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  1. sorry, where does the quest start?
  2. Hello, there is an item called "Rough ore of divinity". How is it obtained? In game Library returns nothing.
  3. s spiritshots gonna be like 2-3k each. Normal log in count 1-2-3times per day. 9k adena per day max? Single fog mob drops like 60k. Will cover shots for a whole week. IMO shot loss cost is negligible and current auto system is great. P.S. you can log off w/o wep, therefore it wount use shots on log in
  4. Cant even count what chars are needed to make 5boxes. 1 main char 2 buffer - wc/se/ee 3 BD 4 SWS? - does not give much dps, but def is always nice. mp regen at 76+. Another char with 2min rebuff. what else? sommoner sounds terrible - makes 3boxes with 2min buffs, lots of time for rebuffing. ws for like 5% patk?
  5. Personally I really dislike money related gambling mechanics. Loot boxes/roulette/loot rerolls/etc. It is addicting and in the end stuff costs more than expected. Agree with leszcz, Feather of blessing is game breaking. Another notice is material bags. Are we rally having crafting mats for sale in 4x server?
  6. litis

    Loop Macro

    Would you consider adding cp macro back? Reasoning that some players can use specific programs that read cp bar color and if it changes - start spamming F12. It is unfair advantage over other players.
  7. litis


    Having books as epic boss drop is a very bad design. Drop rate is low and we will have like 1pcs per spellbook in the server per month. All the best one will go to top clan top cp. Having protection of rune and enlightenments is a massive bonus. Both for open field, as well as oly. Single mage with enlight is #1 for taking hero in his class, compared to ones w/o. Regarding Dual dagger mastery, it should be available. Dual daggers were added in Gracia final. My original route was: craft soul separator -> craft mj -> craft dyn dagger -> dual it -> make +4 and add atr. This way I wount need to farm cc for AA for SA, as well wount need to farm SA cr itself. Having Dual dagger unavailable really mess with plans
  8. Hello, sorry if it was answered already. How can 81+lvl books be obtained in Gracia final? Particularly interested in: - Dual Dagger Mastery - Fighter's Will - Hide - Protection of rune - Exciting Adventure (this one can be bought from oly manager?)
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