions). Back to server. In every game when people reach end-game, it needs update. During closed beta on forum appeared a few suggestions. f.e. lock max level 50, 60, 70,... so casuals wouldn't be so behind. w/e, you choosed your way. Tryhard players owned oly, which made it unbalanced for casuals (and for players between tryhard and casual). Next problem is OE. You could see it with AM +12, which was later done to +14. It totally destroyed oly. On closed beta I suggested max +6 on oly. If I am right, Vice argued that if people risk, they should be rewarded, so no enchant limit on oly. On discord you saw how people cried, because BD and other pets with this AM killed everyone on oly Xd. So we need other type of update. Creating new season is stupid. My suggestion is updates + periodic mini wipes for balance. 1) Updates. First of all Vanilla should be renamed to something else. In first patch will be added NPC buffer and buffs will last for 1 hour. In second patch will be exp increased from 4x to 12x, then to 20x rate. 2) Mini wipes every month. As I mentioned before, OE is problem. So these mini wipes means, that every equip with enchant higher than +4 will be set to +4 and all enchants will be wiped. Same would be applied to enchant skills. Pre 76 skills will be lowered to +15, post 75 skills to +10. All GC, KE will be wiped. Because element crystals are really hard to get, it isn't necessary to wipe them. Or if we don't count crys, because they are almost unobtainable, elements can be lowered to 75 in weapon, 30 in armor + stones wiped. In this I can see only positive future. After mini wipe will be oly balanced, so first cycle will be about skill. Second cycle will be little more about farm and risk of enchants. People will return, because once they made a char, they can continue. It won't be about new server, new setting, start from 0. + between mini wipes you can do events like 'this month will be enchant rate increased/decreased, drop of *** increased' etc. One last thing. I am really sad about Item Broker. I asked for him during closed beta, then 4 weeks after server start and still nothing. It could help with FS and other things.
  4. They don't ban bots, RMT, but they invented legal bot system and offer better items in NCstore than people can get from bots. If they are getting fees through RMT, who knows, but in every NCsoft game are money sellers. Their forum is full of blame and I don't think someone play on offic without botting/p2w.
  5. Everyone cries, but no arguments. I'll begin. Here is one comment which Ray liked, so I expect that the formula is correct: On discord we got Unnika's screen: Let's do some math: M.Atk. ... 14166 SpellPower ... 118 ( (sqrt(M.atk) * SpellPower * StaticMageskillCoef) / M.def ) * SpiritshotBonus * AttributeBonus = 119*118*91/(M.def.)*2*1.7 = 4 344 594.8 / M.def. What does it mean? With 1k M.def she should deal 4 345 dmg (without spread, no crit). PS: I would post it on discord, but it would be flooded by river of tears and nobody would find it
  6. Isn't it a massive multiplayer online role playing game? – Real problem is F2P + it's more comfortable for many players to play more than one window. Are we here to play alone? – You can find friends and play with them. The next problem are shifts at work. For example when we were younger on high schools, we could play everyday afternoon. Today it's impossible to meet together at same time. So that's my group fallen apart. Do we enjoy switching clients? – Not everyone but yes. Isn't it better if, the supports we are playing with, are active instead of leeching? – Depends on party. Active BD and SwS in mage party are leeching. Isn't it better if we can find these same players later in the game to do the content we will never be able to do even with 4 boxes? – Some players have no problem to switch from farmer class to their support box if it's necessary. Some players will do it, because with support class it's almost impossible to exp. By using boxes constantly, should we be surprise to lack active supports at higher levels? – I doubt. If you wanna main PP, you won't exp just with PP, you'll pick f.e. destro, which has more effective exp power. If you wanna farm KE, you'll go with destro not PP, etc.
  7. You can make macro – one click = full buff and follow.
  8. You should know that only Sindelia works on costumes.
  9. Why you didn't report it? Oh w8, you abused it? Ban on you.
  10. That's a plan of server – have many months GF and then switch to GE. Not just after first heroes switch it. If you red topics on forum, you should now that AToDs will stay tradable. Set hb lvl requirements is really hard for the server future, because when the goal is low, it will be leveled in one month what is bad. For big amount it would be leveled in 2 years, what is bad too. Estimate of players is really hard and with non-public requirements you can change it whenever you want, with public announcement and changes you will get hate from players. That's why it shouldn't be public. Maybe just the next level can be published.
  11. I support this idea, that red and purple color shouldn't be in premium.
  12. You can meet Anakazel in first room, so it's 1 - 8/9 × (7/8)^4 = 0.48. If you skip any room by gatekeeper, you can visit up to 6 rooms (if I am correct), that's 0.54 for Anakazel.
  13. If I am right when you are teleported, you can't get same room as it was before. So finally in 5 rooms you'll get Anakazel with 48%. I don't think it's rumor, because you can see a few rooms and if someone is there. + when someone is killing him, you can /target Anakazel.
  14. Hmm... I thought that you can enter each room just once (if it's possible). Where did you get this number?
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