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  1. lol Are you serious? I cant belive..guys are 81 in less than 1 month of server life in a "low GF4X that WAS supposed to be long life server", they cant at least open HB or gives level to HB to can get epilogue and they will get facilities to get forgotten scrolls? for me its a joke. Why wont you tell them to open HB and get epilogue? lololol
  2. I am and more 2 in clan
  3. Recruiting open again Clan 5 - We have CH in Aden PM Spel, Photos, Lua or AuL
  4. Lua


    When? where? Can we have some info on forum about this? I saw video and I am curious to know what time was those all events and where?
  5. Hola dónde es usted? Class, level?
  6. OMFG run run Baby!!! Not that way!!! Come this way lolololol...You will catch us!!!
  7. https://forum.playinera.com/topic/3869-noname-clan/
  8. Welcome Pastro..we have some italians in clan..for sure they will need you in their group.
  9. https://forum.playinera.com/topic/3869-noname-clan/
  10. Lua

    Vote reward

    Ok ty.. pls create an are about HOW TO.. and teach guys how to get PA( i am a bit confused with this in special how to get extra cupons to sell or give friends), how To vote, How to conect..cause a lot of ppls ask me for this..
  11. Hi Exsie.. we are a small clan ...a group of old friends.. all L2 lovers .
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