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  1. Great promo video :fdwarfsmile:

    1. Sindelia


      Thank you! :fdarkelfkiss:

  2. That sure looks like a Oly setup
  3. Why are people mad about the HB leveling ? You realize this is easier than the retail way?
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  5. To make it clear, you want to farm SoI for these items and double the number needed instead of farming SoD items?
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  7. Good idea Ray, lets go for it!
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  10. Okay more Info: Pailaka is also for lvl 61 and 73, it always gives good exp and restores your vitality (exp multiplier) Level 42: Kusto Quest (Giran Blacksmith) - forgot the name. Spirit beat / Red Gem quest to make money when farming you should know from older chronicles. Kamaloka is a new Raidboss only dungeon - enter with up to 5 people and kill 1 RB every day (it's not a very strong RB) gives you exp and drops. Laba: Same as Kamaloka for 9ppl, better drops etc.
  11. There are common items now, so it's easy to gear up. They dont give set boni but are very cheap at any NPC store. At level 15 just talk to the NPC Elias next to Newbie buffer on Talking island, do his quest and you get boosted to level 23 or so. Make sure to be level 15 when you start it. The next important quest is Pailaka level 36-41(42?) Just google pailaka and you find some guides right now
  12. http://l2j.ru/ Not everything is 100% correct especially chances, use l2pmfun for that.
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