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    Isn't it english section?
  2. One question - to be sure. If I'll openPandora Box and log out - timer will stop or not?
  3. Well, then multiplicate confidence x4 like our rates and it should be ok From 646 days we'll be in 166 days Long lasting server, huh? But yea, It is a good idea to slightly decrease requirements for HB lvl 7+
  4. Siemka, Trochę nie rozumiem Twojego problemu. Wcześniej ustawiłeś sklep, wyszedłeś z gry i teraz nie możesz wejść? Jeżeli chodzi o online, bo widziałem, że gdzieś wcześniej się pytałeś, to na x4 Online oscyluje w granicy 500 graczy. Ostatnio mocno się przerzedziło, bo po siege odeszło kilka mocniejszch CP, ale serwer zdecydowanie nie umrze, ponieważ mimo wszystko pojawiają się nowi gracze, którzy sami będą mogli coś zdziałać
  5. Invalid. I'm also + for changing those colours. It can be specially confusing for new players who didn't knew that there is a possibility to change the colour for red/pink one. Using brain - sure. But for newbies it can be tough experience
  6. Cheers! I play with you almost from the beginning and as summoner I have problem at events such as TvT, Deathmatch or other where we fight with each other. When my summon died, he did not disappear and I could not summon him again. Even when I was dying, my summon was still dead. Additionally, I can't unsummon my servitor to use a new or different one. If I start event with wrong summon I will be unable to change it during the event. It's a bit unfair because summoner without summon is totally useless. Except Phantom Summoner which have Death Spike.
  7. Yea, so better to farm Gracia and require from GM modification, then level up HB to reach the possibility to obtain those items. Trully great idea. In that way no one will go level Hellbound. Because what for? Just ask GM for "slight" change and stay farming... And now complain about HB lvl is not raising...
  8. I have admit that follow works here really good. But I had funny situation yday when I started with my Orc Shaman - at the begining on lvl 1 I died trying to kill gremlin... And I died like 3 times before I dropped Blue Gemstone. Anyway, this server looks good but for sure I will not belive there was over 1200 unique users at peak hours, cause Dion/Giran/Aden weren't so crowded. Gludio kamaloka - is not existing without your own boxes
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