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  1. Not entirely but we'll work out the details at some point in time. Topic locked.
  2. Topic locked. Sorry but these complaints are just needless.
  3. Every season I need to address the community as a whole and every season players provide suggestions on how to revive the world or how many mistakes our team has made. Any mistakes at INERA can be directed at me and not Ray or Sindelia. Lineage 2 is a seasonal game and, believe it or not, our team and you guys have the same vision and expectations when it comes to fun. For us, fun is developing strategies and having a full and vibrant world full of players. For you, it is having a competitive world full of players. Either way we align in our vision: we like a large community that is active and not dead. What Ray is trying to say in a political way is that all servers (all over the world) have an expiration date. And although we try to prolong the experience and introduce new ideas to the world in an effort to extend your game, there is no solution currently to maintaining a full and vibrant world. At some point the exit rate of players simply exceeds the influx, so inevitably you have a server that is shrinking and not growing. So how do we solve this? Many solutions are proposed every season. The reality is simply that 'we don't know'. That's the honest truth. Part of my job here at INERA is to think things through and learn from mistakes or develop new strategies with Ray and Sindelia for a path forward. It is a combined effort. INERA has some of the most innovative ideas worldwide, many of you have never seen our ability tree or other systems. Enjoy the game for what it is. I met this very interesting guy on our Resurgence Revamped Server a few days back he's been playing on a dead server that is empty for 2 years now, we launched back in 2018. They were the only player in the world, there was no one left to party with. He or she explained how the game and farming calms them down and that they enjoy the time spent. The individual explained that they like the world and its ideas, creativity at its best. I was impressed by the commitment he or she had to our world and the appreciation given. It was a very serene experience. We do not know the path forward and, believe me when I say this, no one does. But this won't stop us from trying to improve. The reality is simply this: there is no quick fix. Best Regards, Vice
  4. Greetings your words will be taken into consideration. But ultimately Lineage 2 was never really a fair game and implementing fairness is nigh impossible. We've compiled several lessons learned from various players around the world through posts like these. We appreciate the feedback. Refere to this:
  5. I have not worked out all the details yet but: A marked user can only get marked by a GM, using a botcheck algorithm. They must get caught by an admin to be marked. In other words, there will be no false negatives, i.e. a marked user will have 100% been caught by an admin, so there is no room for error or complaint. A player cannot say, for example, "I was marked automatically for no reason" Our tools and methods will not allow for automated marks. Players that bot, however, may cleanse themselves of the mark by consuming a CLEANSE SCROLL which will be available through Inera Store. This item will be tradeable. Now before you panic and riot, hear me out: The idea for cleansing is two fold. One, if a user uses a cleanse scroll, he will be placed into a separate window on the FMENU called 'high risk' users. In other words, on the back end we will monitor the marked/cleanse status of any bot users in real time and check on them frequently - only those that have cleansed themselves will be high risk because we understand it is very likely they will try to bot again and gain an advantage on honest players. We can cycle through hundreds of players using our filter system on FMENU in less than 5-10 minutes. This becomes even easier if we know the status of the high risk players. Our admins Ray, Myself, Sindelia, will keep an eye on high risk botters and remark them the moment we catch them again trying to break the rules. Our systems will notify us of any high risk activity as well. So catching these individuals is really very easy on our end. FMENU is like the FBI and has an extensive reach for catching bots. But why provide an option for cleanse? Two, the cleansing option is important because some botters may want to become honest players. Or to play on the weekends with friends with normal rates whilst reverting to botting during weekdays. The goal here is to maintain a balance, not to favour either side. Either way our high risk FMENU will catch them rather easily if they choose to cleanse and break the rules again. The scrolls, furthermore, will support the server and allow for a change of habit. It gives the admins incentive to catch every single bot in the game and mark them. Each time a user buys a cleanse scroll the inera store it goes towards the admins as a donation, so its like if traffic cops receives commission. The number of tickets being issued will be substantially increased. Our admins will want to catch as many bots as possible to maximize the number of marks and therefore maintain equilibrium in the world - fairness. But this leaves room for abuse, that is marking an honest player to force the use of a cleanse scroll. Understandably, users will begin to claim innocence, that we are marking honest players for profit. To prevent this argument we will maintain a log of screenshots. That is, once a player is marked through FMENU, it will snap a screenshot automatically with the name of the player and we can always use it as a reference to show valid proof that player was indeed caught and penalized. If someone complains we have abused our power, we'll show the screenshot of the GM catching the users botting and marking his group or character. This is all conceptual. Feel free to play devil's advocate.
  6. For clarity: A nerfed or marked player would take a nerf to all configs. For example: If XP / SP is 1X and honest players have 4X, this is a 0.25 multiplier. This would apply to element stones too. Element stones would therefore be 1X for honest players and 0.25X for marked players. Thus it equalizes for everything, drops, items, raids, materials, elements, etc.
  7. No one is reading the full post. In 2019, you cannot have a high population and destroy automated play, even NCSOFT realized this with their automated grind system. The difference is we cannot allow botters to have an advantage over honest players, hence my new approach.
  8. Yes but recall that they cannot always bot 24 hours. The goal here is also to not make the botter feel alienated. Some of these guys have full time jobs and want to be competitive too; in other words, they no longer have time to grind on low rates. But they still want to play with friends on the weekend and not fall behind the rush. The rate of a marked player is up for debate but yes I see what you are saying. Some things to consider: - Due to nerfs, botters will need to be careful, because if you kill their whole party, they will lose time grinding. You will visibly see who is botting. - They will need to pick strategic spots. High risk High reward areas leaves them exposed. Honest players that have a grudge against them may want to PK their whole party. - They will suffer during quests especially drop rates.
  9. With a new year comes a new dawn. Greetings everyone! I have not had the opportunity to address the number one feedback from players regarding PlayINERA's Vanilla 4X: BOTS. Recently I had a chance to sit down and analyze some of the lessons learned from Vanilla over the Christmas holidays and I would like to share my thoughts with the community. I originally wrote this in response to a user on MXC that was frustrated with the bots on Vanilla. And to be honest, you're not the only one, we're in the same boat as you. So let's take a step back and examine the situation. Here's a breakdown of the lessons learned and a bit of perspective on botting and its influence on the game world. Feel free to discuss the nature of the beast and it is an honest breakdown of how difficult it is to make decisions on behalf of TEAM INERA. I usually get the majority of the blame for anything that goes awry when it comes to our projects so by all means chime in and give your opinion. Feedback is an important tool for change. SEASON 1 SEASON 2 SEASON 3 LESSONS LEARNED: CONCLUSION: Our team is focused on finding a balance. We will be taking our projects in a different direction away from hard or soft antibots with strict penalties or temporary bans. INERA will focus on balancing the two opposing forces rather than choosing one or the other. The goal will be to nerf botters and reward the natural players. For botters or cheaters, we will apply global nerfs and visual marks using our custom and fine-tuned F menu to govern activity; simply put, it is the closest thing to an antibot that actually works. These are conceptual ideas and have not yet been implemented but change is certainly coming. The premise is to penalize the rates for botters and leave the honest players alone. So a botter that is marked will have 1X or 0.5X rates for XP/SP/Quest/Adnea/Etc whereas the honest player will have 4X. This will equalize the playing field. The botter will need to work 4x or 8x harder and longer than the honest player. Your time and economy becomes equally valued. Our F-Menu will drive the process to mark botters. Honest players will visually be able to identify those that have been marked. The equation to a successful and long term server is not mass bans. It is much more complicated than that. Most servers no longer care though, they gave up on you a long time ago; it's exactly why the same admins have chosen to recycle 3-4 different server names and launch a new server every 3 months to capitalize on your willingness to support a project. You have become a dollar value to them because satisfying the community is hard. I have outlined one aspect that is particularly difficult: how to solve the botting problem. But that's why we do these projects. INERA likes the challenge; it's really not about money with us. One day we hope to find that magic formula where everyone is happy. Perhaps its a lost cause but it certainly keeps us busy and brainstorming. Feedback is what gives us the drive to push further into this beautiful world. And we will do what we always do: asses the situation and innovate forward. Bigger, better, stronger. Every year we grow and improve our systems and every year we attract more players. Our philosophy is what separates us from others. If botting is the major issue in Vanilla; it will become the main issue to fix. And that is exactly what we are doing behind the scenes. We'll go the extra mile to assess our lessons learned and stand behind our projects at INERA. It is now 2020 upcoming. There needs to be change. We cannot repeat the same mistakes over and over. Looking forward to your feedback. Regards, Vice
  10. Some points I agree with and others I cannot. Influx of Adena and inflation is something that can be stopped without intervention / forcing players to blow adena in non-player related trade. We've had a hard time coming up with any good solutions to this. And as for the long grind, every server regardless of how low rate it may be will reach end game and, once it does, this does not encourage new players to join. Without incentives / accelerators for them to catch up, they simply will not join due to the level or skill gap that exists merely due to time. I understand your frustrations but the GMs can only do so much. It is up to clan leaders and such to integrate new players and guide them for we have no solution to inflation without some serious game intervention which would just cause more harm than good.
  11. I will look for another plugin
  12. Dear community, I had the pleasure of testing the magic damage formulas as requested by many players due to discrepancies that feel too high when it comes to the damage output of mages. Here are the numbers: For those not good at math, the process goes something like this. - Take damage measurements from official files (labeled under column official), test subject was sorc with various gear/dyes/items, etc. - Make the exact same character on INERA, same items, same everything, ensure MATK is same, and opponent is same, identical conditions. - Take damage readings for INERA as well (labeled under INERA column) - Take the average, std of sample to determine error and uncertainty limits, then see whether INERA value falls within limits. - If it does, the damage on INERA is fine, if it doesn't we can investigate depending on how far off it is. The numbers suggest that under the exact same stats the damage is retail. There are no other conclusions to be made. This chapter is now closed. I will keep this thread for future responses should this topic arise again. Thank you. Note: I've simplified the sorc's items and gear in the column for simplicity on my end, the exact same conditions were generated by Ray and Vice to match the scenario that was gathered from retail data. This is a direct apples to apples comparison with MATK, MDEF, TATOOS, JEWELS, GEAR, BUFFS, ELEMENTS, and many variables exactly the same on both sets of files so you can consider this a controlled experiment.
  13. We'll also discuss PiffPaff's suggestions internally. I'm not as well-versed on manor but I think adding limitations to it is not uncalled for.
  14. @Sindelia Can you make this change it seems a quality of life thing that might work.
  15. The increase in SOI is the better option. What do you recommend?
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