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  1. BTW SINDELIA RE READ THIS IF U MISS THAT Xd These are a few points that I consider as glaring issues thus far. 1. I played 14 hours since launch yesterday and what did I do for those 14 hours on a pvp server? I killed mobs for 98% of those hours to try and farm blood stones and adena. After doing so and realizing the broken prices in the shop, I felt like I was slapped in the face either by the admin team for not caring to check the prices of their items or the closed beta testers for being the worst testers of all time and not catching anything. I donated 35 euros and 14 hours into the server on day 1 and at this point I feel like it was the worst money and time i've ever spent. I'll list below some of the broken prices in the shop, there are PLENTY more but that's not my job as a player to list it all. Im going to start off by saying in 14 hours, which included leveling to 85, getting sub classes etc, i farmed approximately 120k blood stones and 1bil adena. This is farming in the top AOE spots for appoximately 8 out of those 14 hours. Keep that in mind as I state the broken prices below. a. It costs 110mil to buy s weapon which i think is reasonable. But then, it costs 180mil in total adena to put an SA on the S weapon... Why does SA cost 1.8x the weapon itself? We then have to TAKE OFF the SA to upgrade to next tier? SA's should be free once the weapon is bought, not cost an absurd amount. Whats the point of a weapon without the SA? b. Dynasty weapon costs 70k stones to upgrade and then 30k more blood stones + 180mil adena to put an SA on. You may say, scaretactic! you farmed 120k blood stones yesterday, you can buy dynasty! why are you complaining? I FARMED 14 HOURS STRAIGHT IN THE BEST PVE SPOTS ON A PVP SERVER. That's the problem. ITS TOO EXPENSIVE. c. Dynasty armor upgrade from s grade costs 170k blood stones. THE SCALE DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! Why does s80 weap cost 100k blood stones but s80 armor cost 170k blood stones??? MAKES ZERO SENSE. d. Premium buffs cost buff stones, that needs to get removed immediately. New players that die at level 77 sort of get screwed and have to pay a large sum to get buffs. 200 blood stones and even 1mil adena is quite a bit to new players. you want to incentivize new players, not demotivate them. e. Buff books are a crucial part of a class. 83 books cost 15k blood stones and 81-82 skills cost 5-8k EACH. This is a PVP server once again, not PVE. f. MIlestone rewards are absolutely crap, im not sure who came up with the rewards. As shown in points a-e above, the prices for items are BROKEN and you want another slap in the face? Congrats, youve killed 1000-5000 LEVEL 85+ mobs! Whats the reward? 100-500 bloodstones... That's enough to wipe my butt with and buy 2 rounds of buffs!!! Yay! g. Elixer of maintenance which has ONE use costs 50k blood stones.. im just going to leave that there. ONE use 50k buff stone. Did people not review the prices?? h. 15k blood stones for 1 EWS. At this rate, no one will even be able to make a +3 weapon. i. 2250 blood crystal PER elemental crystal. insanity. This is the FEW things ive noticed, however 75% of the prices are broken. Go look at icarus, vesper, masterwork costs. 2. Another issue is NOBLESSE. You have one way of getting noblesse right now, and that is by killing a raid that spawns ONCE a day at a specific time. Your server is made up of 90% casual players and 10% clans/constant parties. This is a 100x server not a low/mid rate. Most arent coming with clans and groups, theyre playing with 1-3 friends. You are preventing 90% of the server from even a small remote chance of noble. That means the first round of heroes will be released and itll be 1-2 clans with all of their active players as heroes. What do new players do when they see this? QUIT INSTANTLY. Also, you have top tier rewards, brooches, costume augments, ALL TIED TO OLY. You are creating a GAP in gear where casual players/small group players can do NOTHING about. Top clans/parties can already farm epics which no casual players/small group players can do. They can also hog and bully farm spots as there are not enough farm spots on this server (since pve is so important) and without Hellbound etc, there are only a few spots worth farming. That isn't enough incentive to play in a group/clan? Having noble/oly inaccessible to normal players is a terrible idea. This is also before territory wars and sieges. I get it, you guys had an idea of everyone playing in clans and there being great mass clan pvps. This is not what happens unless you have big clans that come to your server. Sadly, russians and BRs with big clans didn't come and your castle sieges and territory wars the way they are setup will be 2 clans fighting about 10-15 each and 90% of population not participating. On a server like this, clans already have a huge incentive by organization, you do not need to boost their power more than there already is in the organization aspect when majority of your player base is casual players/playing in small groups. 3. The event system is AWESOME. Best coded events ive seen in a long time. However, they should be running hourly automatically or every 2 hours to give players something to do and look forward to. THere is literally at the moment ZERO incentive to pvp. The way the server is setup is fundamentally flawed. Why would anyone pvp? PVEing mobs are way more beneficial as its the only way to get items. I have a few more points but forgot as I started typing this, i'll add more later if I deem it necessary. Once again, i only type this because i like the admin team and they seem like good people and are genuine. But you guys have been failed by your crappy closed beta testers and you guys should have done some trial runs to see what normal players would go through at launch. I pointed this out friday and all that was changed was blood stone rates went from 1-2 per mob to 2-4 in some areas. That is not even CLOSE to enough to counter act the broken prices. Conclusion: I do not see an easy way to fix this. most players that have already farmed alot including myself would rage quit if they see that if rates get increased all of a sudden after server launch. The only solution i see is decreasing prices as that would be fair. However, I do not know how to fix the FUNDAMENTAL issue with the server, which is that it promotes PVE and not PVP. There is no reason for me to pvp ATM.
  2. well i did as many others did but it seems they keep ignoring us. dont reply if u have nothing to say xD
  3. FACTS its time for RAY and others to start working or shut this thing down.
  4. why do u even bother opening and workin such a nice project if we have 0/24 0/7 ONLINE GMS?
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