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  1. It is good that admins are implementing automated events.They need to be more frequent imo eg every hour and adjusted based on server pop. Otherwise people will return to farming. As a pvp server most time should be spent for enchanting gear, skills etc. Not for basic gear I understand that more hardcore players should be rewarded with better gear for the time they put in however There need to be something that stops the gap between casuals and top clans getting wider and wider. Hence I think Epic raid boss should only be for boss jewels and not blood stone.
  2. Thanks for the changes, I completely agree with the OP. Based on previous experience PvP server cater for two types of players the casual and the very hardcore. However, to keep the server going there needs to be things that make the casuals stay. As mentioned above events etc, the events on this server are very original and I enjoy them however, perhaps include some more "traditional" team based events eg TvT, King of the Hill. This way casual players can still get good rewards for being on the winning team while not leaving empty handed if losing. On the flip side the more hardcore gamers can get the leadership rewards keeping them satistifed.
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