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  1. Dear community, PlayINERA was one of the first projects I've ever had the pleasure of building; it's been well over 5 years now and I've been blessed with some pretty amazing admins and friends. There is so much history when it comes to INERA and it was an amazing journey to see some of our ambitions come to life. But alas, winds of change must sweep through the world and the torch must be handed off. For those that know me, I'm a fairly busy individual and I no longer have the time to support these types of projects. I've come to find recently that there is something about private servers that no longer brings joy or ambition, unfortunately. However, this does not mean that PlayINERA will be shutting down, quite the opposite in fact. Ray and Sindelia will take over the infrastructure, transforming and building world as they've always done, and I simply will not be there to witness the changes. Perhaps the flame that once drove me to push PlayINERA to its limits has burned out and there's really no fault or blame to place; it is just the path I have chosen for my future. The truth of the matter is that the world of L2 has a lot of corruption within it that players often do not get to see, things that we do as leaders for the greater good of the game, and I no longer find it alluring. There are hundreds of servers opening daily, so many different types of servers that it's become a saturated world. It's no longer really about quality, but quantity, the more servers you can open, the more money you'll generate, so admins will develop 5-6 different Lineage 2 domains like, Elixir, Zeus, Tales, etc - these are all run by one single admin. I think L2 might have the most private servers out of any other game in 2020. This is an exhausting process. The rewarding feeling I once got from running these projects is no longer there. For this reason I have made the conscious decision to step down from the INERA leadership for I fear that I will only corrupt the game further. It was starting to impact my family life and I lost sight of the objective I once sought. Ray and Sindelia will not follow in the footsteps of corruption. I believe they will keep the spirit of what I had imagined INERA and continue to drive for high quality work when it comes to programming and engineering. I'll always be part of their lives, so if they need advice I will always be there. But my journey with Lineage 2 has now come to a close. I'll miss our community dearly. Lineage 2 will always have a special place in my heart, but that flame is now extinguished for [GM]Vice. Give the INERA team your respect, because they're probably the most hardworking bunch that I've ever seen. They are an amazing duo. I wish everyone the best of luck. Thank you kindly. Best Regards, Vice.
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