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  1. Maybe we will get something out of the sieg.
  2. Farewell from all the seasons so far. We will keep an eye on those two.
  3. I don't know the current server prices in Blood Stones, but I would strongly recommend to limit solo Pole in some way. First of all you won't have good PvPs against a solo Warlord farming IT/FoG all day, because its just a twink with the bare equipment to keep farming. Then you also don't care about getting killed after a while of solo AoE. its low risk high reward. You go Pole for 6 hours and make 100k Bloodstones, then you loose a few. Just wait 20 minutes and continue. The Bloodstone area should be something like Chimeras for partys or Varka/IoP for Solo players. (IoP because you are less likely to be ganked by a full party as a solo/duo). To be honest even up until now I have no clue about thoses Raidbosses that spawned in Shifting zone because I never met one or didn't get the notification for it. No idea about that. On another note I would check on Baium and the other Bosses again (make them 85 and what not) because the gif where Baium is getting killed by 6 Nukers and doesn't even strike back was off-putting to say the least.
  4. I mean how much PvP do you really have if you only fight Warlords with sub-par gear, which are only meant to farm and dont care about dying at all?
  5. The biggest thing that annoyed me was the spots of the shifting Zone. Its IT and FoG, the two spots known for simple Solo AoE. You want to PvP in FoG because it is a shifting zone right now? Well, the only player you find will be some guys Warlord/Titan Box who is soloing the mobs for Bloodstones. In my opinion the Shifting zone should rather be at something like Varka Silenos, where you get less reward (because no AoE) and actually feel the drop boost because every single mob matters. Another zone could be Isle of Prayer, because you can go there if you dont want to be ganked by a full party and rather have smaller PvPs (witch warders) but if you do want to "farm" and do some AoE, you can do so by hunting Waterdragons - which require some actual teamwork to do right.
  6. The Drama Queen is on it again. You are one serious attention seeker.
  7. That would also work because then everyone has to make 1 click script or not.
  8. Here are my suggestions for a change to the Manor system as it is. 1. Close Manor down. 2. Enable a Cache like the one that tests for bots from time to time with the Manor input. 3. At least disable the option to change town and only put in crops in the town you are in, so it isn't 1 guy farming all towns at once.
  9. What are those cheated stone chances?
  10. I farmed 6 hours to get enough Rift Fragments to enter the Hero Rift with a party once. And you dont even meet the RB every time.
  11. Can you please check the quantity of Fragments of Dimension please? In lvl 70+ Catacombs? They should not be that low even on retail.
  12. Ofc but we dont have Epilogue yet.
  13. With Varka Manes quest (S armor recipes) being at x1 people will just skip S grade again and go for Dynasty later on. Lets say you try to farm for an IC set. The Helmet/Gloves/Boots Recipe is 800 Manes each with a 1/9 chance to get the right one. Lets say you are lucky and you get all 3 recs in 3 tries. You need 2400 Manes, which you get to 70% from each mob and you have a 60% chance to succeed in the craft. The same is true for BP/Gaiters but you need 3200 manes each. If you want to craft it reliable while accounting for the chance to fail, and have the luck to always get lucky and get the recipes you need - you will have to kill abou 21.000 Varkas. If you are not super lucky, you will need about 3x that much to get the set you want. By that time you are already able to wear Dynasty and probably get it from Hellbound.
  14. Hit us up on the Inera Discord, we got a Potato discord too.
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