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  1. Hello, If some of you are bored to solo and looking for CP, please pm me in game "Soulkey or pm on private in forum. Prime time as CP would be at least 4 hours every day at evening gmt+2 You can apply for following classes 1. Tyrant 2. Trickster 3. Dagger - any 4. BD, SWS, Bishop, WC
  2. Hello all, I'm old player looking for different project and i found it on this server as nicely set up GF low rate server. I would like to find nice stack CP, will be nice if they can speak english. I can play almost all classes every day from 19-20:00 for about 4-8 hours depend as a prime time. I will post a two fraps from other servers where i played bishop but i would like to be on different class this time. Contact me here or if i dont respond quickly enought on skype: jimgeramo. glhf on start. In this fraps co members made the fraps
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