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  1. Agree with several posts. Good point about summer especially as places in Europe are opening up so people want to go out. I feel the way to go would be to either have a midrate server where farming is required for progression (as Reddish mentioned), or a very high rate server where there are constant pvp events with blessed enchants and brooches in bloody goods stall with no farming at all apart from raids. Right now the server is sitting awkwardly somewhere in between where farming is still required and very lethargic for solo players especially, but not low rate enough and max level is reached quickly. Thanks for all the efforts!
  2. Hi all, Since the population of the server has dropped again after a fantastic opening weekend, just thought it would be good to gather some feedback from everyone for the admins. I don't want this to be a doom and gloom thread just want to help the GMs for their project as I genuinely believe that they put in a lot of effort into this and care. I want to say that the final frontier is definitely much better than initial launch. Some feedback from me: 1) The blood stone and shifting zone system sounds like a great idea on paper but realistically it is a system that helps the rich get richer - ie top players will dominate these zones and get even better gear. 2) Since you do not have the budget for a huge ad campaign you need to keep hold of all the casual/solo players that just put 1-2 hours a day - those that just come to events. This could be done by toning down the drops of epic raids so that big clan players while still getting an advantage won't have full vesper set in day 3 of the server. I fully support the play to win model you believe in, but once all the casual players quit the big clans will dominate the server and put off all newcomers. Thank you!
  3. Nice very useful analysis. One thing to note is that you get 2 GCs to begin with so that is 500 BS lower when enchanting your first skill.
  4. On a slightly similar vote is there a way to claim vote box without having to wait for the dialog box to pop up?
  5. Through donate or raids I believe?
  6. Hello GMs, I am still a bit confused by the event times. In the youtube video you mentioned it run from 1pm-7am GMT +3 every 2 hours, however, last night it doesn't seem to be the case. Was that because Ray was online so he made events manually? Thanks!
  7. Ray just a suggestion, I think if you are introducing whole new concepts such as party zone, I think you should spend more time testing and go through another beta phase. Especially on the amount of BS that can be obtained there and server prices. I feel that reopening on Sat without exploring more into this might lead to oversights such as the one during original launch where prices were too high. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  8. Nice to see the wipe happening. Here are some suggestions 1) Events should be every hour - more team based - 2) The server needs to cater for those lone wolf players that might not have the time or interest in looking for a clan and participating in group pvp/raids. Otherwise you just end up with one or two big clans one shotting and putting off any newcomers 3) On a Pvp server lvling to max level should take 1 hour max . The rest is overenchanting gear/skills You should reach out to all registered users again for advertisement. Furthermore you can do something similar to the legendary pack sort of thing.
  9. I say that the new changes are good and you can easily get to lvl 80 within an hour or two. Agree with most that you will need to get more advertisements out there. For Vanilla they had a youtuber advertise their server which brought a lot of players. Pvp server need majority of population as casual players otherwise it will end up like now where the top clan just one shot everyone during events and shifting zone which they will eventually get bored. With the current model casual players can just come to events while hardcore players can farm/raid boss the whole day. On launch day it had a decent population but most people gave up because of the constant farming needed.
  10. I more thing I forgot to mention and echoing what some others said.I feel whatever advertisement you did for the Vanilla server was really good and this led to 1000+ population during the initial month of the server so you should adopt that model. Eg You constantly updated announcements prior to launch during vanilla regarding upcoming features and steps, this led to several big clans already joining during beta. I felt like bloodlust basically went from legendary pack - > launch. Even at launch the peak was 400-500 for bloodlust You had youtubers/streamers advertise your sever The trailer for Vanilla lists out the attractive features of the server, while the trailer for bloodlust is cool and well animated it does not really tell you what the server is about
  11. I think thats the point of the IT and FoG shifting zone. Sure you can farm there with your box for high BS but you also risk them getting killed and your BS stolen so its a high risk high reward scenario. I also think that it was designed with a higher server population in mind so people cannot just farm there during shifting and not expect to do pvp. I do see where you are coming from and I think the idea of having to farm most of the time on a pvp server is what is putting people off.
  12. Thank you for implementing new changes and all the work you have put in here are some suggestions, feel free to comment: 1) More emphasis/reward should be directed at those who play healer as they are a key part to group pvp eg leadership rewards from shifting zones and events should have most kills and best healer 2) Epic raid bosses should not be a source of blood stones but rather boss jewels only. This still gives big clans an advantage but it will stop them from getting too far ahead of casual players 3) Events should be more frequent and more team based rather than free for all (constantly getting two shot in berserker event isnt fun for new players) - team based will allow newer players to still win event 4) Make blessed enchant in blood store as overenchanting is a key fun part to pvp servers 5) Perhaps have seperate shifting zones based on gear? (Might be quite hard to implement) Ultimately players who play more should still be rewarded but the gap between them and casual players should be monitored.
  13. Thanks for all your efforts into this Sindelia as well as the rest of the team. It is clear that you all have put in a lot of work into this and I would like to see it succeed as well. Keep up the good work!
  14. It is good that admins are implementing automated events.They need to be more frequent imo eg every hour and adjusted based on server pop. Otherwise people will return to farming. As a pvp server most time should be spent for enchanting gear, skills etc. Not for basic gear I understand that more hardcore players should be rewarded with better gear for the time they put in however There need to be something that stops the gap between casuals and top clans getting wider and wider. Hence I think Epic raid boss should only be for boss jewels and not blood stone.
  15. Thanks for the changes, I completely agree with the OP. Based on previous experience PvP server cater for two types of players the casual and the very hardcore. However, to keep the server going there needs to be things that make the casuals stay. As mentioned above events etc, the events on this server are very original and I enjoy them however, perhaps include some more "traditional" team based events eg TvT, King of the Hill. This way casual players can still get good rewards for being on the winning team while not leaving empty handed if losing. On the flip side the more hardcore gamers can get the leadership rewards keeping them satistifed.
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