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  1. About aggressive mobs it's about Global aggro that some mobs got.they get aggressive when you hit some mobs near.like catacombs mobs..on retail files..per room got 4 kind of mobs 2 aggressive 1 non aggressive (team of anakim) 1 non aggressive (team of Lilith). If you hit any of the aggressive all of the mobs will follow..but if you hit 1 non aggressive from team of anakim the other non aggressive won't follow because they "hate" each other.. that's also in global aggro but it's specific feature of the real story of lineage 2 Dark vs Light..
  2. 79 in x4 in 5 days? WOW ! must be to many vitality items in the game.. i though about 60+-
  3. Hello,i just informed for the server i really want to play because i miss GF,but it's a bit of a challenge that x4 rate..so.. What about the population? What is the biggest lvl at the moment?(5 days after) I really want to create a cp again,but i think i have missed the start for that
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