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  1. Hi It is 2 month old, but it is a long term server so.... you have time to catch up I myself rerolled a week ago, and I am already 3rd class able to participate in high level raids, so don't worry
  2. Well, I'm surprised because I play main support, no boxes, in a big clan, and I have to admit that it would not have been possible without the few clan mates who helped me. Without them, these people who think it is important to play together and help each other, I think I would have probably gave up, thinking "the community on this server is cheat, I am not having fun" or something like that. If we were allowed only 1 box, people will have to team up to get more than 1 support, which is all the interest of the game: team up. Or else, what is the point playing L2 over skyrim, the witcher 3 and such?
  3. Sure it works but... Isn't it a massive multiplayer online role playing game? Are we here to play alone? Do we enjoy switching clients? Isn't it better if, the supports we are playing with, are active instead of leeching? Isn't it better if we can find these same players later in the game to do the content we will never be able to do even with 4 boxes? By using boxes constantly, should we be surprise to lack active supports at higher levels?
  4. Hi, I totaly agree with Micro. We are talking about having a good server here, a good community. You can't do that without having new players. I tried to play with a level 50 alt character today, with a BD (one of the most usefull support, and annoying to use as box coz you have to rebuff every 3 minutes) I thought I will be easily invited, but nobody care and nobody accepted me in any party because.... Boxes!!! If I was a new player on this server, I think I would have left, as simple as that. what's the point of playing a support class if you are alone? Also, since my main is Lv79, I know at higher level we are seriously lacking active supports for more advanced content. There clearly is a problem to be resolved here if we want the server to last, in my humble opinion
  5. Hello, It happened many times to think somebody is a player killer while he just have a premium account and a redish name. Having the possibility to change your color name if you paid for premium is a cool thing, but if it brings confusion in the gameplay, I don't think it is a good thing. Maybe you are ok with that, but I think we should not be allowed to have a redish name. Do you think it is conceivable? Thanks for reading this request
  6. As simple as that... thanks
  7. Hello there ^^ Haven't played since chronicle4, and I have very few memories on how to do it. Do you use a third party program to do it? Or just run the game multiple times? Do you need two computers to do it? Thanks in advance
  8. I found a clan, so this topic is not relevant anymore ^^
  9. Hello there, I am a Lv45 overlord so i'm looking for a clan ^^ My playing time is random, but i'd like to find some ppl to play around 2-3h on some evenings, and maybe more on some week-ends My preferences: - People who mostly play on european evenings and week-ends - English speaking - Team play (I'm not playing L2 as OL to play solo) - I don't mind which kind of party: solo, trio, quatuor, full group, clan, alliance... And I don't mind if we don't have a perfectly optimized party, I prefer to play with friendly people - I like almost any aspect of the game and would like to experience most of it (dungeons, RB, farm, quests, wild pvp, sieges...) but I'm not into pk Please answer me here or pm me IG (nickname Peny) Thanks, and have fun IG ^^
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