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  1. pm Kikum/Gass/Kustosz they will help.
  2. Whats your class? How many PPL you already have in pt?
  3. 1-7 random or make this skill affected by "cancel resist" to decrease amount of stolen buffs Or increase reuse Time to soft nerf Or 1-7 random, 7 for oly to give them the vanilla. Later on people get full dark resist for oly. One Day. Maybe.
  4. 15% is nothing, for people who think different, maintaining high vitality would be a crime. Supporting server and admins at least rewards something, and someone Will dominate with or without them So no diff.
  5. It wont work, existing chapters are enough if leveling HB Will actually take longer than we expect. It all depends how long it take to open max lv HB.
  6. It`s almost* accurate translation
  7. Olympiad is shortened to 2 weeks, what about amount of tokens rewarded? Stay as reward from 1month cycle?
  8. Feather of Blessing by far most hated item of last season.
  9. vKirsten who are You then ? Barking loud, and smart guy to find out people who are active on forum of server without announced date are casuals.
  10. it might be retail for epilogue, on gracia final its up to 6x lvls.
  11. B Restrict Olympiad to Friday, Sat, Sun only (inactive during sieges/TW), and keep hero cycle 2 weeks. Month is too long, week is too short. 2 weeks is fine. Remember that TW cycles refer to olympiad cycles, as they are way to obtain nobless from TW Badges.
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