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  1. Hey, I plan to play on bloodlust. Had a great time on lowrate. Would be nice to test some things before release. gf
  2. make the rewards 2x higher so it actually rewards people with fast hands and makes crybabies even more mad
  3. Hi guys, experienced bishop player looking for CP. I've played on many top servers in top clans always as bishop. From myself I can offer skill and dedication. Playtime: everyday from 18-24 GMT +2, longer if needed. I'm only interested in experienced and serious CPs who want to compete for top spots. TS3/Discord for communication. From the CP I expect a nice atmosphere, experienced players, fairness and dedication from all members. Feel free to PM me for more details here or on discord: grzonas#2800 lvl 79 with full maj set IGN: Bishop
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